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    Vetstreet editor Kristen Seymour keeps the tag of her late Lab mix, Yuki, hanging in a special place in her home.When our very own Vetstreet editor, Kristen Seymour, lost her beloved Black Labrador mix, Yuki, she tucked the pup's favorite pirate collar away for posterity. It wasn't until almost five years later that she was able to pull the adorable item back out and fit it on her current dog. "It was just too painful," she shares. "We still keep [Yuki's] tag hanging in a special spot, near our back porch."

    Seymour is not alone. Once we lose a pet, many of us struggle with whether to stow away favorite items as keepsakes, repurpose them for future animals or donate everything and start fresh. According to Certified Compassion Fatigue Educator Dr. Carrie La Jeunesse, DVM, CT, who helps people cope with pet bereavement, there's no right or wrong way to handle the grieving process. Both mourning approaches - holding tight to these reminders or letting them go - can be healing. "This is a personal decision by the owners," she explains. "Each person's

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    The GRAND CROSS peaks this week and we move through any big changes that we are meant to have happen, it's your cue to push harder for those needs in making it so and for allowing others to make their changes as well.

    The week ahead for ARIES: This is your last big week to initiate change when it comes to your own approach, your needs, what's going on with your body, image, name, or title, the powerful goals or career needs in the mix, and how you are dealing with the higher-ups like the boss,...(read more)

    MONDAY you are in the drivers seat to shake things up and reinvent yourself, to push originality forward or do things differently when it comes to the powers that be, the boss, the judge, the parent, your goals, or the career. It's a day of powerful change. Yesterday was the spurring of the Jupiter quarter

  • by ScrewingTheRules.com Dating Coach Laurel House

    Perfect CocktailPerfect Cocktail

    When it comes to dating, drinking can play a major role.

    But according to AYI.com, drinking habits come into play even before the first date! What drinking habits do you admit to online? What does it say about you? Should you lie about frequency? Studies show that drinking habits affect your chances of finding love online. Here are the facts:

    -Drinkers get more responses online than non-drinkers.

    -Singles over 30 who say they drink "often" have 56 more "friends" on Facebook on average and 993 more "friends of friends" than singles who never drink.

    -Women who say they drink "often" are 13% more likely to be contacted than those that never drink.

    -Men who said that they are "social" drinkers were the most contacted on AYI.com.

    -And what is the alcoholic beverage of choice? Beer. Yes, both men and women on AYI.com prefer beer, particularly Heineken and Bud Light.

    Should You Lie On Your Online Dating Profile About

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  • A strong pelvic floor will also prevent incontinence and helps the body in returning to its pre-pregnancy state. However, only focusing on tightening the pelvic floor muscles isn't enough, and doesn't, in fact make it stronger.Most women have heard of kegel exercises for strengthening the pelvic floor, but don't really understand the function or importance the pelvic floor. It is a group of muscles and ligaments which acts as a sling at the base of the pelvis to help to support the organs in the lower abdominal cavity; the uterus, intestines, bladder, etc. As the baby grows, the uterus relies on the pelvic floor more and more for that support, which is why strengthening it is very important.

    A strong pelvic floor will also prevent incontinence and helps the body in returning to its pre-pregnancy state. However, only focusing on tightening the pelvic floor muscles isn't enough, and doesn't, in fact make it stronger. In order to give birth, the Pelvic Floor must completely relax to allow the baby to pass through. These two exercises from my FlexPilates Prenatal class will help pregnant women not only feel the contraction of the pelvic floor muscles, but also the release, ensuring that it is both strong and

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  • Utilize architectural features in your apartment: A Just in case you missed it, This Old House launched a new tumblr blog called This Old APT. The environment is populated by TOH's junior staff and resident apartment-upgrade pros. Here's a round up of some of the amazing apartments we've curated (full of smart decor ideas you can steal for your home). -Tabitha Sukhai, thisoldhouse.com

    Shown here: Utilize architectural features in your apartment: A "photo ledge" is a great way to display framed art and photos without putting holes in the wall. See more of this amazing apartment at Cup of Jo.

