• We have some great ideas to inspire you — everything from innovative salads to recipes by renowned chefs.We have some great ideas to inspire you — everything from innovative salads to recipes by renowned chefs.We've all heard it before - chicken is like a blank canvas, it's relatively cheap, and it's a great source of protein. You can do pretty much anything you want with chicken, whether you choose to fry, bake, roast, grill, or sauté it. And when the craving strikes, even though people say a lot of things taste like chicken, nothing will satisfy except for, well, chicken.

    But what are you going to do with it? If you've put chicken on your shopping list, but don't know what else to buy, then you've come to the right place. We have some great ideas to inspire you - everything from innovative salads to recipes by renowned chefs. Some of these recipes are meant to inspire, some are twists on familiar favorites, and others may be a bit of a surprise. Indeed, there's something for everyone here.

    So even though a great many things apparently taste like chicken, luckily, not all chicken tastes the same. Because there's more than one way to cook a chicken.


    This beautiful dish has

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  • It cannot be denied that peanut butter and chocolate are a match made in heaven! Even I, the one who hates peanuts and the smell of peanut butter, am totally over the moon for this magical flavor combination! This collection of peanut butter and chocolate recipes is to die for and will literally send you straight to heaven. These 7 recipes run the gamut of desserts, each incorporating peanut butter and chocolate in a unique and delicious way. - By Jane Maynard


    24 sinfully sweet dessert recipes in a jar

    Insanely fast desserts: 1-minute sundaes, 2-minute cakes, and more!

    10 tasty mug cakes you can make in under 10 minutes

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  • buttermilk strawberry pancakesbuttermilk strawberry pancakesMy son woke me up this morning asking for strawberry pancakes. Let me start by saying this is the FIRST time he has ever requested a pancake breakfast. His usual is hash browns and eggs, and every once in a while he'll have a side of bacon. Recently I bought him a book where a little boy asks his mom to make him pancakes; I think he is borrowing the pancake breakfast from his book. That he added strawberries to his request is fitting, since strawberries are his fruit of choice. These pancakes were made with my son in mind, but are fully adult-friendly as well. Enjoy!

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    Buttermilk Strawberry Pancakes

    1 1/2 - cups flour
    2 - teaspoons baking powder
    1/2 - teaspoon baking soda
    1/2 - teaspoon salt
    2 1/2 - tablespoons sugar
    2 - eggs
    1 1/2 - cups buttermilk
    1 - cup milk
    3 1/2 - tablespoons butter (melted and cooled)
    1/2 - teaspoon vanilla
    1o - fresh strawberries
    chocolate sauce

    1. In a bowl

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  • McDonald's is continuing its effort to make its menu healthier. McDonald's is continuing its effort to make its menu healthier. For as long as McDonald's has been offering Value Meals, the formula has remained basically unchanged: a sandwich, fries, and a drink. But all that's about to change: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the fast-food giant will begin offering salads, fruit, and vegetables as options as well as fries.

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    The move was announced on Thursday at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City, amid criticism that the chain promotes unhealthy eating habits. And now that we think of it, offering healthy options instead of fries makes perfect sense.

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    They'll also reportedly begin using Happy Meal packaging to promote healthy childhood eating, with "fun" nutrition-related information.

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    The chain has been working hard to compete with Panera Bread and other options that are perceived as a bit more classy and healthy, and not much more expensive.

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  • Use pastrami and cheddar cheese in these basic yet flavorful scones for brunch this weekend.If you've ever loved a pastrami on rye with cole slaw and pickles after a bowl of matzo ball soup and before a slice of chocolate babka, you've come to the right place. Food writer Michael Zusman and Nick Zukin, co-owner of Portland deli Kenny and Zuke's, teamed up to publish this collection of the classic homestyle Jewish deli food you crave. First up, pastrami and cheddar scones via Brooklyn's famed Montreal-style Mile End Deli.

    These amazingly moist and full-flavored scones come to us from Mile End Deli, where they use Montreal smoked meat instead of pastrami, relying on the recipe devised by Mile End co-founder (and resident sardonic wit) Noah Bernamoff. At Mile End, they are always looking for ways to use the non-sandwich-worthy shards of smoked meat that flake off during carving, according to Mile End's co-founder and Noah's wife Rae Bernamoff. One use is MIle End's version of poutine, the Canadian one-course-weight-gain plan made with French fries, cheese curds, gravy and bits of

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  • At the world's quirkiest restaurants, anything is possible. At the world's quirkiest restaurants, anything is possible. Ever wonder how the last meal on the Titanic tasted? Want nothing more than to chow down on a plate of hot wings while waiting for a load of whites to dry? Do you dare to dine suspended 150 feet up in the air?

