• Suze Orman's 5 tips on what women must know about money

    We all dream of being financially free, but most of us don't know where to start or don't believe it's truly possible. Well, I'm here to tell you it is! To find out how we can all become the masters of our own financial destiny, we caught up with personal finance expert Suze Orman.

    Suze Orman

    Suze is on a one-woman-mission to help liberate women from their financial bondage and live the life of their dreams.

    Think you can't get money smart? Think again! Suze breaks down the 5 essential steps to financial freedom. Get out your pen and paper ladies; your bank account is never going to look the same again!

    Money is your paper ticket to freedom
    Before you change your spending and saving habits it's essential you rethink what money really means. For many of us it might be a new car, a new pair of shoes or even a vacation. Suze offers a wake-up call: "Money is the freedom to LEAVE any situation that you no longer want to be in."

    It could be an abusive relationship or simply an

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  • 10 Ideas that Made $100 Million

    By Michelle Fox, CNBC.com

    Chances are, just about anyone you talk with will have an idea for a business that they think can make millions. Although business pitches may be easy to come by, turning those ideas into wins is a whole new ballgame. However, many entrepreneurs with simple ideas and humble beginnings have been able to effectively turn the ideas into winning businesses.

    Names like Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, and Mark Zuckerberg usually come to mind when people think about those lucky few who have cashed in on their ideas, but you don't have to live in Silicon Valley or Seattle to turn your idea into millions.

    So what does it take to make $100 million? You may be surprised. Read ahead to see 10 people and the ideas that made $100 million or more!

    See the full slideshow: 10 Ideas That Made $100 Million

    Sara Blakely — SpanxSara Blakely — SpanxSara Blakely - Spanx

    One night, Sara Blakely cut off the bottom of her pantyhose and the idea of Spanx was born. Armed with $5,000 in savings, Blakely researched and wrote her

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  • Help! My Husband Doesn't Support My Business Idea

    Starting a business is a huge personal commitment, but it's also a commitment for your spouse and family. So, what happens when they aren't exactly thrilled about your entrepreneurial aspirations? Fran Dorf, author of the "Just Ask Me" advice column at The Daily Muse, weighs in.

    Dear Fran,
    I have been dreaming of having my own business for years, and in the last few years I've come up with an idea for a business in the health and wellness space that I think is a winner. Of course, due to the demands of everyday life (mortgage, student loans, a baby on the way), I've been working in a corporate job for almost eight years. But I'm finally ready to take the plunge and at least begin to explore my entrepreneurial side. I know it's not realistic to quit my day job anytime soon, but I realize that if I don't get my business underway, well, it's not going to get underway on its own.

    Here's the real issue: My husband of five years is not fully supportive of this idea. He is a very

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  • The 7 Worst Lies to Tell on Your Resume

    By Stephanie Emma Pfeffer

    magnifying glass on resumemagnifying glass on resumeYou really want the job. But don't even think about stretching the truth on your resume to get it. "It's never appropriate to misrepresent yourself," says Kevin M. Rosenberg, managing partner of executive search firm Bridgegate in Irvine, CA. First, if you get the job, you can lose it as soon as your lie comes to light. Second, it's a huge risk: Rosenberg says most companies conduct background checks, verify degree completion and confirm past employment. Third, your reputation is on the line: "Integrity is everything to employers, so don't call yours into question," says Rosenberg. Read on for the most frequently lied-about elements on resumes-and what to do instead of altering reality. Photo credit: iStock


    People embellish job titles to drive up compensation or seniority, but it could backfire, says Rosenberg. If you apply for a senior manager role while claiming director as your former position, a recruiter might think you're overqualified.

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  • 4 Major Interview Mistakes (and How to Recover)

    After sending out countless resumes, you've finally landed a job interview with your dream company. You've picked the perfect outfit, tucked ample copies of your resume into your folder, and practiced your answers over and over.

    And then-it happens. You realize the interview was at 11:30, not 1:30. You spot an error on your resume. Or you make some other totally avoidable mistake that you know, backwards and forwards, that you should never, ever make as an interviewee.

    No matter how thoroughly you prepare, mistakes can still happen during the job application and interview process. But, they don't always mean game over-yes, even imperfect people get jobs. If you've made one of these common blunders, a few key steps can help you make the best of a bad situation.

