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    Photo: SplashNewsPlaying with the future King of England may sound posh, but hey, it's a fact that all babies drool and love to grab at the nearest toy.

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    Prince George was no exception at his first public playdate in New Zealand, where he played with 10 other babies with their parents present as part of Prince William and Kate Middleton's tour. Here's what happened:

    1. George knew what he liked when he grabbed the hand of a little girl wearing a polka-dot onesie and chose a purple tambourine to play with first, according to Us Weekly.

    2. He's also apparently a healthy-sized baby, since one of the other baby's mothers remarked on her son and George's size. "They're both big boys," she said.

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    3. Kate had George dressed to impress, wearing a cute (and $129) Rachel Riley sailboat jumper.

    4. George will probably make a commanding speaker

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  • The Portis family, proving Rep. Holmes wrong. Photo: Grace Photography/FacebookAdoptive parents in Alabama are firing back against state Rep. Alvin Holmes and the race-based, controversial comments he made during an abortion-bill debate in March. In addition to claiming that 99 percent of white legislators would force their daughters to have an abortion if impregnated by a black man, Holmes also said, "I will bring you $100,000 cash tomorrow if you show me a whole bunch of whites that adopted blacks in Alabama. I will go down there and mortgage my house and get it cash in 20 dollar bills and bring it to you in a little briefcase." Now he may need to head to the bank, as families who have done just that staged a press conference at the Alabama State House Wednesday.

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    “Rep. Holmes’ statements were very offensive. He implied transracial adoptions do not happen in Alabama, which is far from the truth,” notes a press release about the demonstration that was posted on the Facebook page for

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  • This Anna doll could be yours for $999.95. Photo: eBayWhat ever happened to imaginative, movie-inspired play? You know, like, where a 5-year-old reenacts the scenes from her favorite Disney film while wearing an odd pastiche of dress-up clothes that are mostly mommy’s castoffs? Or plays the soundtrack of said favorite movie while dancing or singing along or, simply, listening? What’s happened to it, apparently, is that it’s gone the way of the record player (just please don’t tell my daughter that). And how I know that is this: “Frozen” merchandise is pretty much sold out everywhere, and parents are totally freaking out about it.

    “Enterprising individuals are charging up to $1,000 for ‘Frozen’ items on eBay, which has driven parents completely insane,” Jezebel notes with an understandable tone of schadenfreude. “Frustrated moms are currently freaking out all over Disney's Facebook page, posting angry messages in the middle of the night.” An example, posted Wednesday afternoon: “What is up, Disney? Why are you not properly stocking Frozen

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  • The One Thought That Continuously Haunts You After a MiscarriageThe One Thought That Continuously Haunts You After a Miscarriage After a miscarriage, everything is a reminder of what could have been. Since the loss of my twins at 17 weeks pregnant, I have tried five more times to get pregnant.

    With each unsuccessful attempt, I have the same haunting thought.

    This wasn't how my life was supposed to be.

    I know enough of the sayings about things falling apart so other things can fall into place, everything happening for a reason, being exactly where you're supposed to be, timing is everything, creating your own happiness, counting your blessings, being happy with what you have, and blah blah blah. They're great and inspirational. But you know what?

    They're also a crock of sh#t.

    Sometimes, life is just hard. Actually, most times life is hard. Life is hard.

    But it's not just the hard times that make me think this isn't how my life was supposed to be. It's the great times too.

    I was recently promoted at my day job after five months on the job. It's a big promotion. I'm honored and excited by it.

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  • I am a professional blogger and I, for one, would never want a movie made of my career for a couple of reasons. First, my work day is totally boring. I sit at my desk, usually in sweats, and type on a laptop all day. This is not compelling in any way, shape, or form. Secondly, I'm so busy with my day job of writing, writing, and more writing that I don't have time to perfectly accessorize and clean my home and make it ready for the cameras. And forget about lounging in a hammock with a cute hat and waxing poetic about life as a blogger - that will never happen. That said, a documentary about bloggers is not the first thing I would rush out to see. But perhaps others would feel more inclined? The filmmakers behind American Blogger certainly hope so.

