• High-powered professionals from CEOs and DEA officers to Carnegie Hall musicians are retraining their lungs to help them keep cool under pressure. Here's why you should too.

    By: K. Aleisha Fetters, Photograph by Dylan Coulter

    Dylan CoulterDylan Coulter

    Lying prostrate on the ground with the rifle in his hands, eyes narrowed on his mark, Steve Kardian concentrated on not moving a muscle. "I need complete control for long-range shots; even one micro flinch can send the bullet flying feet from your target," he says. The FBI defense tactics instructor had been called upon by a top military agency to take on a classified secret service-like assignment-if he failed these qualifying tests the job was gone. Just before stepping up to the line, Kardian performed a deep diaphragmatic breathing exercise taught to him by his respiratory guru of two years, Belisa Vranich. "It brought a calm over me. I was able to maintain my positions and hit all my targets."

    Kardian was so impressed with the changes Vranich's

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  • Alessandra Codinha

    Remember that old edict, "Dress for success?" Well, a) yes, do, and b) there's more to success than a job promotion. Why should caring about how you present yourself only factor into part of your life? Ultimately, looking great helps lead to feeling great, whether in the boardroom or at the barre. We're great believers in the performance-boosting power of fashion. (I'm fairly certain that is why my mother made me dress up to take the SATs.) After all, it's much easier to motivate for that 6:30am spin class when you're excited about your look. Here, our favorite under-the-radar labels to elevate your workout wardrobe.

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  • New study finds a 'moderate' regimen is best(Newser) - Training to run a marathon has got to be one of the healthiest things you can do, right? Maybe not: A new study found that "moderate" runners lived longer than people who don't exercise at all-and people who run lots of miles, HealthDay reports.

    The study, led by the co-director of the Cardiovascular Research Institute at the Lehigh Valley Health Network, involved 3,800 runners who supplied info on their heart risk factors and their use of NSAIDs like ibuprofen; almost 70% of the group clocked more than 20 miles a week. The findings were presented Sunday, but have yet to be published in a peer-reviewed journal. According to the results, how much should you run? One cardiologist who reviewed the data suggests you no more than 2.5 hours per week, spread out between two or three sessions consisting of slow or moderately-paced running.

    It's not clear why too much running might be bad for longevity, but the study appears to rule out factors like prior cardiac risk (linked to

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  • by Sarah Ferguson

    I'm beyond excited to finally ditch my winter coat and heavy layers, but I'm not so eager to ditch my tights. Let's just say my legs are not as smooth and bronzed as they were the last time I showed them off many, many months ago.

    Thankfully, for the sake of my spring outfit plans, my reluctance to go bare-legged is nothing a little care and color can't cure. Above, Noemi Grupenmager, founder/CEO of Uni K Wax Centers and Sophie Evans, St. Tropez skin finishing expert, share their tips for flawless looking legs.

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  • by Lexi Petronis

    George ChinseeGeorge Chinsee
    With the official onset of spring, it only makes sense that we're starting to think about spring-cleaning--homes and closets, sure, but also our minds and bodies. Arielle Fierman is a board-certified health coach and motivational speaker who has these cool tips for spring-cleaning your body and brain.

    1. Drink water. Research shows that upping your water intake helps rev up your energy and digestion-- and can even help give your skin a nice glow. Recommended amount: at least the amount equivalent to half your body weight in ounces. (So, if you're 140 pounds, drink 70 ounces of water a day.)

    2. Load up on greens.
    "Raw, steamed, sauteed, chopped, shredded--no matter how you eat them, they have lots of nutrients that will help make your skin glow, rid your body of toxins, and rev up your immune system," Fierman says. "They're loaded with fiber and phytonutrients to help your organs do their best work. My favorites include frozen spinach blended in a smoothie for

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  • The curtains opened. Lights filled the room… and into Ochsner Children's Hospital walked four WWE Superstars and Divas.

    Hold your applause, it gets better.


    The superstar wrestling squad left the ring for the day on Wednesday, and individually visited 15 sick children, some of them terminally ill, at the hospital in New Orleans where our very own Ellen DeGeneres was born. It was a day to chat, hug, smile; give the kids a little dose of WrestleMania, and get a little love in return.

