• We show you how to look like the fab four for less.
    - Kathryn H. Cusimano, BettyConfidential.com

    Sex and the City always delivers great fashion and beauty. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda all have budgets that are, frankly, just a wee bit bigger than ours. There's no need to fret: we've pinned down a few budget-friendly beauty products to get you on your way to city chic in a snap.

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    The gals can never have too much black. Get strong, smoky eyes like Carrie's with NP Set Eyeliner in New York City ($15, target.com). The smooth pencil comes with a smudger to ensure a seductive stare.

    Samantha Jones isn't afraid of a bright red lip, and you shouldn't be either! JK Jemma Kidd Air Shine Lip Gloss in Dress 2 Impress ($16, target.com) will give you high-impact sheer color in a snap. Best of all, this moisturizing gloss is never sticky.

    You may not take a hot vacation in Abu Dhabi like the foursome do, but you can

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  • Last night, Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte reunited on the big screen at the premiere of one of the most anticipated movies of the year. In Sex and the City 2, the fab four take Abu Dhabi (actually, Morocco, where it's apparently easier and cheaper to shoot a big-budget film), and while their characters' personal squabbles have changed slightly-matured even, with Carrie and Big struggling over domestic bliss, Charlotte learning that motherhood can be a curse as well as a blessing, and a defiantly single Samantha dealing with menopause-some things remain the same. Like, for instance, the ridiculously high-end Patricia Field-styled wardrobes and the flawless beauty routines. Here, a brief look at some of the products that kept the characters' real-life counterparts looking their respective parts.

    Do the Wave

    With a desert providing the setting for the majority of the flick, hair department head Frank Barbosa often opted for relaxed, natural waves. Why fight the warm

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  • How to Find The Perfect Swimsuit

    A basics girl? So are we. But sometimes looking into a closet deep with fully rationalized buys can be, well, a bit boring. Rather than heading out and jumping on the latest fashion trend, we've taken five staples every girl has in her wardrobe and added a sexed up stylist's touch. Think these pieces should stay locked up when hitting up your favorite hot spots? Think again!

    The White T-Shirt: The king of all basics is best when styled with showstopping fashion. Your bottom half should be full of flare; choose a voluminous skirt that moves when you take a twirl on the dance floor or a full pleated pant that makes up for the simplicity on top. Complete the after dark look with a bib necklace or an attention-grabbing printed scarf.

    The Denim Jacket: Denim is an easy way to ground an otherwise over-the-top ensemble. Classic in nature, the material adds that touch of girl-next-door when everything else says girl-about-town. The perfect denim jacket is a
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  • One-Night Stand Safety

    Flickr photo by stevechasmarFlickr photo by stevechasmarUsually you're not thinking too clearly as you head into a one-night stand, because one-night stands tend to be things that just happen.

    However, one college student turned to advice columnist Veronica Mittnacht at The Faster Times because she decided she wasn't looking for a relationship, but absolutely wanted some sex. And not in a friends-with-benefits situation.

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    Mittnacht bypassed the usual "don't let yourself get too invested" emotional business and gave the lady some practical advice on how to stay safe while cruising for tail.

    Mittnacht points out that as a woman, when hooking up with a man, you really don't have bodily strength on your side, and in addition to not being too drunk to accurately monitor the situation, it's one of the most important things to keep in mind.

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    Other fantastic points made include getting your own liquid refreshment and not heading to an isolated

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  • While the series Sex and the City is widely known for setting fashion trends, it set standards in the food world as well. From cupcakes to cosmos, the female foursome spent a lot of time eating and drinking. In honor of the second film, which comes out on Thursday, I've rounded up the top 10 trends that were featured throughout the six seasons of the beloved HBO show.

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  • It's the first beach weekend of the summer and you're itching to show off your new sandals. But between wrapping up work and packing, you know you're not going to have time to get a salon pedicure. Never fear! Here's how to do a speedy home pedicure that will look just as good.

    1) Exfoliate
    In the shower, let your hair conditioner soak for an extra minute while you slough your feet with a foot scrub and rub your heels and any calluses with a pumice stone.