    The upcoming documentary examines this profession, my profession, and attempts to take what is normally a low-key landscape and a world that is usually only examined in its own blog posts and conferences and turn it into a slick feature

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  • Oh those mischievous babies … one minute, they're throwing Cheerios on the floor and earning your ire. The next minute, they're throwing stones at police and getting arrested for attempted murder.

    It's true: In Lahore, Pakistan, 9-month-old Musa Khan has been charged with attempted murder after a scuffle between police and the relatives at the baby's home. The police were there to collect money for an unpaid gas bill, CNN reported. The baby was charged, according to Reuters, because "an assistant sub-inspector complained in a crime report that Musa's whole family [beat] him up and injured his head."

    At Musa's first court appearance last week, he cried while being fingerprinted.

    "He does not even know how to pick up his milk bottle properly, how can he stone the police?" Musa's grandfather told the press, Reuters reported.

    I don't know … maybe grandpa is being a little naive when it comes to his grandson. If a fussy baby can throw a meatball clear across a room, is

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  • The Sun in Aries: Prioritize Yourself!
    Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, has been in the sign of home and family, Cancer, since last June. Perhaps you've been feeling an intense hunger for coziness throughout this time, and maybe you've even been partaking in a fair amount of nurturing (or being nurtured). There is indeed something lovely and comforting about knowing your loved ones have got your back -- and that someone is baking you cookies!

    However, during the last week of March, the Sun moved into independent Aries, the sign whose tagline may as well be "me first." This serves as a reminder that it's absolutely necessary to express your true self now, even if the people around you don't always understand how you feel and what you mean.

    Share a free sample Family Compatibility Reading with your loved ones and discover where your blood lines lead!

    The planets are extremely volatile all throughout April, with intensity only increasing as the month goes on. Because of this, you may experience tension

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  • Calls police, they find alleged suspects near school with gun(Newser) - Perhaps the most incredible result to come from a parent monitoring her child's Facebook page: A Salt Lake mom who did just that managed to help intercept two teens who allegedly planned to shoot her son. The mom called the police officer who serves as resource officer at West High School Friday and said that she saw comments from two male teenagers on Facebook threatening to come to the school and shoot her son.

    "She had actually read threats and seen the threat on his Facebook page," a police detective tells the Deseret News.

    The detective says there was also a picture of a gun posted to Instagram, and the hand holding it had gang-affiliated letters written on it. Police officers searched the school and the surrounding area around 2pm, and found the teens who allegedly made the threats in a car parked nearby-along with, allegedly, the pictured gun, ammo, drugs, and lots of money. Police believe the boys, ages 16 and 17, were waiting there in order to confront their

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  • Rob Lowe on His Sons and TattoosRob Lowe on His Sons and Tattoos

    Ellen's friend was in the house for a special hour with our host. First, he had to catch her up on the family.

  • Dos and Don’ts of Playing With Prince George

    On Wednesday, Prince George had his first public playdate and the world learned a little more about the future King of England’s interests. He’s an overalls kind of guy, who loves a primary-colored toy, and a solid baby party. While on tour in New Zealand, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge brought their famous son to a group hang with 10 other babies to promote Plunket, a non-profit childcare organization. Unlike the usual royal event, this one was rife with diaper changes, hair chomping, and a meltdown or two. You almost could say it was laid-back, but there were some etiquette lessons to be learned. If you want to socialize with the little prince, you’ve got to know the dos and don’ts.

    Do: Bring that toy with the round balls and the yellow coils. Prince George really enjoys that thing.

    Photo: Getty Images

    Don’t: Freak out. There’s a lot of riffraff around the prince, photographers, officials, oglers, and what not. Try to act like it’s no big deal. Prince George does it all the time. 

    Photo: Getty Images

    Do: Find out who

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