• Susie Conway from San Diego, CA couldn't believe it when Ellen gave her and her family the gift of a brand new home. Construction is underway, and the host brought Susie back to show her the progress!

    Not only did she get to see her old house demolished to make way for her brand new digs, she got to spend some quality time furniture shopping with HGTV's Anthony Carrino, one half of the "Cousins on Call" that are helping put together the home of Susie's dreams.

    Jeannie spoke with the Conways after the show to find out how excited they are to live in their new home, and how grateful they are for Ellen and everyone's kindness. Check it out!

    Do you have good news to share with somebody? We want to help! Film a video for a special someone in which you share a secret or reveal a surprise, and share it with us. We might post it on Ellen's Good News blog for them to see it!

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  • If you're hoping to pull an April Fools' Day prank today, keep in mind that some of the best pranks are rooted in kindness. Just take a look at this unbelievable (and totally heartwarming) trick pulled on a deserving waitress.

    Chelsea Roff works at the Spring Street Smokehouse in Downtown Los Angeles, but she has bigger dreams. After battling anorexia, spending 18 months in the hospital and struggling with her mother's alcoholism and dementia, Chelsea found inner peace and strength through yoga.

    She now runs a non-profit yoga studio, Eat Breathe Thrive, which helps others in their recovery from eating disorders. Though she was able to raise enough money to start the organization, she struggles financially, working as a waitress and driving a car that constantly breaks down.

    Wanting to change her life for the better, Chelsea's friends, co-workers and boss teamed up with Break.com to give her a series of escalating surprises. First, a man leaves her a $1,000 tip. Next, a couple hands

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  • Ellen in a Trojan Commercial?Ellen in a Trojan Commercial?

    A viewer spotted something interesting in this Trojan commercial... that you would never expect!

  • Ellen Meets the Tooth FairyEllen Meets the Tooth Fairy

    To get the final word on what the cost of a tooth is these days, Ellen consulted with none other than the Tooth Fairy.

  • By: Ivy Jacobson for TheNest.com

    Photo: Thinkstock

    In this day and age of fake Facebook engagements and Twitter pranks, it's hard to properly execute an April Fools' Day joke with everyone's guard up.

    However, people don't usually suspect that they'll be a victim of a prank in their own home - or more specifically, their own bathroom. Keep scrolling for easy prank ideas that require little effort - and maybe a broom.

    1. Place a ton of mini-marshmallows on the top of a ceiling fan's blades and wait for anyone to turn it on - just make sure you don't end up pulling a fast one on yourself.

    2. Fill your target's car with colorful balloons. It may take a little huffing and puffing, but it'll be worth it for a great Instagram photo.

    3. Place a huge bow on your spouse's car in the driveway, and at first glance, it'll seem like you bought them a new ride.

    4. Fill your target's bathroom soap dispenser with another gooey substance, like shampoo or syrup. What, they don't like maple-scented hands?

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  • Jennifer Love Hewitt on Her New Baby and HusbandJennifer Love Hewitt on Her New Baby and Husband
    There's a lot of news in the Jennifer Love Hewitt house! The actress stopped by to tell Ellen all about it.

  • April Fools!

    April Fools!April Fools!

    Ellen talked to her audience about the history of April Fools, after she explained about her encounter on the way to work.

  • When James Matthews had nothing else, he had his piano. Now, he also has Carnegie Hall.


    The 24-year-old pianist at the University of West Florida will be making his debut at the famed music venue this month after growing up in poverty, even living homeless at one point. Matthews is a music performance major on a scholarship, and was chosen to perform after winning honorable mention in the 2014 American International piano and strings competition.

    Matthews will perform on April 20th, and says he's still coming to terms with all that's transpired.

    "I am extremely nervous," Matthews tells the Good News Blog. "I can't believe that I am going to be there because I just entered the contest on a leap of faith."

    Matthews was raised in Lakeland, and has been playing the piano since the age of 3. He spends up to 10 hours a day practicing, and describes the instrument as a stronghold throughout the difficult times in his life.

    Determined to go to college, the young prodigy used his musical

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  • By: Ivy Jacobson for TheBump.com

    Photo: Shutterstock/The Bump

    Since April Fools' Day is today, there's no time like the present to get your toddler's sense of humor running with a few of these cute and innocent jokes.

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    Biggest toddler challenges -- solved!

    When they start to get the idea, just wait for the old "there's an elephant in the kitchen" line a few years from now and then it'll be your turn to act shocked.

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    1. Replace your toddler's socks and underwear drawer with adult socks and underwear.

    2. If bath time can be a struggle at your house, make it fun by filling the tub with blocks, dolls or soft sports balls instead of water.

    3. For some reason, there's nothing more fun than being told to put your pajamas on backwards (even as an adult).

    4. Put a few drops of food coloring in your toddler's milk and act like drinking green milk is no big deal.

    5. Breakfast for dinner is a delicious surprise - and

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  • Point A-To-B Commuting Essentials

    By Ellen Hoffman, Refinery29

    No matter your mode of transportation, we can probably all agree that commuting to work is one big pain in the you-know-what. Whether you're a brisk, five-minute walk to an express-service subway or a half-hour car ride away from your destination, making the trek each day (no matter how long or far) is a task in and of itself. But, the little things we do each morning - like chatting on the phone with Grandma or making a pit stop for your morning coffee - help make the journey a little bit easier.

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    Additionally, preparing for our trip with a few handy commuter essentials - be it an umbrella for April's rain showers or headphones to drown out noisy chatter - is absolutely key. Let's face it: Traffic jams happen, trains get delayed, and the weather is just plain unpredictable some days. So, we compiled a list of 15 must-have items - for bikers, subway riders, walkers, drivers, and so forth.

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