Video: Royal Baby Goes Lion King - the Internet and Late Night React to New Prince!

Reporting for royal diaper duty. Prince William has accepted a two-week paternity leave following the birth of son George Ale…

  • Young Queen Elizabeth II (Photo by Culture Club/Getty Images)

    The royal family seems to have more perspective on the royal baby than the world at large. As hordes of media, fans and royal-watchers huddle around the London hospital where Kate Middleton is expected to labor, it's business as usual for the family of the future monarch. Recently, the Queen’s cousin, 88-year-old Margaret Rhodes, told CNN she wasn’t “terribly excited” about the royal birth because “everybody has babies." 

    Rhodes, who remains close with her cousin, has witnessed her share of royal births and weddings.

    “Well, you know, everybody has babies,” she said during the interview with Christiane Amanpour. “And it's lovely, but I don't get wildly excited about it.”

    And she’s not the only one showing restraint when it comes to the royal baby. Even great- grandmother-to-be, Queen Elizabeth, said in an appearance in Cumbria, UK, that she’s eager for the royal baby's arrival because she’s “going on holiday” next week. At least Prince William got to go to his polo match last weekend, ...Read More »

  • Prince William and Kate Middleton

    Prince William and Kate Middleton

    If reports are to be believed, Kate Middleton is binging on curry in the middle of a Palace prenatal yoga session AS WE SPEAK

    By Michelle Ruiz

    These beautiful blue-blooded people are having a baby and waiting for its arrival is making the world lose its collective marbles. All manner of tall tales and wild rumors are circulating about Kate Middleton, Prince William and their Royal Baby. Kindly allow us to separate fact from fiction...

    RUMOR 1: The Daily Mail believes Kate's determined to give birth naturally, and to prepare, is looking into "hypnobirthing," including "visualization and breathing techniques" on top of private Palace yoga sessions.

    TRUTH-O-METER: Questionable. Kate's a former field hockey star and rower-is she really into all of that exercise ball/Kourtney Kardashian birthing tub sh*t?

    RUMOR 2: Kate and Will themselves supposedly don't know the sex of His or Her Royal Highness. But E! totally knows what Kate is packing in her hospital bag, or at least they're making a few sug

    ...Read More »

  • Like the rest of us, comedian Anne Victoria Clark began following the commoner-turned-duchess fairytale of Kate Middleton back in early 2011 and decided to poke a little fun at her by creating a Tumblr named "Kate Middleton for the Win." Clark's hilarious captions over photos of Kate embracing the opulent royal lifestyle became a popular meme, particularly during the royal wedding and again now that Kate is due to give birth to the "royal baby." Check out some of Clark's funniest creations from
    Kate Middleton meme
    Kate Middleton memeKate Middleton memeKate Middleton memeKate Middleton memeKate Middleton meme

  • As we prepare to celebrate the birth of Will and Kate's royal baby, Marie Claire is looking back at the new dad's own royal childhood. By Diana Pearl

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  • Evelyn Crowley

    With the Duchess of Cambridge's rumored July 13 due date just one day away, the countdown to the royal birth has officially begun. In London, paparazzi are vying for spots outside of St. Mary's Hospital where the Duke and Duchess have reserved their private delivery suite while bookkeepers are placing bets on everything from the baby's gender (odds favor a girl) to hair color (our money's on Kate's rich chestnut hue). High street shops are also fueling the fanfare, stocking their shelves with commemorative souvenirs including mugs, dish towels, and coins. There's even an illustrated children's book entitled Shhh! Don't Wake the Royal Baby wherein noisy palace guards and the Queen's barking corgis conspire to prevent the newborn from sleeping.

    Of course, while such hullabaloo might suggest the contrary, this is hardly the first House of Windsor tot bound for Buckingham Palace (it's just been a while). Here, we take a look at the family's past bundles of joys, from a cherubic Prince William to a precocious Queen Elizabeth.

    Dare we say, it's a royally cute bunch.

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