    "Visiting the Ochsner's Children's Hospital was totally uplifting and inspiring, and gave me a different perspective," Natalya, a professional wrestler from Canada, tells the Good News Blog in a statement. "It reminded me to live in the moment."


    Specifically, the superstar recalls spending time with a teen who had recently lost a limb.

    She adds, "I met a teenager named Bruce, who was in an accident and lost his arm just a few days ago. But he was in a great mood and told me that he was

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  • Daniel Murphy. Photo: Chris Trotman/Getty ImagesHere’s why gender roles in relation to American child-rearing are so hopelessly steeped in sexist tradition: because of guys like radio hosts Mike Francesa, Craig Carton and Boomer Esiason, all of whom, if you’ve not yet heard, have slammed Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy for daring to take a three-day paternity leave (after missing opening day on Monday, God forbid, for his son Noah’s birth).

    Thankfully, Murphy spoke up eloquently in defense of his decision on Thursday. “The awesome part about being blessed, about being a parent, is you get that choice. My wife and I discussed it, and we felt the best thing for our family was for me to try to stay for an extra day — that being Wednesday — due to the fact that she can't travel for two weeks,” the ballplayer told ESPN. “It's going to be tough for her to get up to New York for a month. I can only speak from my experience — a father seeing his wife — she was completely finished, I mean, she was done. She had surgery and she was wiped.

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  • Sure, you should be comfortable, but cozy can sometimes get really out of hand. By Brie Schwartz, REDBOOK.

    1. His ratty undershirt
    If it has yellow pit stains and black marks from where your mascara rubbed off over years of sleeping in his nook, it's not adorable. In fact, throw it out. He's a grown man. He can buy new undershirts.

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    2. Anything with a crust

    If your pants show remnants of tonight's dinner, ice cream dribble, or wine spills, please remove before entering the boudoir.

    3. Something from an ex

    We don't care how soft it is, or if you haven't spoken to him since high school. It's bad bed-karma to sleep in a former flame's football jersey.

    4. Teeth whitening strips, a hair mask, moisturizing gloves…

    ...or any other item that screams, "Do not disturb."

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    5. Old undies
    Yes, sleeping in your skivvies is sexy, but not if they're full of holes. Once

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  • I feel Paislee Harper's pain.

    The little girl from Kentucky recently turned 4, and she just didn't want to do it. The prospect of a new car seat, bicycle, or big-kid stuff couldn't entice her to feel happy about getting older. When she was 3, she got her ears pierced and went to Disney World. How do you top that?

    I cried when my older daughter turned 4. At 3, she was still kind of baby-ish, but in a good way. She retained a need for me in a primal way. I begged her not to turn 4. Pleaded with her. Asked nicely and reasoned with her calmly. Tried bribing her. But she would have none of it. She did promise for a moment to stay 3 forever, but then her birthday hit, and she was all, "I don't know what you're talking about. I am so a 4-year-old now. Later, Mommy!" Unlike Paislee, my daughter was tragically lured by the shiny prospects of Pre-K.

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    Paislee's mom interviewed her on camera with her twin brother, Hudson, on the

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  • Brad Pitt's Production Company to Make Film on Infamous Steubenville Rape CaseBrad Pitt's Production Company to Make Film on Infamous Steubenville Rape Case There aren't many people who haven't heard of the Steubenville case. Now it seems that Brad Pitt himself has taken notice.

    According to Hollywood's insider blog, The Tracking Board, Pitt's company Plan B has bought the rights to a Rolling Stone feature "Anonymous vs. Steubenville," which covers the case but mainly focuses on one man named Deric Lostutter: a hacktivist and member of Anonymous (an online vigilante group).

    In case you missed the case which dominated the headlines throughout 2013 - it concerned the rape of a 16-year-old girl by two high school football players and the subsequent alleged cover-up that took place involving many members of the small community. The case came to Lostutter's attention, and he began to expose the true story of what happened in Steubenville - offering justice for the victim and garnering attention for the victim's plight. After the attack on the 16-year-old "Jane Doe," there had been images and discussion of what happened to her on

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