• Aries (March 21 - April 19)
    You're not 100 percent sure what's going on, but you're starting to get an inkling. Like distant lightening signaling a coming storm, you're starting to see the writing on the wall. Once you finally put two and two together, you may be a bit embarrassed at how naive you've been. Just don't kick yourself over it, Aries.

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    Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
    Where money is concerned, you're experiencing your own private spring. It could be because you're in a hot house, or simply because you're due for a few successes. But whatever the reason, you're finally starting to see some new growth and it's an encouraging sight. Enjoy.

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    Gemini (May 21 - June 21)
    It's time to start wrapping things up -- not exactly your forte. You're much better at generating ideas and getting the ball rolling than you are at tying up the loose
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  • Aries (March 21 - April 19)
    If you're not happy with the amount of attention you're getting, spend some time studying the cat. She has skills that you don't. Like the flash of distant lightning, you'll learn an important lesson: Charm will get you what you want.

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    Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
    Running in circles has suited you just fine, but now it's time to start a health and fitness routine with someone else. If your owner has hired a dog walker to work off some of your energy, you may finally find out what it means to feel lazy.

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    Gemini (May 21 - June 21)
    The cat gets your human's lap all to himself. In fact, she always gets what she wants. But how does she come up with her genius ideas? Be available to inspiration, and you'll soon have your owner wrapped around your dewclaw.

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  • 10 Things to Do when Fighting Foreclosure10 Things to Do when Fighting ForeclosureI am fighting foreclosure. I got into trouble when I lost my job and my health insurance a few years ago. My daughter got very sick, my marriage broke, and things just snowballed from there. Unfortunately for me, I fell into foreclosure before the government got involved with programs like Making Homes Affordable. That has hurt me greatly because the money I owe in areas on my mortgage is more than many of the program limits for participation. Regardless, I am still fighting foreclosure, and I'm nowhere near being done yet. One reason why I am still in the game is because I stay on top of everything. I don't let the banks, and their foreclosure lawyers, bully or intimidate me, and I especially don't let them trip me up with their highjinx and double talk. I don't know if I will win the war and save my house, but I do know that I will go down fighting foreclosure to the very end.

    I am sharing my tactics for survival here because I have seen so many people at the courthouse resigned to

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  • Here's What's Causing Your Bad RelationshipsHere's What's Causing Your Bad RelationshipsIs being alone or single something you fear? Does the thought of never finding that one person to commit to and have them commit to you cause some serious anxiety issues? You are not alone. This fear is more common than it seems. And this fear may be the biggest reason you have bad relationships.

    An article on YourTango not only addresses the fear of being alone or single, but also the fear of being in a great relationship. The article states the following:

    "Your unconscious mind is always moving you away from whatever you fear and trying to keep you in your comfort zone, so if you are alone you aren't afraid of being alone. You may fear the opposite -- finding true love."

    Remaining in your comfort zone may lead you to choose a relationship even if you think it isn't the best relationship or the right person. You'll find the greatest relationship when you step outside of your comfort zone.

    Over time this cycle can repeat; you'll continually find yourself in bad

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  • How I Learned to Navigate a Family Life OverseasHow I Learned to Navigate a Family Life Overseas"GPS is my frenemy," I posted on Facebook one month after I moved to London from New York with my husband and three children. I felt stranded in an unfamiliar city, piloting an SUV that felt more like a tank on London's narrow roads and blindly following a disembodied voice.

    "Does she have an English accent?" a friend gamely commented.

    She does. And all that day as I drove around listening to her clipped instructions - thinking of her as both a cow and a godsend -- I kept fixating on the "frenemy" metaphor. She's very demanding: "In 200 yards turn left, TURN LEFT!" She never admits when she's wrong, like when leading me into a footpath through a park. And she's never happy for me when I get it right. Just once I'd like to hear her say, "Well done, you clever girl," instead of, "You have arrived at your destination."

    But without her I'd be lost.

    My move to London had left me adrift. I realized the morning I wrote that Facebook post that not only was I beholden to a

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  • 5 Surprise Skills New Moms Master

    5 Surprise Skills New Moms Master5 Surprise Skills New Moms MasterThere is so much to learn when you become a mom. You have to figure out how to put the diapers on so they holds everything in. You have to learn how to manage your sanity on very little sleep, and you are responsible for the safety and happiness for this new human that relies on you for everything.