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    Our list of the world's quirkiest restaurants explores the weirdest and wildest restaurants across the globe designed to indulge guests' wackiest whims.

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    For those unrelenting in their pursuit of a culinary adventure, these restaurants offer a delusion of delights that engage every sense and open the mouth and mind to imagination unrestricted by reality. From the fun, colorful fairylands of Disney princesses and Hello Kitty to the freakier fetishes of prisons, hospitals, and cannibalism, diners will embark on a gastronomic acid trip through the world's most idiosyncratic establishments where mundane meals are guaranteed to never be on the menu.

    Dodge flying chickens in

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  • Easy, speedy, and made in a single pot: That's what we call a dinner triple threat. One way to achieve the mealtime trifecta is to use a pressure cooker, which utilizes steam and a tightly sealed lid to create a high-pressure environment that accelerates the cooking process. It's like pressing fast-forward on your favorite dishes: Most can cook in a third of the time they would need in the oven or on the stove top. That means slow-cooked dishes, such as braised short ribs or pulled pork, are possible even on a weeknight. Unlike their vintage predecessors, modern pressure cookers are very safe, thanks to mechanisms that prevent the lid from opening until all of the pressure has been released. Lighter, quick-cooking foods, such as fish or delicate vegetables, can easily overcook, so save pressure cooking for heartier fare like large cuts of meat, sturdy root vegetables, and dried beans.

    How It Works

    When heated, some of the liquid turns into steam in the tightly sealed pressure

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  • These edible spiders are fried in oil and contain gooey insides with a crunchy exterior.These edible spiders are fried in oil and contain gooey insides with a crunchy exterior.In the field of adventurous eating, those seeking flavor-packed thrills are often ready and willing to sample the world's most exotic cultural delicacies and outrageous ingredients.

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    However, there are some foods out there that push those with even the most fearless palates to the outer limits of their culinary comfort zones. Considered delicacies in some parts of the world, these dishes prey on the phobias of the squeamish and even make some courageous eaters cringe.

    The Daily Meal's list of the world's most out-there foods, which includes insects, rotten fish, rodents, genitals, venom, placenta, and semen, will leave both apprehensive and audacious eaters alike chewing over the same question: you eat what?

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    "Some of the craziest food in the world is so arcane or so seldom seen that it's almost like a cult of people who have eaten them," said Andrew Zimmern, host of the Travel Channel

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  • Fruits and veggies are better for you than you thinkFruits and veggies are better for you than you thinkby Jenni Grover, MS RD LDN, Mother Nature Network

    Fiber helps feed beneficial gut bacteria. It speeds up digestion. It can change how other nutrients and chemicals are absorbed by the body. And some types of fiber absorb water in the digestive tract and help avoid constipation.

    In fact, eating enough fiber is absolutely crucial to maintaining a healthy digestive system. And maintaining a healthy digestive system is central to overall well-being.

    The average healthy male under the age of 50 is supposed to eat as much as 38 grams of fiber a day - the equivalent of 5 full portions of kidney beans - and for women, the figure is 25 grams.

    But there's more to think about than just how much fiber you are getting, namely how many different types. Because the term "dietary fiber" covers a wide range of different plant-based substances that your body needs to function healthily, I recommend to my clients that they eat a broad mix of different high fiber foods.

    Incorporating the following

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  • Michael BlannYou can be a whiz at sautéing or a master on the grill, but when it comes down to the aesthetics of your cooking - and, let's face it, we usually judge the book by its cover when it comes to our food - your skills will only be as good as your chef's knife. The chef's knife is used about 70 percent of the time, above all of other knives, according to chef Philip Burgess, lead culinary instructor at The International Culinary Center, and it is used to prep your ingredients in the chicest way possible. Quality, brand, and cost all factor into deciding which is the best chef's knife to buy, so it can get to be a pretty confusing process. With the help of chef Burgess and other culinary experts, we've outlined some guidelines that will help you become a pro with your chef's knife.

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    Stainless Above All Else

    Half the time, when people buy knives, they are often unaware that different types of blades are made from different materials and thus require

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