Video: Royal Baby Goes Lion King - the Internet and Late Night React to New Prince!

Reporting for royal diaper duty. Prince William has accepted a two-week paternity leave following the birth of son George Ale…

  • Kate Middleton Christens Princess Cruises. (Chris Jackson/WPA Pool/Getty Images)

    On Thursday, Kate Middleton made what's believed to be her last official solo appearance before the birth of her child. Parting the crowds in a festive Dalmatian print coat dress, the Duchess of Cambridge arrived in Southampton, England to christen Princess Cruises’ latest ocean liner, the Royal Princess.

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    The event has been billed, according to the Associated Press, as her last official appearance before she embarks on maternity leave, though the Palace has not officially provided a confirmation.

    The ceremony, broadcast live at 6:15 a.m, EST, included performances by the Royal Marines Band, the pipers of the Irish Guard, pop singer Natasha Bedingfield, and West End star Kerry Ellis, and is available to watch on demand on the Princess Cruise website,

    The event was a celebration of the ship, but also very much a celebration of Middleton and her iconic position in both the U.K. and the world. By accepting the honor of...Read More »

  • Photo courtesy of AP/International Business Times

    The latest portrait of Kate Middleton is not exactly Palace-approved.

    Artist Kaya Mar has created a Renaissance-inspired oil painting of the Duchess breastfeeding her unborn child. Depicted as the Madonna with a halo around her head and holed socks, Kate appears as a saint-like figure, nursing a baby in a crown as a Corgi (the Queen’s favorite breed) sits beside her.

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    Mar, who began working on the portrait a month ago, explains his motivation to Yahoo Shine. “It’s satire,” he says. “I don’t have anything against Kate Middleton, but I’m using her as a metaphor for how our society elevates people into icons. Before she met William, she was a commoner. Now, people worship her.”

    He explains that the socks with holes signify her "commoner" background, while the halo reflects who she has become through her marriage to Prince William. Meanwhile, he purposefully emulated the poses found in the iconic Madonna and child Renaissance port

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    We know how fast Kate Middleton rumors spread—but how are they born? According to a recent report from London's The Telegraph, sometimes from unlikely places.

    The paper claims that Paul Flattley, 30, a policeman in service for The Metropolitan Police was paid £7,600 (about $12,000) over the course of three years by the British tabloid the Sun, in exchange for at least 39 tip-offs on celebrities—including Kate Middleton and Prince William.

    One of those tips contained information about when Kate and William would possibly announce their engagement. Back in 2010, when rumors were swirling, Flattley allegedly made several calls to Middleton's private security detail to check on whether the couple were planning on hiring additional security personnel, a possible sign that a royal announcement was imminent. The Sun's former defense correspondent Virginia Wheeler reportedly paid Flattley with cash stuffed in an envelope.

    And although Flattley has been jailed since March and his behavior was cond

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    When Kate Middleton goes into labor in July, photographers will undoubtedly be hot on her trail but any hoping to snap an unauthorized baby photo will be hanging around for a long time. Just like the Royal Palace released an official statement announcing Kate's pregnancy, they'll most likely release official royal baby photos in order to be one step ahead of the paparazzi.

    Although no one at Buckingham Palace could be reached for comment, according to Jo Piazza, executive news director of Us Weekly and author of Celebrity, Inc: How Famous People Make Money, any promise of a royal photo won't stop paparazzi from hounding Kate and Prince William from the moment they enter the hospital.

    "I'd like to say that the paparazzi are more respectful of a royal baby than a celebrity baby, but frankly, that won't be the case. The race to get the first picture of this child will be brutal because the money will be so high," explains Jo Piazza, executive news director of In Touch and author of Celeb

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