    1. Submitting the Wrong Resume

    It's actually a good idea to have a different version of your resume for each position you apply for (or at least, a couple versions for different types of jobs), especially if you're applying Read More »from 4 Major Interview Mistakes (and How to Recover)
  • Courtesy WBTVCourtesy WBTVWhile other kids were hitting their snooze buttons and pulling the covers over their heads, 18-year-old Dawn Loggins was mopping the halls and emptying the trash at Burns High School in Lawndale, North Carolina. At the end of last summer, while she was attending a prestigious summer program on scholarship, Loggins called home to discover her phone had been disconnected. According to the Shelby Star, her mother and stepfather had left the state and dropped her grandmother off at a local homeless shelter. Her older brother, Shane, was couch surfing with friends. "I realized I was getting nowhere calling my parents," she told the Star. "What was I going to do? Cry about it?"

    Related: Columbia University Janitor Graduates with Honors

    The teen persevered. "I just made a decision that I was not going to end up like my parents," she told WBTV. And her determination paid off. Tonight is Loggins's high school graduation, and the next stop, Harvard University.

    When she was

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  • Instead of diving headfirst into a new career, consider capitalizing on the traditional job interview's enlightening sibling, the informational interview. Informational interviews offer anyone entering a profession the chance to chat with people in their network about industries or potential employers before chasing down a career path.

    Seek connections through your network.
    Scheduling an informational interview relies greatly on whom you know professionally or personally, says Amy Klink, director of talent acquisition and operations at Apollo Group, the parent company of University of Phoenix. The key to preventing your efforts from falling flat, she adds, is getting a member of your network to guide you to the right contacts.

    However, don't despair if connections don't yet exist - just broaden your network at local professional events.

    "You just have to be really creative in terms of figuring out where professional people spend their time outside of work. You can attend networking

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  • 8 Easiest Jobs on the Planet

    Shhh. She's working. Sleeping on the job is a requirement for the handful of writers hired by a travel website to test room amenities at China's leading hotels. Believe it or not, snooze button-hitting isn't even the easiest job out there. Imagine if your couch potato tendencies could earn you a living. How about your unique passion for luxury vacations. Most of us consider ourselves pros at napping and looking at cute pictures of kittens, but we don't expect to get paid for it. Maybe we should...

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  • Best-Paying Cities for Women

    By Jenna Goudreau

    Can where you hang your hat shape the size of your salary? In short: Absolutely. U.S. job markets vary drastically by region, state and municipality. Women, who earn between 70 and 80 cents for every dollar earned by men, may be especially impacted by the place they call home.

    To uncover the U.S. cities where women earn the most, ForbesWoman analyzed data from the 2010 American Community Survey by the U.S. Census Bureau, using the average earnings for full-time, year-round female workers in the largest metro areas in the nation. Where are the best-paying cities for women?Where are the best-paying cities for women?

    In Pictures: The Top 20 Best-Paying Cities For Women

    At No. 1, San Jose, Calif., tops the list. Women in this West Coast city earn an average of $67,052 annually for full-time work. That's more than twice as much as the worst-paying city for women-McAllen, Tex.-where women earn a mean of just $31,287 each year

    The top industries in San Jose are manufacturing; professional, scientific and management services; and education and

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  • 5 Tips for Turning Passion into Profit

    By Nellie Akalp for GalTime.com

    You can do it! Turn your passion into a PROFIT. You can do it! Turn your passion into a PROFIT. Is your New Year's resolution to start a business? Is your dream to be your own boss? Do you have a passion you'd love to turn into profit?

    If so, do you know your next step? After all, a resolution isn't much without implementation. And deciding to start a business is one of the biggest resolutions out there.

    After working with countless entrepreneurs over the years, there are some essential lessons I've learned from some of the most successful small business leaders out there. Here are 5 tips for turning passion into profit:

    1. It's not just about you

    You've heard the saying, "Do what you love and the money will follow." That's not exactly the case. Yes, passion is important. But in order to turn your passion into a profitable business, you've got to fill a need that others are looking for. Think about this for a moment. The market isn't necessarily concerned if you are fulfilling a lifelong dream. Customers spend money on products and

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