• Oh those mischievous babies … one minute, they're throwing Cheerios on the floor and earning your ire. The next minute, they're throwing stones at police and getting arrested for attempted murder.

    It's true: In Lahore, Pakistan, 9-month-old Musa Khan has been charged with attempted murder after a scuffle between police and the relatives at the baby's home. The police were there to collect money for an unpaid gas bill, CNN reported. The baby was charged, according to Reuters, because "an assistant sub-inspector complained in a crime report that Musa's whole family [beat] him up and injured his head."

    At Musa's first court appearance last week, he cried while being fingerprinted.

    "He does not even know how to pick up his milk bottle properly, how can he stone the police?" Musa's grandfather told the press, Reuters reported.

    I don't know … maybe grandpa is being a little naive when it comes to his grandson. If a fussy baby can throw a meatball clear across a room, is

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  • The Sun in Aries: Prioritize Yourself!
    Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, has been in the sign of home and family, Cancer, since last June. Perhaps you've been feeling an intense hunger for coziness throughout this time, and maybe you've even been partaking in a fair amount of nurturing (or being nurtured). There is indeed something lovely and comforting about knowing your loved ones have got your back -- and that someone is baking you cookies!

    However, during the last week of March, the Sun moved into independent Aries, the sign whose tagline may as well be "me first." This serves as a reminder that it's absolutely necessary to express your true self now, even if the people around you don't always understand how you feel and what you mean.

    Share a free sample Family Compatibility Reading with your loved ones and discover where your blood lines lead!

    The planets are extremely volatile all throughout April, with intensity only increasing as the month goes on. Because of this, you may experience tension

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  • Calls police, they find alleged suspects near school with gun(Newser) - Perhaps the most incredible result to come from a parent monitoring her child's Facebook page: A Salt Lake mom who did just that managed to help intercept two teens who allegedly planned to shoot her son. The mom called the police officer who serves as resource officer at West High School Friday and said that she saw comments from two male teenagers on Facebook threatening to come to the school and shoot her son.

    "She had actually read threats and seen the threat on his Facebook page," a police detective tells the Deseret News.

    The detective says there was also a picture of a gun posted to Instagram, and the hand holding it had gang-affiliated letters written on it. Police officers searched the school and the surrounding area around 2pm, and found the teens who allegedly made the threats in a car parked nearby-along with, allegedly, the pictured gun, ammo, drugs, and lots of money. Police believe the boys, ages 16 and 17, were waiting there in order to confront their

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  • Rob Lowe on His Sons and TattoosRob Lowe on His Sons and Tattoos

    Ellen's friend was in the house for a special hour with our host. First, he had to catch her up on the family.

  • Dos and Don’ts of Playing With Prince George

    On Wednesday, Prince George had his first public playdate and the world learned a little more about the future King of England’s interests. He’s an overalls kind of guy, who loves a primary-colored toy, and a solid baby party. While on tour in New Zealand, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge brought their famous son to a group hang with 10 other babies to promote Plunket, a non-profit childcare organization. Unlike the usual royal event, this one was rife with diaper changes, hair chomping, and a meltdown or two. You almost could say it was laid-back, but there were some etiquette lessons to be learned. If you want to socialize with the little prince, you’ve got to know the dos and don’ts.

    Do: Bring that toy with the round balls and the yellow coils. Prince George really enjoys that thing.

    Photo: Getty Images

    Don’t: Freak out. There’s a lot of riffraff around the prince, photographers, officials, oglers, and what not. Try to act like it’s no big deal. Prince George does it all the time. 

