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    Flowers are okay. But moms like other stuff too: soft stuff, scented stuff, stress-relieving stuff, sexy stuff. So let's try to think outside the vase. Below are some great sensual gifts (for any budget) that she'll really appreciate as a living, breathing human being (not a "domestic goddess"). Whatever you do, don't get her another Edible Arrangement!

    1. "Relax Me" Fizzy Bath Balls $4 each
    These individually wrapped balls turn a bath into a bubbly cocktail of aromas and soothing salts. A calming mixture of luscious oils, baking soda, and intoxicating fragrance, Relax Me is the perfect ending to Mom's extra-long day (and they're all extra-long). Choose from English Lavender, Pear Vanilla, Pomegranate Mint, or Morning Dew. They're body-safe and animal-product free, contain natural ingredients, and are made in the USA.

    2. Soft Sleeping Mask $9
    Help Mom get a better night's rest with soft and comfortable mask. The elastic band allows for a snug fit without putting undue

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  • Image by AlbanyNY via Wikimedia CommonsImage by AlbanyNY via Wikimedia CommonsSoldiers and cops who finished the Boston Marathon, then raced to the rescue efforts, are coming back to run again.
    By Caleb Daniloff, Runner's World

    Even though David Diamond scrubbed "the hell out" of his Altra Instincts, he knows there's something forever adhered to them. Those shoes carried the 40-year-old Army special operations officer across the Boston Marathon finish line on Boylston Street last year, and then, sickeningly, into a scene of carnage. He will lace up that same pair of size-10 Altras on April 21 for the 2014 Boston Marathon. "I want those shoes to cross that finish line again, as a tribute, as recognition to those involved last year," he says. "I want to carry a piece of them throughout the race."

    Diamond, who has an 18-year-long military career, was one of several hundred military and state police troopers who received an invitational bib from the Boston Athletic Association in appreciation of their service. Many of those invited men and women attend the

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  • Tea with honey and lemon combines several cough-soothing ingredients.Coughing happens when viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen or other substances irritate the nerve endings in the airways between the throat and lungs - which can be distracting and possibly painful. Fortunately, there are ways to sooth a cough naturally.

    A cough is the body's way of trying to clear the passages, and what a valiant effort the body makes in this endeavor. We can cough at speeds up to 60 miles per hour, and the average cough produces enough air to fill a two-liter soda bottle about three-fourths full. The air of a cough sprays out several feet and is accompanied by some 3,000 tiny droplets of saliva.

    While chronic coughs can be a sign of a serious illness, most people consider the common cough to be more of an annoyance than a health issue. Although side effects like chest pain, exhaustion, and incontinence can accompany a cough, the more vexing complaints often have to do with a cough's ability to interfere with your (and your household's) sleep and the propensity to

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  • by Phillip Picardi

    Courtesy of Jason Lloyd-EvansCourtesy of Jason Lloyd-Evans
    Backstage at the fall shows, there was a strong emphasis on gorgeous skin. In some cases, in fact, even concealer was meant to be used sparingly. (See The Row, Balmain, Stella McCartney, and Victoria Beckham for examples.) Skin took a leading role in most of the beauty looks, which meant that proper care was necessary, and for many makeup artists that meant whipping out an old staple: Gel moisturizers.

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    Gel doesn't exactly entice consumers the way it should, but NARS senior artist James Boehmer insisted on it for the looks at Naeem Khan and Creatures of the Wind. "We take our time with the moisturizing process," he said, smoothing a generous amount of NARS Aqua Gel Luminous Moisturizer over a model's cleansed skin. "We're massaging it into the face, which plumps the skin and gives it a beautiful finish."

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    In fact, there's science behind

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  • As a star of shows like "Jackass," "Viva La Bam," and "Bam's World Domination," Bam Margera has performed his fair share of exciting, dangerous, and straight-up dumb stunts for TV. He stopped by "Daily Shot" to talk about some of his best moments.

    WATCH: Man Talk Decoded

    What's the scariest thing he's ever done? "Doing the loop on a skateboard," he says, referring to a 20-foot loop he skated in 2005. Apparently, his fear only motivates him to do the stunt bigger and better. "Now me and Danny Way are going for a 40-foot one in the Caribbean on June 1st," Bam says.

    The stupidest thing he's ever done? "It wasn't actually on film, but I fell asleep on Virgin Airlines in the bathroom, drunk," Bam says of one fateful flight. "They had to jimmy the door open just to find me passed out half naked. I had to write Richard Branson an apology letter."

