• Marlon Wayans on Being a DadMarlon Wayans on Being a Dad

    The funnyman talked to Ellen about his parenting style.

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    Kate Middleton and Prince George Kate Middleton and Prince George Royal babies, as it turns out, are just like any other babies. Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and her young son Prince George are currently on tour with Prince William in Australia and New Zealand -- and as it's the young prince's first official diplomatic public outing, we're learning lots of fun facts and tidbits about the teeny tiny royal. Like, for example, how he won't eat his vegetables.

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    Kate Middleton told one girl at a New Zealand hospice how Prince George wouldn't eat his greens unless they were hidden in something else. "The duchess laughed," 14-year-old Lee Thompson told Female First. "It was a problem getting George to eat them. She said she and William had to mash up all his vegetables so he wouldn't notice."

    Mushy peas and vegetables. Yum. You know what Prince George does like, though? Hair. Specifically: his mum's hair.

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  • CorbisIf you’re a busy parent who brings your child to school each morning, you probably don't give much thought to what you throw on before heading out the door. But if your kid goes to school in Florida, you might soon have to ditch those yoga pants and starting dressing up for the drop-off. One Florida school board member is proposing a dress code for parents in order to set a good example for students.

    According to a story published recently in the Sun Sentinel, Broward County Public Schools board member Rosalind Osgood broached the topic during a recent school board meeting, citing as an example fathers who pick their children up wearing saggy pants at Boyd Anderson High School in her district. (She notes that students at that school are banned from wearing saggy pants.) “I’m not trying to instill a strict dress code,” Osgood, a mother of three, tells Yahoo Shine. “This is about basic presentation — many parents pick their children up wearing curlers in their hair, sweatpants that fall

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  • Photo: ThinkstockPostpartum depression is a real thing — and it's not just a problem for new moms. A new study from Northwestern University says that young fathers are at risk to be "hit hard" by the baby blues.

    According to the survey, depression symptoms jumped an incredible 68 percent for men who became first-time dads around the age of 25, and they lasted at least five years following the child's birth. That means that new dad depression could affect them during some of the most important moments of their kid's life, like first walks, first words, and first days of preschool.

    "It’s not just new moms who need to be screened for depression, dads are at risk, too," said Dr. Craig Garfield, who was the lead author on the study. "Parental depression has a detrimental effect on kids, especially during those first key years of parent-infant attachment. We need to do a better job of helping young dads transition through that time period."

    Scientists are starting to focus on male postpartum depression, which

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  • Astrology's not just for giving you hints about your future. Momstrology, the new book from AstroTwins Ophira and Tali Edut, is full of smart, on-target parenting tips. Not so wonky after all, is it? By Ava Feuer, REBDOOK.

    You approach motherhood just like you do everything else--head-on. But even though you're confident and sometimes a bit diva-like--fellow Aries Kourtney Kardashian and Victoria Beckham definitely are--your fourth house of motherhood is in Cancer, meaning you've got plenty of maternal instinct and nurturing qualities. You naturally put your needs first, which makes motherhood a big adjustment. However, it's also helpful for teaching your kids independence and self-sufficiency. "You may be better at the playing the stereotypical 'dad' role…and you may be the tough disciplinarian," write the AstroTwins. "Even if you still play the stereotypical 'mom' role, your strength and boundless energy still permeate your every move."

    You're old-fashioned

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  • You don't need an artist's steady hand to paint these graphic stripes on Easter eggs. The trick to uniform bands is a notched cardboard box, which helps control the egg and paintbrush.

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    Small square cardboard box
    Awl or corkscrew tip
    Wooden skewer
    Blown-out egg, with holes centered at top and bottom. (Learn how to blow out eggs here.)
    Adhesive putty
    Craft paint

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    1. Cut three pointed notches in one side of box, as shown.