    Photo: Getty Images

    Do: Find out who

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  • Josh Duboff

    Kate Middleton and Prince GeorgeKate Middleton and Prince GeorgePrince George handled his first public engagement skillfully: he allowed for some excellent photo ops, wore a nifty outfit, and only made one child cry. Yes, as anticipated, George shared crawl space with 10 other babies on Wednesday at Government House in New Zealand, as his parents looked on. George-sporting blue Rachel Riley dungaree shorts with a sailboat on the front that no doubt will sell out before the end of the day-played with building blocks and a xylophone, and generally looked quite at peace. Meanwhile, Kate-in a Tory Burch black-and-white dress-"watched on protectively, occasionally wiping his chin," according to People. Oh, and Prince William was there, too, reportedly remarking, "It's madness, there are babies everywhere!" which gives us a sense of what William's Twitter account might be like ("Driving home, there is so much traffic!!").

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  • Tech-savvy toddlers? Indeed. One mother of two swears she never even taught her 17-month-old daughter how to unlock the iPad. "Every time she sees the iPad she goes for it," says 37-year-old Brooklyn mom Lucia Madueno, in Heidi Evans' NY Daily News piece.

    Her story is not unique, according to a report by Common Sense Media which claims that 38 percent of babies under two years old are now using tablets or smartphones on a somewhat regular basis. This number is up ten percent from just three years ago. Certainly if we grown-ups are more attached to our devices than ever before, it would stand to reason that our children, even the ones barely forming sentences, are demonstrating a fascination that mirrors our own. Handing over an iPhone can be a quick fix before a temper tantrum ensues in public, an easy distraction at a restaurant, a source of entertainment in the car or on the subway. We've all seen it happen, and a lot of of us are probably guilty of participating too. After all,

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  • In my mind, my daughter is always dressed like an unironic version of Quinoa the Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler, or one of the Olive Us kids, or a girl from an Emily Winfield Martin illustration: all primary colors and stripes and anchors, simple, pale sundresses that billow as she races around a grassy field somewhere, or else a chic tiny trenchcoat for riding the subway and pretending I'm not sitting right next to her (because as she's already telling me, I ruin all her fun). Whimsical and classic. No brands, obviously, or cartoons. Please! Before I had children I wondered why I was always seeing tiny girls dressed head-to-toe in pink (hadn't their parents read those articles about how girls are brainwashed into liking pink?) or slathered in trademarked Disney princess everything (weren't their mothers concerned about the whole princesses-eating-their-daughters thing?).

    It's the primal before/then of parenthood. I was, after all a perfect mother before I had children. We all were.

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  • I wrote this blog post on my phone, in my parked car, after participating in one of the most salacious, shameful activities in my mom-repetoire, so embarrassing that I felt compelled to immediately share with the world. It involved… sleeping children.

    And… fast food.

    But before I dive in, let me just provide some context. After an exciting morning of having a cavity filled (honestly, the most restful moment of the day), I spent an hour getting the kids ready to go to the doctor. This had me a little anxious already; last time we went to the doctor's my daughter distinguished herself by shouting, "I'm not listening to you! I'm going to escape!" and running out of the room. This particular morning she was especially contrary, vetoing the sweater I offered, turning down the suggested boots with disgust, really wanting Special Baby (that would be her doll) to go in the car seat instead of her baby brother. (How do you argue with something like that?) Getting downstairs takes cajoling,

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  • Teacher Says She Lost Her Job for Taking a Sick Kid to Hospital and Paying the BillTeacher Says She Lost Her Job for Taking a Sick Kid to Hospital and Paying the BillQuick! Pop quiz! Your high school student is sick. Would you want your kid's teacher driving him to the emergency room and footing the bill?

    My immediate instinct is to say yes because I'd want my kid to receive help as quickly as possible. But then, when I step back and ponder different variables I wonder that maybe a Tennessee teacher made the wrong call even if she did have the best of intentions.

    As reported on The Huffington Post, Jennifer Mitts, who has been at Red Bank High School for 14 years, says she lost her job because of those good intentions. Mitts says she was forced to resign after taking the student to the emergency room and footing the bill. Upon learning of her actions, Mitts told WTVC-TV that school officials "dictated to (me) what (I) should write in the resignation letter, including forcing (me) to waive (my) right to a hearing."

    That's not what the school says, though. Stacey Stewart, assistant superintendent of human resources for the district tells

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