    WATCH: The Funniest Man on Twitter

    Bam's back at it again with "Bam's Bad Ass Game Show," which features competitors vying against each other in

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  • Edward Barsamian

    It's hard to write about the women you love, but today, the 40th birthday of noted designer and former pop star and music sensation Victoria Beckham, is certainly an occasion worth noting. As she prepares to celebrate in low-key fashion with friends and family tonight in Los Angeles, we look back at Mrs. Beckham's poshest wardrobe picks over the years, tracing her evolution from slinky and sexy dresses to the subdued sheaths that have become a chic signature for her eponymous line. Her crowning moment came at her wedding to soccer star David Beckham in a custom Vera Wang replete with tiara. But the singer toned things down in favor of au courant ensembles including a bi-color slip dress at the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards, while at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute's gala for "Goddess," she donned a neo-Grecian frock from Dolce & Gabbana with free-flowing hair. Playing with hair color, Beckham went bold and blonde at the civil partnership ceremony for

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  • cooking ingredientscooking ingredientsBy Rachel Morris

    Sometimes not following the recipe can result in a better-for-you dish while being just as tasty. Find out the easiest ways you can turn a regular dish into an extra-healthy one. Plus, get advice on how to make your restaurant meals heart-smart too. Photo by Getty Images/Shutterstock.

    1. The recipe calls for…bread crumbs

    Heart-healthier pick: Rolled oats

    Tip To mimic the texture of bread crumbs (store-bought kinds can be high in sodium), pulse cholesterol-lowering oats in a food processor until grainy. Use to top casseroles or as an ingredient in meat loaf.

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    2. The recipe calls for…bacon bits

    Heart-healthier pick: Smoked paprika

    Tip A small pinch of the spice on top of eggs, Brussels sprouts or split pea soup mimics the smoky flavor of bacon-with almost no calories or fat.

    3. The recipe calls for…salt (to finish off a dish)

    Heart-healthier pick: Citrus juices

    Tip Just a

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    Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Vogue, January 2011Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Vogue, January 2011

    There's no season like wedding season. Our mailboxes are stacked with invitations cut from luxurious paper, dressed in calligraphy. And we're sure each event will be its own, brimming with emotion and picture-perfect. Now, we're well aware that in order to throw a good wedding, you've got to plan-booking venues, sending out save-the-dates, tasting cakes-a good year in advance. But out of curiosity, we rang up a handful of bridal ateliers to learn how long it actually takes to secure a dress. In other words, if you're planning to elope this summer, you might want to head to Net-a-Porter.

    Bergdorf Goodman
    Average delivery time: Three to four months
    Is a rush order possible? It depends on which designer you choose.
    Are any dresses available to buy now? There is nothing available off the rack.

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    Kleinfeld Bridal
    Average delivery time: Six to eight months
    Is a rush order

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  • After a 30-year decline, more mothers are staying at home with their children.

    By Sally Holmes

    After a steady 30-year decline, the number of mothers staying at home to take care of their children is once again on the rise, a new study from Pew reports. Based on census bureau data, the study found that in 2012, 29% of mothers age 18 to 69 with children under 18 living with them, did not work outside the home-that's about 10.4 million more women than in 1999. Of that number, two-thirds are married, stay-at-home mothers with working husbands, but the other third is compromised of single mothers or married women with non-working or absent husbands.

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    But not all of these women are staying at home by choice. The study finds that six percent of women in 2012 reported that they were staying home because they were unable to find a job, compared to one percent in 2000. Other reasons for staying home were due to illness, disability, or being enrolled in school. The study also cites the economic

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  • 12 Questions That Teach Kindness in Your Children12 Questions That Teach Kindness in Your ChildrenWe encourage kindness in our children, above all else. In our home, we value and teach kindness above intelligence, talent, and responsibility.

    As parents, we are raising children whose character is built on thoughtful kindness. And it's working: In a day of endless stories of bullying, we are raising children who stand up for the bullied by stepping in. In a day of debates over whether children should be allowed in restaurants, we are raising children whose considerate behavior draws strangers to our table to comment on what a pleasure it was to have us as table-mates.

    In a house of three kids under 10 years old, we are working every day to raise siblings who know how to fight fair, know how to love and be loved, and who will be friends as adults. It starts at home, and we work at it every day.

    Our approach isn't foolproof. My 7-year-old is far more empathetic than his older brother. It's like empathy is his superpower. He can read emotions near flawlessly when he slows down enough

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