    The Look of Built-In Bookcases for $197
    Homeowners Hilary and Dan Delgadillo had a ho-hum living room that lacked architectural character. So Hilary decided to add her own by flanking the window with built-in bookcases. After months of scouring Craigslist for used furniture to incorporate into the design, she found the perfect fit: two solid-pine units with open shelves as well as closed cabinets.
    Budget built-ins you can DIY (and un-build when you move)Budget built-ins you can DIY (and un-build when you move)
    Dentil molding, a scalloped valance, and a

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  • By Paris Permenter

    Every rescue cat has his or her own story, a previous life history that's often unknown before landing in the hands of a shelter or rescue. While little is known about the early life of now four-year-old Zeki, a Turkish Van mix, one terrible fact stands out: as a kitten she was partially skinned with a hunting knife by an unknown assailant in Dallas. Found by a Good Samaritan, the road to recovery was marked with surgery and recovery.

    Eventually Zeki (Turkish for "clever and courageous") found her way to the home of Arden Moore, pet author, radio host, and pet expert who also teaches pet safety. But Arden doesn't just teach pet safety using models and dummies. She calls on her fellow teaching teammate: Zeki.

    Whether teaching a class at the Cat Writers Association or delivering a cat behavior talk at the Pet Sitters International Conference, Arden works side-by-side with her cat, who Moore says "has never met a stranger or been in a strange place. She is

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  • 10 Most Popular Pet Rabbit Names

    By Lisa Granshaw | vetstreet.com

    iStockphotoRabbits will be on the minds of lots of people this weekend as Easter arrives and the Easter Bunny makes visits around the world. Some families may even be welcoming a new pet rabbit into their homes, and they could be wracking their brains trying to figure out what to name him or her.

    While some people try to choose unique names for their pets, many choose more common monikers, making some names much more popular than others. We examined our database of 32,533 male and 24,011 female rabbits to pinpoint the most popular names of 2013, and a few of those names just might surprise you!

    SEE ALSO: 12 Things We Bet You Don't Know About Rabbits

    Popular Names for Rabbits... and Other Pets

    A look at the top 10 names for both male and female rabbits reveals a fair amount of crossover between the two lists. For example, did you know Bun Bun is one of the most common names for both genders? Of the top names, four appear on both lists.


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  • Take a moment to get some clarity each day.You spend the final five minutes of yoga class in "corpse" pose, mentally ticking off your to-do list. When you see a picture of a multi-armed goddess, your first reaction is, "Wow, I wish I had some more arms to do multi-task with!" Sound familiar? If so, slowing down and taking a few moments to meditate (or practice "mindfulness training" if that sounds less frou-frou to you) is exactly what you need in your day. "When I was a young, single mom, if I hadn't had my meditation practice, I don't know how I would have stayed steady and confident," Barb Schmidt, inspirational teacher and peace activist tells Elizabeth Street. "You have to be able to tap into that place of strength and peace before you even hit the ground running. It sets the tone for the rest of the day."

    Schmidt's new book, The Practice, is a treasure box of easy-to follow tips for living a happier and less stressful life. By now, most of us have heard about the benefits of meditation, which include increased

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  • What are the dangers of sleeping pills and why are women so prone?On any given night, there are a million and one worries weighing on our minds. There are money issues to worry about. Workplace squabbles we turn over and over in our heads. Why did we volunteer to chaperone at the kids' school event? Did we remember to call the contractor about that leaky ceiling? If you want to escape the prison that is your own mind, your smartphone's only a few inches away. Let's see...open up your Times app and there's the latest on the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Not what you want to think about as you're attempting to unwind. Mindlessly flick through Instagram instead. Now your celebrity-speckled feed has you pondering hitting the gym.

    The bottom line? You're nowhere near sleep.
    It's totally unsurprising that, between 1999 and 2010, rates of prescription sleep medication use rose significantly. All it takes is one look at newspaper headlines, technological developments, and stock market patterns to understand why the general spike in usage. Before the new

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  • The Gap has a cool, new collaboration in the works.If you've ever wished your kids' clothing was a little less Carter's and a little more couture, we've got good news for you. Gap Kids will be collaborating on a limited edition collection with Kate Spade New York and Jack Spade, the LA Times reports: "The collection, which is expected to hit retail in November, will be available through Gap's website as well as Gap Kids bricks-and-mortar stores in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., France, Hong Kong and Japan."

    It's not the first chic paring between Gap Kids and a high end designer. In 2012, Diane von Furstenberg created a kids and babies line for the brand, which the LA Times described as featuring "pint-sized versions of iconic DVF pieces for girls ages newborn to 14, including graphic-print jersey dresses, T-shirts and leggings, swimwear and a blazer with patchwork details." And Stella McCartney's designs for Gap Kids were so popular, adults were reportedly buying larger sizes of the collection to wear themselves.

    There's something

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