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    Kate Middleton, Prince George and Prince William at the ZooKate Middleton, Prince George and Prince William at the Zoo

    When the itinerary for the royal family's tour of Australia and New Zealand was revealed last month, there was one date that stood out like a bright red fascinator on a cloudy day: April 20, Easter Sunday, "visit to Taronga Zoo where the bilby enclosure is being named after Prince George." Prince George! Zoo animals! On Easter! It's truly an embarrassment of riches for anyone with the slightest royal-watching tendencies (...or anyone who just fundamentally appreciates cute babies, cute animals, and the intersection of the two).

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    And, fortunately, we were not disappointed by today's photographic output. Prince George seemed to be in excellent spirits, as the Daily Mail noted his "previously grumpy demeanor has finally softened" (not even one-year-old yet and the vicissitudes in his facial expressions are already being brutally scrutinized by the Daily Mail!). George Read More »from Prince George Spent His First Easter Sunday at an Australian Zoo
  • The Afflictions of Raising a Gifted ChildThe Afflictions of Raising a Gifted ChildI suppose we've known for a while.

    When your 2 1/2-year-old is reading, which turns into shaping letters with their chubby little hands, which turns into writing by 3 years old … well, you know your kid is more than a little bit smart. And it isn't the most awesome feeling that one might imagine. Well, at first it is, until that day in kindergarten, when you get the finger. Again and again and again.

    You know, the come hither finger from your kid's teacher, accompanied by a slightly cocked head and serious look. That's what happened a couple of weeks ago as I stood by the gate, waiting for the bell to ring, waiting for my boy to come barreling out his classroom door. That first wag of his teacher's finger immediately sent me back to my own years in primary school. And every time thereafter that I've gotten it, I cringe with a tepid expectation. I got that finger an awful lot when I was a kid. We all did, right? Perhaps some of us more than others.

    What I'm beginning to learn

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  • A Letter to My Pre-Parenting Self: A Letter to My Pre-Parenting Self: Dear Pre-Parenthood Lauren,

    You're kind of a jerk. That may sound a bit harsh, but I can explain, and I'm pretty sure you'll be in agreement with me soon enough.

    Think with me if you will about those times you've silently judged other pregnant moms. Not just any pregnant mom, but the ones who actually dared to go out in public while looking a hot mess in hoodies and yoga pants and hair that hadn't been brushed in who knows how long? Sure, it's not a very cute look, but guess what? That just might be you one day. Maybe not during your first pregnancy when you have little responsibility and a 9 to 5 job to get ready for every day, but the second time around … when you have a super needy toddler attached to your hip? Yeah. That's totally happening … minus the hoodie and yoga pants (only because you don't own them). But you'll definitely look like a hot and tired mess (Makeup? What's that?). Pregnancy with a toddler to chase after is no joke. You'll probably feel pretty

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  • "I don't want to say it's an obsession, but I could never have enough eggs," says Gail Lambka of Shelby Township, MI. An avid pysanka crafter, Lambka became interested in eggs after deciding that grocery-store eggs "just weren't cutting it" when it came to crafting. She started by buying turkey eggs, which are stronger and larger than commercial chicken eggs, from backyard farmers and sharing them with other local pysanka artists.

    Read More About Lambka's Pysanka Eggs

    Sensing that other crafters might be looking for larger, stronger eggs for their projects, Lambka started selling the blown eggs on eBay and then Etsy under the name NakedEggs. The response she received surprised her.

    "I was getting teachers who wanted them for their classrooms -- I had one customer who wanted an egg to replace a dinosaur egg in a museum exhibit. I thought I would be selling to crafters, but there was a huge market beyond that," she says.

    Soon, Lambka was hunting down even more eggs in

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  • Hello there!Dear Newly Adopted Pet Dog:
    So it's happened. You've found your "forever home." Congratulations to you. It all starts off so well. Some nice human couple, feeling nurturing but still too cowardly for actual offspring, peers at you and smiles. You make you-eyes at them. They coo. You think you have them in the palm of your paw. They murmur nonsense at you and stuff you full of treats. There are toys. There are long walks. There are playdates with other dogs. There are extensive snuggles. There are sweaters and matching booties on cold days. There are beach days and water hoses on hot days. You sleep in their bed, between their big warm bodies. Your tricks are beloved. Your talents are revered. Your misdeeds--a chomped spectacle here, a pee-marked carpet there--are readily forgiven. You think you've got it made.

