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When Erin McKenna decided to opened a specialty bakery in 2005, she little baking experience and had never run a business. B…

  • Whether starting a new business or learning to lean in at their corporate workplace, women are taking risks every day to achieve success. But fear of the unknown can hold you back. Four successful women share why getting beyond fear--or harnessing it--and taking risks is a powerful tool for success in your career.

    Lisa Price, founder of the natural beauty product line, Carol's Daughter, is more afraid of not knowing where her ideas could take her. Her fear inspires inspires her to take risks. "I feel like if you do something that's really hard, that you're afraid one of two things is going happen," she explained. "You're going to bomb and then you'll recover. Or you're going to do it well and everything will be okay. But if you don't do it, forever and ever amen, you're going be like well, what if I had? Well, what if I had? And that's worse. That has no end. So I'm more afraid of, 'what if?'"

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    When Confetti Cakes owner Eli

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    These days, it seems that everyone is worried about getting fired. Although the official unemployment rate has been dropping since its 2009-2010 high, the number of people who have been job hunting unsuccessfully for several years has actually increased. This paints a scary picture for those newly out on the market.

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    The good news is that, according to experts, there are some very clear signs you might be next in line for the chopping block-in the way your boss is treating you both as an employee and as a person. Ignore these at your peril. Being alert and proactive is the key to dodging the proverbial pink slip. If you remain oblivious for too long, at a certain point, "you can do anything, you can do jazz hands," behavioral analyst and body language expert Lillian Glass, told Yahoo! Shine, "and it's still over.

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    You are out of the loop. "When you are being kept out of decisions and news t

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  • Do college rankings matter? With the price of a four-year education approaching a quarter million dollars, it's a no-brainer.

    By Caroline Howard, Forbes Staff

    Stanford University

    When future historians of U.S. higher education look back to when the ground really began to shake, they may well pinpoint 2013. They'll see disruption in curriculum focus (towards STEM majors and away from traditional liberal arts) and mode of delivery (from campus to online). They'll find the vexing problems of runaway tuition costs and student loan debt, shrinking state funding and class enrollment, and a humbling job market for most graduates. But they'll also single out the rise of West Coast colleges. For the first time, the FORBES Top Colleges ranking has two California schools, Stanford University and Pomona College at No. 1 and No. 2. The best state school in America is University of California, Berkeley at No. 22. Here is what makes this shift so significant: It may splinter the hold of the East Coast Establishment co

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  • If you want to reach a money goal faster, plan how you'll celebrate once you get there. Success is gonna be sweet. By Melody Warnick, REDBOOK.

    Life would be a terrible long slog if you didn't celebrate the milestones: graduations, anniversaries, retirement, even TGIF. So why don't we whoop it up when we achieve our money goals? Planning for a "Hooray, I did it!" moment can actually motivate you to keep saving or paying off your debt, and propel you over your next money hurdle. "The part of our brain that makes daily decisions is like a 6-year-old-it loves treats," explains Ted Klontz, Ph.D., a behavioral consultant in Nashville. "That's what we're honoring when we give ourselves these little rewards, like throwing a party when you make progress on your debt." These three women say their celebrations were the light at the end of the tunnel that kept them going. Read, plan, then load up on the confetti-you'll need it sooner than you think.

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  • These two Schnauzers helped inspire Swamp Dogs of LA.

    These two Schnauzers helped inspire Swamp Dogs of LA.

    The term "high fashion" tends to evoke images of concrete jungles, not Deep South swamps. And yet, two women in Lafayette, La. - not New York City - have launched the latest craze in canine fashion with their bespoke dog collar line, Swamp Dogs of LA. Meticulously crafted locally, these puppy accessories - inspired by two very special Schnauzers - are making tails wag and giving new meaning to the term "drool worthy."

    The Backstory

    Leslie Sandlin and Barbara Conner have known each other since childhood. "This is a small town," Sandlin drawls. "Barbara actually lived next door to my mother and father for a while."

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    As adults, though, the two women's lives took different paths: Conner abandoned her early career as an X-ray technician to become a motorcycle racer and successful jeweler, combining elegant freshwater, Tahitian and South Sea pearls with rock 'n' roll-inspired materials like leather and sterling silver medallions. Meanwhile, Sandlin b

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