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When Erin McKenna decided to opened a specialty bakery in 2005, she little baking experience and had never run a business. B…

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    Last summer we marveled when Forbes reported that Oprah Winfrey was still the highest-paid celebrity of 2012 after taking a mind-blowing $165 million pay cut. At the time, the reigning media empress dropped from an estimated $290 million per year payout to $125 million, mostly due to lost income from The Oprah Winfrey Show going off the air in 2011. Still, she retained her perch at the top of Hollywood's highest earners, easily making more than Lady Gaga, Jerry Bruckheimer, and Steven Spielberg.

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    According to Forbes's 2013 report of the highest-paid celebrities, however, Oprah has taken another wincing pay cut, this time to the estimated tune of $88 million. And even more discouraging for the Butler star, her rank has dropped 12 spots. She's now trailing Madonna, the year's top-earning celebrity (with an income of $125 million), as well as Steven Spielberg, Simon Cowell, E.L. James, Howard Stern, and more. On an upbeat note,...Read More »

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    Make these small changes to feel happier at work--without changing jobs.

    Make these small changes to feel happier at work--without changing jobs.

    Can eating the same thing for breakfast, turning off the radio, or telling a joke make you happier in your job? According to a new book, Before Happiness (available September 10, 2013), the answer is yes. We spoke with author Shawn Achor, a happiness researcher, leading positive psychology expert, and distinguished former Harvard professor, to find out how simple actions like these can in fact help you become happier, healthier, and more successful at work and in your everyday life.

    1. Ask a coworker out for a drink: If you've been feeling down at work, doing something nice for someone else can help you feel better. In fact, the greatest buffer against depression is altruism, Achor says. His research found that people who put more effort into their work relationships were 10 times more likely to be highly engaged in their work and twice as likely to be satisfied with their jobs. Most notably, these pro-social workers were more successful and ha

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  • Leading Ladies

    By Marlisse Cepeda

    Whether they're filming movies like Jennifer Lopez or ruling on the Supreme Court like Sonia Sotomayor, loads of Latin American women have become household names. But you probably don't know about the Latina politician who got fired for testifying against her boss…and then ran against him for office and won. Or the media mogul who edited a national magazine at 15 and ran a TV station at 22. Learn how these powerful females got their start and climbed to the top of their fields. Photos by CBS Corporation, Getty Images, and Avon Products, Inc.

    1. Gisel Ruiz

    Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Walmart U.S.
    Ruiz made company history as the first woman in the high-level role. Joining Walmart in 1992, she rose through the ranks, holding leadership positions in departments from human resources to labor relations. She now oversees almost 4,000 stores and 1.4 million associates. The Mexican-American credits her success to her encouraging parents, who met a

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  • Izzy Tihanyi and her twin sister, Coco Tihanyi, grew up surfing in the waters of Southern California. As adults working in their respective careers, they both felt that something was missing. Izzy was a pro surfer, but she was bothered by how few women she saw on the waves. With only $342 in the bank, the two tapped into their passion--surfing--and started Surf Diva Surf School.

    "Surf Diva came about as something fun on the weekends where I wanted to get more women in the water," said Izzy Tihanyi. "So I put up a flyer in a local surf shop and said I'm going to do a women's clinic. One girl called me. She brought four friends. And then it just exploded."

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    Today, Surf Diva is one of the top surf schools in the country and teaches both men and women of all ages. It also leads surf trips to exotic locations and host day and overnight summer camps for kids.

    Surfing has always been an important part of the Tihanyi sisters' lives. They learn

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  • Source: 7 Home Repairs You Can Do Yourself

    Before you reach for the phone to call an expert, take a minute to assess the situation. Perhaps the "problem" can be solved by learning how to do it yourself instead of paying someone else to do it. Here are some repairs you can do yourself:

    • Unclogging drain: You can usually unclog your own drains without the help of a plumber. Try this natural drain cleaner you can make yourself. And if that doesn't work, you can probably reach into the sink with your hands to try and pull that gunk out. If that still doesn't work, use the plunger, although you may have to use one that's specific to sinks and showers. If the blockage is still there, perhaps you need to clear the sink trap, which you can easily do by following these steps. If the trap is clear and it's still clogged, you might want to opt for using a drain snake, which is a long device that will go around the corners of the pipe as you push it down the drain. Use it to break up the debris.
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