    2. With awl, punch holes on opposite sides of box, 1 inch below top edge, as shown.

    3. Push skewer in 1 side of box, then through holes in egg (enlarge as needed), then through other side of box.

    4. Knead 2 chunks of putty until soft. Pinch onto skewer and each end of egg to hold in place.

    5. Dip brush in water, then in paint. (The larger the brush, the wider the stripe will be.) Hold brush handle in a notch, with bristles

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  • 7 Ways Employers Drive Away Working Moms7 Ways Employers Drive Away Working MomsIn the year since the publication of Lean In, more and more women have been asking themselves how they can overcome "internal obstacles" to achieve career success, as Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg urges in her popular, much-debated book. But while Sandberg's advice hinges largely on what women can do for themselves, she also acknowledges some of the external challenges facing mothers in the workplace.

    "Too few workplaces offer the flexibility and access to child care and parental leave that are necessary for pursuing a career while raising children," she writes.

    What happens when professional responsibilities become totally incompatible with parenting duties? Many mothers leave their positions - either to go to other companies, take on part-time work, or stop paid work all together. In the interest of disclosure, I should note that I fall into the second group - after the birth of my second child, I went from full-time news producer to freelance writer.

    While women like me may face

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  • Babble Exclusive: Kevin and Danielle Jonas Talk Diapers, the Paparazzi, and More!Babble Exclusive: Kevin and Danielle Jonas Talk Diapers, the Paparazzi, and More!It's been almost two months since the birth of Baby Jonas - also known as Alena Rose Jonas - and it seems like people just can't stop talking about how adorable she is. And of course there are two people who would totally agree with that statement, parents Kevin and Danielle Jonas.

    Kevin and Danielle recently took a little time to sit down with Babble to talk about their new lives as celebrity parents and how they are handling the round-the-clock feedings, sleepless nights, and diaper duty shifts with their new bundle of joy. The Jonas family also gave Babble a first look at Alena's stylish nursery, designed by Vanessa Antonelli of NessaLee Baby which set the couple back $14,000. But hey, when you've got the world's cutest baby and two parents that are head-over-heels in love with her, only the best will do, right?

    Check out our Q&A with Kevin and Danielle Jonas below, along with pics of Alena's nursery too and let us know what you think!

    What have been the best surprises

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  • Yesterday, I shared some interesting tidbits about the inspiration behind the film Frozen as well as information for families who are looking to visit Norway, the land of Elsa and Anna. For those of us who can't make the trek to Europe, there is another option! During my trip to Quebec City last week, Disney immersed us in the world of Frozen by taking us to the incredible Hotel de Glace and arranging for us to experience activities in the surrounding area. Everything tied in quite beautifully, and it occurred to me that this would be the ideal trip for families who want to experience the film in an interactive and educational way. If you plan on visiting Montreal, Quebec City is just a three hour drive away, or you have the option of flying directly in to the Jean Lesage International Airport. The two nights and three days that I spent in Quebec were just about perfect, and it's quite easy to replicate! Click below to find out where to go and what to do in Quebec City in order to

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  • How I Learned to Navigate a Family Life OverseasHow I Learned to Navigate a Family Life Overseas"GPS is my frenemy," I posted on Facebook one month after I moved to London from New York with my husband and three children. I felt stranded in an unfamiliar city, piloting an SUV that felt more like a tank on London's narrow roads and blindly following a disembodied voice.

    "Does she have an English accent?" a friend gamely commented.

    She does. And all that day as I drove around listening to her clipped instructions - thinking of her as both a cow and a godsend -- I kept fixating on the "frenemy" metaphor. She's very demanding: "In 200 yards turn left, TURN LEFT!" She never admits when she's wrong, like when leading me into a footpath through a park. And she's never happy for me when I get it right. Just once I'd like to hear her say, "Well done, you clever girl," instead of, "You have arrived at your destination."

    But without her I'd be lost.

    My move to London had left me adrift. I realized the morning I wrote that Facebook post that not only was I beholden to a

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