• Sure, it's nice to hear "I love you," or have it pop up in a spontaneous text, for that matter, but it's even better when you just get it. By Brie Schwartz, REDBOOK.

    1. When your girlfriends come over to vent, he doesn't disappear to the other room. He pours himself a glass of wine and joins the conversation--which is good, because they love hearing his relationship advice.

    2. He brings you fro-yo (extra crunchies on the side!) without you asking. He may not understand how you could possibly crave it over ice cream, but he instinctively knows when you need the stuff--unlike when you just casually want it, a.k.a. every night.

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    3. He agrees to take couple selfies in public, even though he finds them embarrassing.

    4. When your daughter scores the winning goal at her soccer game, or you get to attend an exclusive event together, he'll post the "braggy" on Facebook so you don't ruin your social media cred.

    5. He

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  • The arrival of Saturday and Sunday doesn't have to throw a wrench in your weight loss--a little fine-tuning will keep you on track
    By: Dani Villalobos, Fitbie.com

    When Friday rolls around, your mind automatically flips the switch--off from work and off from keeping your diet. Americans consume 400 more calories during that 48-hour period than on the typical weekday, according to a study published in the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing. But that doesn't mean you're doomed to pack on pounds--with a little work, you can regain control of your weekends. Move more, eat less, and still manage to have some fun along the way with these 11 strategies.

    1. Clean Your Place

    Do you think June Cleaver ever went to the gym? To torch some calories, grab your sponge and whistle while you work. A half-hour of mopping can burn 300 calories, vacuuming 131 calories, and scrubbing the bathroom up to 142 calories. Boost your burn even more by wearing lightweight ankle or wrist weights, suggests

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  • There is No Right Way to Have a Baby

    There's no right or wrong way to be pregnantThere's no right or wrong way to be pregnantBy Jessica Grose, The Cut

    I love a good birthing yarn. Sure, most happy labor narratives have the same general shape (they begin with contractions; they end with a baby), but the emotional and physical details are so particular. I want to know how you felt in the third hour of pushing. I want to hear what your partner said to you. I want to find out if you pooped.

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    So I was excited to crack open my copy of the new anthology Labor Day: Birth Stories for the Twenty-First Century - and disappointed by the overwhelming sameness of the stories within. Whether or not the women involved had natural childbirth (and the majority did), with one or two exceptions they are all still marinating in the same birth culture. It's a culture that reveres midwife Ina May Gaskin, is populated by doulas with nose rings, and frames the decision to have a natural childbirth as a moral choice. And it's a didactic, judgmental

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  • Leo, Spotted at the BeachBy Kat Stoeffel, The Cut

    When a male contact sent me a 14-slide New York Post slideshow of paparazzi beach photos Leonardo DiCaprio under the headline "The Great Fatsby?" I felt a pang of empathy unprecedented in my relations with A-list actors. Poor Leo, of all people: carelessly frolicking in the Bora Bora surf, his hair in a man-bun and a 22-year-old in his arms, without the faintest idea that his body would soon be served up for our evaluation. He was oblivious to his appearance, yes, but even so, his body hardly seemed to qualify as fat. No question mark! "I look like that," my friend said. He was actually a little bit hurt, I think.

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    For women, this is a familiar experience, of course. How many times have I read earnest reports that impossibly, exquisitely sculpted women like Jennifer Aniston were looking a little round lately (possibly preggers?) and contemplating how I compared. But even though the tabloid

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  • Six years ago, Antonio Dowels was a 4.0 student on the honor roll and a star athlete (track and football) at his high school, with dreams of becoming either a pediatrician or NFL player. When he got into a car accident and lost all feeling in his legs, his whole life changed... but not his spirit.

    "I was pretty much good at everything," the 24-year-old from Tampa, FL tells the Good News blog about his athletic ability before the accident. "Ever since I was a little kid, I played football… my whole family, we're really good athletes."

    On April 27, 2007, Dowels was returning home after a long day of schoolwork and a track meet when he fell asleep behind the wheel and crashed into a semi truck. The truck dragged Dowels' car another 400 yards before stopping.

    "It was the worst pain ever," he recalls. "Fortunately, I kept blacking out, so I don't remember much of it."

    Antonio DowelsDowels was airlifted to a hospital and immediately underwent a six-hour surgery. He broke his neck, and lost the ability to

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  • Twitter sexBy Ben Collins

    Twitter users are more likely to cheat on you and participate in other activities detrimental to a healthy relationship, like setting the TV on fire while you're watching it and then immediately leaving the house*, according to a new survey from Mizzou.

    It's only one doctoral thesis, but it's a pretty good sample size - 581 committed Tweeters (both to a partner and to aTwitter) at an average age of 29.

    "Twitter use leads to greater amounts of Twitter-related conflict," the study says, "which in turn leads to (real-life) infidelity, breakup and divorce."

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    Of course, there's some causation/correlation stuff to work through here. Does more time on Twitter generally mean more time on the computer, therefore less time spent doing activities together, for example? The study seems to think that's part of it.

    Go outside with your wife and, hey, you might like her better. Here is your diploma, doctor! Now can you look at

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  • by Phillip Picardi

    It's been a while since we unearthed all the beauty secrets of the Pretty Little Liars ladies, but now we're back with another awesome show that also has a fabulous female cast and lots of drama (mostly in musical form). That's right: Glee!

    The hair and makeup teams for the giant cast are led by Tenita Parker Baker and Kelley Mitchell, respectively. These ladies work overtime to ensure flawless complexions, perfectly-formed curls, and meticulous eyelash applications on one of TV's most notoriously demanding shows. Click through the slides to unearth the secrets of Lea Michele's impossibly well-groomed fringe and Dianna Agron's radiant glow!

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  • We reveal our wise-washing laundry day tips.We reveal our wise-washing laundry day tips.

    Sure, you've been doing laundry for years -- but are you doing it correctly? Try these strategies for perfectly clean clothes (and a happy machine!) every time.

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    1. Reduce your load size.
    Cramming the tub isn't a shortcut -- clothes need to move to get clean! Adjust the water level (newer models automatically do this) and drying time, and if your washer and dryer have different capacities, go for the smaller volume.

    2. Use the presoak cycle.
    This setting agitates the contents and may dispense detergent before starting the main cycle, so extra-dirty loads get cleaner without going through twice.

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    3. Add bleach yourself.
    Don't have a timed bleach dispenser, but want its extra cleaning power? Add chlorine bleach (as long as it's safe for your fabrics) to the load five minutes after the cycle starts (earlier, and it will kill stain-fighting enzymes in the detergent).


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  • The Biggest IKEA in AmericaThe Biggest IKEA in America

    It's currently being built in Burbank, and Ellen has the footage to prove it.

  • Fend off chocolate smudges, egg dye spills, and more.Fend off chocolate smudges, egg dye spills, and more.

    If an Easter egg hunt leaves your son's new khakis grass-stained or a glass of Manishewitz spills on your best tablecloth, don't let it spoil the festivities. With these techniques, you'll forget the stains and keep the happy memories, instead.

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    1. Easter Egg Dye
    On countertops that wind up just as colorful as the eggs hidden in the backyard, use an all-purpose cleaner that contains bleach to erase the stains.

    2. Chocolate Candy
    Wait -- don't touch! Scraping chocolate from clothing while it's melty can push the stain further into the fabric. Allow the chocolate to dry and harden, then scrape off the pieces and treat with a stain remover. Wash in warm water with an all-fabric-safe bleach, or Clorox's Smart Seek Bleach, which is safe to use on most printed and patterned whites.

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    3. Gravy
    If you missed the plate when serving the brisket, scrape off the

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