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  • Someone else's work

    There are plenty of reasons why people ask you to help them out at the office.

    Maybe they need an extra pair of hands, and they think you're the perfect person for the job. Maybe they're feeling overwhelmed and are trying to be fair in distributing their tasks among their team members. Or maybe, frankly, they're trying to get some grunt work off their plates. And you're the one who's been asking to take on new projects, right?

    Whatever the case, it can be difficult to be a team player who's open to new responsibilities without being a pushover who's overwhelmed with miscellaneous tasks and projects on your plate. Even if you do want to take on more around the office, that doesn't mean you want everyone to load up your inbox with their castoffs (or that you should say yes to every request for your time).

    So, what should you do when a peer asks you to take on a project that's technically part of his or her own job? Here's a three-step plan to assess and address the situation.

    Step 1: A

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  • Kick start your job search

    Whether you feel stuck in your current position, were a recent casualty of a company layoff, or are about to embark on your professional life after graduation, looking for a job can be overwhelming. Between resumes and cover letters, job boards and social media, it's hard to know where to start-and even harder to get motivated to do much more than sit at your desk and daydream about a new gig.

    So to kick off your search on the right foot, it's important to put the right strategy (and some chutzpah, of course!) behind it-by clarifying what you want, figuring out the best way to go after that, and of course, finding ways to stay motivated along the way. Follow these five steps, and you'll find that the job search doesn't have to be as daunting as you think.

    1. Wipe the Slate Clean

    To help you clarify your goals and get energized for your upcoming search, start by assessing what you're looking for and why you want to do that type of work.

    For instance, maybe you're frustrated in your cu

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  • Sometimes, climbing the career ladder can be a little lonely, but by teaming up and helping others be successful, you may just be helping yourself get ahead, too. Here are four ways to help others serve, grow, and achieve and positively impact your career from four successful women.

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    Help others - Because the world is changing, we are becoming more cooperative by necessity, says voice artist Jennifer Hale. She doesn't believe in competition. Jennifer adds, "I love recommending people for stuff, men or women, if I feel like they're going to do a great job that lifts the whole project up."

    Be a "productive achiever" - Kat Cole, Cinnabon president, explains that there are "destructive achievers" and "productive achievers," who have learned "to be givers, in order to achieve." "That mindset of giving in order to grow," she says, "has been a big part of my life and my success."

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  • By Louis DeNicola,

    Spending money is rarely fun but getting a rewards credit card can at least make the process a little less painful. Don't let the pull of "cash back" encourage excess spending, though. Indeed, it's best to treat a credit card like a debit card and forget about spending more than what's in the bank.

    Get a credit card with rewards.

    We selected the following four cash-back credit cards as the best of the current offerings based on several criteria. First, the rewards must be easy to claim, which is why there aren't any airline-specific cards on the list. Aside from the Capital One Venture Rewards card, the best cash-back cards let you redeem for cash or credit towards your monthly statement. That said, rewards are worth more when redeemed for travel (airfare, hotels, rental cars, etc), and that is the recommended approach. Second, there must be a decent sign-up bonus for card holders. There are other good cash-back cards out there, but a $100-$500 initial bonus has a big impact on the ov

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  • by Alyssa Longobucco

    Getty Images

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    You can't remember the last time your boss didn't need something on a Saturday. The job's good, but you're burning out. Reclaim your life with these three tips.

    Check your signals: You might think you have zero power over your boss, but actually, we teach others how to interact with us in subtle ways we don't even realize, says clinical psychologist Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D., author of A Happy You. Answering your boss's email and calls at night and on days off sends a message that you're OK with your time being her time. Sure, you want to show you're indispensable, but remember: She already knows it, or she wouldn't rely on you so much.

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    Set a new course: Obviously you can't just start blowing off your boss's cries for help: Every incoming message you try to ignore will only amp up your fears of letting her down, Lombardo says. Plus, she will think you're flaking. So tell her you'll be unavailable, but in a way that makes it clear

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