    And for a while, things are good.

    But watch them. You must watch the lady one especially. Is she sleeping more? Is she getting big and soft? Is there a vague smell of milk

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  • By: Ivy Jacobson for TheBump.com

    GettyThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge probably thought that girls wouldn't be knocking down the door for Prince George's hand in marriage until he was at least five-years-old (ha ha), but the 8-month-old already has a potential wife on his hands - and she's really cute.

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    11-month-old Ruby Cate Blitz's parents took her to see Prince William and Kate Middleton during their royal tour stop in Wellington, New Zealand, and she really wasn't messing around when it came to dressing for the occasion.

    Ruby wore a white onesie with the words "Marry Me George" on it in red, paired with a white tutu, a British flag and an irresistible smile.

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    Her "meet the parents" outfit couldn't have been more on point, if you ask us. When you're trying to get married to the world's most eligible baby bachelor, you've got to pull out all the stops!

    Unfortunately, George

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  • Photo: FilmMagicOn Thursday, Chelsea Clinton announced that she and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, are expecting their first child this fall. But instead of focusing on the mom-to-be, many media outlets are zeroing in on the expectant mom's mother, Hillary Clinton, wondering whether the former secretary of state will be able to be both a grandparent and a valid 2016 presidential candidate.

    More on Yahoo Shine: Chelsea Clinton Is Pregnant!

    "Will Hillary Clinton be less likely to run in 2016?" the Christian Science Monitor wondered. In a post titled "What to expect when she's expecting," the website Politico referred to the former first daughter's announcement as a "politico-obstetric earthquake" and wondered whether it would be possible for Hillary Clinton to "have it all," ostensibly meaning a happy family and the Oval Office. Meanwhile, the website Drudge Report has received criticism for running a not-so-flattering picture of Clinton with the headline "Grandma Hillary" on its homepage.

    More on Yahoo:

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  • Reflecting on the Final Days of My Last Pregnancy

    This pregnancy's days are numbered. No more counting months or weeks; I've reached the point of counting down days. Where did those previous 38 weeks go? The ones that felt as if they were dragging and never ending at times. Have I really reached the end of maternity jeans and insatiable pregnancy cravings of supermarket sushi and pickles? Am I closing this childbearing chapter of my life? I think so. And I am content.

    Now it's a totally different story if you ask my husband! He wants six kids. SIX! He comes from a huge family with lots and lots of siblings and cousins. I told him we can't outgrow our car because I refuse to drive around in an airport shuttle style van. He's still not convinced. I threatened to leave him with all the kids for an entire weekend alone. I'm certain he'll see that four kids is just right for our family two hours into that weekend alone.

    Though I am content, I am also very sad. I love everything about pregnancy. Yes, seriously. Mind you, I don't get

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  • Kristen Bell on the Success of 'Frozen'Kristen Bell on the Success of 'Frozen'

    She told Ellen about the moment she realized the movie was something special. Plus, she demonstrates how her new daughter dances!

  • By Angela Zimmerman, Common Sense Media Editorial Content Manager

    Common Sense MediaCommon Sense Media
    Say goodbye to low-tech pen-and-paper Earth Day celebrations. This year, folks are using digital tools to build community and scatter the seeds of environmental awareness. Twitter and Pinterest have vibrant online offerings of eco tips and activity ideas, and NASA's #GlobalSelfie Campaign and Nickelodeon's "Get Dirty" initiative are amazing examples of how media can turn kids onto the cause. Whether you have an animal-enamored toddler, an elementary-aged nature lover, or a green-teen activist, these eco-friendly media picks will entertain, educate, and encourage all ages to get involved.

    Have an Eco-Friendly Movie Night
    These powerful family films surface the wonders of the world, from arctic climate conditions to treasures living deep within the ocean.

    Turn Kids onto Green TV
    Environmental TV can deliver sweeping views of distant scenery and offer a glimpse into the habitats of exotic species --

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