    Motherhood teaches you a lot of intangible things, too. You learn how much your heart can grow in one moment. You learn that holding your baby while he cries is the best thing you could be doing at that moment. You learn that while things are forever changed, you are so much better for it.

    Some things we learn out of safety (like how to survive on no sleep), some out of necessity (like diapers) and other skills we learn to master out of circumstance, like these 5:

    1. How to live off just coffee

    I didn't start drinking coffee until a few weeks after my third child was born, thanks to sleep deprivation and an inability to "sleep when baby sleeps" -- that's because I have too much to

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  • Aries (March 21 - April 19)
    Do not take any nonsense from anyone. Don't stop meowing until the litter is clean. Perhaps there's a new dog in the neighborhood? Show everyone that you are in command of all that you survey.

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    Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
    Beauty inspires you today. Your regular routine may not seem so regular, with the breeze blowing things around. Don't rush anything; just enjoy the moment. This may be an excellent day to get a little extra exercise, though. Take a longer-than-usual stroll around the yard.

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    Gemini (May 21 - June 21)
    You are usually good at acquiring friends, and this is a great time to make new ones. Plan on a long night of prowling the back alleys. It's all good, as tomorrow you will have the house to yourself again. You'll be able to sleep the day away completely undisturbed.

    Today's Gemini

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  • Get your outdoor space ready for warmer weather.Get your outdoor space ready for warmer weather.

    Winter's over! Here's how to freshen your outdoor space for the warmer days and nights ahead.

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    1. Plastic Chairs
    Sponge them off with a solution of a squirt of liquid dish soap in a bowl of warm water; rinse with a hose. Attack extra-grimy spots with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser ($9 for eight, Amazon.com) or Goo Gone Patio Furniture Cleaner ($5, Bed, Bath and Beyond).

    2. Outdoor Cushions
    Check care labels to see if covers can be machine-washed. If not, spot-clean with a dish-liquid-and-water solution, as with plastic chairs. Note: Some new outdoor fabrics can simply be hosed off.

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    3. Wood Decking
    Zap mold, mildew, and discoloration with 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner ($22, Ace Hardware). First, test a small spot; then apply, wait, and hose off!

    4. Patio Pavers
    Erase leaf stains from concrete, brick, or stone with a rust remover like Whink Rust Oxy ($7, hardware

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  • Are you being duped by what you're reading on the web? Are you being duped by what you're reading on the web? By Julie Upton, RD, Prevention

    The Internet has many gifts to offer. Prevention.com (obviously), the ability to shop online for curtains at any hour, access to breaking medical news, and an endless supply of cat videos, just to name a few. But it also offers up some ridiculous myths--particularly in the realm of nutrition--that are more stubborn than an oil stain. But enough already. Here, 9 of the more dubious nutrition myths you'll find online--busted.

    PLUS: Check out these 25 Best Weight-Loss Tips Of All Time for painless ideas that actually work.

    Myth: Microwaves destroy essential nutrients in foods
    You've probably heard that microwaves rob food of its nutritional value, but that's just not true. Research reviews that compare microwaving food to traditional cooking methods reveal minimal differences. And, in some cases, microwaving may help retain more of specific nutrients, such as water-soluble nutrients that are generally lost when steaming.

    When food is heated--whether from an

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  • Time to own up to your addiction to glitter and glue.Time to own up to your addiction to glitter and glue.

    1. Your solution to every organizing problem is "Put it in a mason jar with spray-painted chevron detail. Obviously."

    2. In fact, that's your answer to a lot of questions: "How should I serve my famous summer sangria?" "Where should I place these fresh-cut flowers?" "Why can't I find the perfect-sized candle holder?"

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    3. Your dentist mentions that you need to floss more, and you scoff. You made, like, ten embroidery floss friendship bracelets for your Etsy shop just yesterday.

    4. You find yourself fishing perfectly reusable ribbons and bows out of the trash bin at your daughter's birthday party.

    5. You say "you know, they're doing great things with faux flowers these days" when your husband surprises you with roses.

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    6. Your emergency contact list includes your husband, your mother, and Michaels. Because there's a good chance they might find you there.

    7. Your friends only need to

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