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    2) Moisturize
    When you step out of the shower, slather your feet in a hydrating lotion.

    3) Prep
    Swipe each nail with a nonacetone polish remover pad and separate the toes with foam toe separators.

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    4) Polish
    Paint a base coat on your nails from bed to tip, then follow with two coats of polish-see our picks for spring and summer here-and a fast drying top coat, waiting two minutes between each layer. And you're ready to roll!

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  • Breasts, Glorious Breasts

    "Sex and the City," Season 3, Episode 3: "Attack of the Five Foot Ten Woman"

    Charlotte is too embarrassed to bare it all in the sauna. When she finally works up the nerve, a woman quickly appraises her assets and remarks, "I'd kill for your breasts."

    Ah, breasts: They can nourish our babies, hold up even the slinkiest of strapless dresses, and get us served in crowded bars. Pre-adolescent girls eagerly await their arrival, and yet once they're there, a majority of women spend the rest of their lives wishing they were different. That's right, the odds a woman 18-65 is unsatisfied with her breasts are 1 in 1.43 -that's 70%!

    And since breasts, unlike the most attended-to male appendage, are always available for public observation-unless they are hidden beneath a burqa or some other tent-like garment-their shape, their size, and their perkiness (or droopiness) quotient are always being scrutinized.

    Conventional wisdom suggests that heterosexual men are enticed by big

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  • The ladies came out last night and strutted their stuff at the star studded event.
    - PJ Gach, BettyConfidential.com

    Last night was breezy and romantic in New York City. Chandeliers were hung over the red carpet as the stars of the movie glided their way into the fabled Radio City Music Hall for the much anticipated premiere of Sex and the City 2. We've gathered up the photos and would love to know what you think of the delicious and not so great outifts.

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    Sarah Jessica Parker wore a brilliant (as in grab your eyeglasses) yellow Valentino gown and three Art Deco platinum Fred Leighton bracelets merrily twirled down the runway.

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    Kim Cattrall, the poster girl for cougars everywhere dazzled in a gold empire-waist beaded tulle gown by Naeem Khan.

    What do you think of Kim Cattrall's look? VOTE HERE

    Cynthia Nixon wore a simple and sleek gown from Carolina Herrera.

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  • No, it's not a compliment.
    - PJ Gach, BettyConfidential.com
    Bazillions of years ago, when Sex and The City premiered on HBO, the nation became entranced with a TV show that celebrated good strong friendships between women who loved sex and were sassy dressers. Suddenly women were saying. "I'm Carrie," "I'm Charlotte," "You're really Samantha, aren't you?"

    I wasn't one of the gals who had to pigeonhole their friends. Oh, yes, I enjoyed the storylines and could relate to how hard it is to find a guy and a pair of cute shoes, but I really watched it for the hairstyles. When you're born with unruly hair in a straight hair world, and you spot a celeb with hair like yours, you'll watch anything they do to get styling tips.

    As the show became more popular, my friends started calling me Carrie. When it first happened, I looked at them blankly and asked why. They said I was a writer (never mind at the time I was writing about rock, not relationships), I had curly hair (OK, that

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  • Valentino-known for outftiting the ladies-who-lunch set-is going more casual with a line of 10 T-shirts that cost up to $1,980. According to The Cut, the tees (see above) are embellished with scraps leftover from expensive Valentino garments, but that mostly sounds to us like crafty recycling (what were they doing with the "scraps" otherwise?), not a fact meriting a two grand tee shirt spend.

    We found four embellished tees that don't cost a mortgage payment.

    See our guides to the best blazers, and the best tees for your shape.

    If you're a size medium, act fast because this Ella Moss Antoinette lace panel T-shirt ($88) probably won't be around much longer. We love the girly-modern lace detail.

    This Mossimo Black tee ($16.99) has silver stud detailing that's perfect for skinny jeans and platform shoes, but also works under a blazer at the office - no one will even see it till you ditch the jacket for evening.

    Joe's Jeans oversized T-shirt ($82)

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