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Source: 9 Strategies For a Healthy Happy HourHappy hour is meant to be fun, but if you're watching your weight, those postwor…

  • Source: 9 Strategies For a Healthy Happy Hour

    Happy hour is meant to be fun, but if you're watching your weight, those postwork celebrations can make you feel more guilty than happy. If this sounds familiar, here are nine strategies so you can raise your glass and your spirits.

    • Know your calories: Come armed with info so you don't convince yourself that happy hour treats are really not that bad for your diet. Don't fool yourself - that chicken quesadilla is almost 1,500 calories! Find out the calorie count in other popular happy hour drinks and food here.
    • Strategize splurges: Gearing up for a fun evening? Make smarter decisions throughout the day - opting for the salad at lunch instead of Chinese takeout, for example - so your total calorie count for the day doesn't dip into dangerous territory.
    • Choose low-calorie liquor: Going for one of the many lower-calorie liquor options can often make the difference and help you save calories. Ask your bartender if they serve one
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  • Laura Doss/Fitness Magazine

    By the editors of FITNESS; drills created by Dave Kuehls

    Pushing the pace is not just for stopwatch nuts looking for faster times on race day. Speedier strides burn more calories per minute and boost your cardiovascular capacity, making everything you do -- from errands to exercise -- feel easier, says Dave Kuehls, author of How to Run a Personal Record. Follow his drills to stop huffing and start hauling.

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    Do speed work on a track -- the distances are measured out for you.
    How to do it: Run ladders: Try a 200-meter sprint, 400-meter fast, 600-meter moderate, 800-meter slow. Reverse order back to start.
    Why do it: Upping your tempo strengthens your legs and increases your lung capacity.

    Run at goal race pace for an entire workout.

    How to do it: Check your watch every 1/4 mile to make sure you're being consistent.
    Why do it: Practice helps your body memorize a desired speed.

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  • Bert Meadows/Fitness Magazine

    By Christie Griffin

    To get the best results from your workout -- and stay safe, too -- you can't keep ignoring the necessary upkeep and replacement of your most important items. "It's worth it, especially since most gear is fairly inexpensive and other gear may have useful upgrades," says Corey Twedt, NordicTrack Research and Development Manager. "You should always check your items for tears, cracks, or yellowing, and replace them so you can prevent injuries." Here's how to know when it's time to pony up the dough for a better performance.

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    Tanks, Pants, and Other Apparel
    When to replace them: Varies
    Must-know info: The lifespan of your apparel depends on each garment's type of material and the manufacturer's specific instructions (which can be found on the tag, the information/price tag, or inside a pocket). Fabric softener diminishes the breathability, water repellency, and wicking ability of performance fabrics -- so those items w

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  • By Life Love Shopping's Rachel K for GalTime.com

    Do you have the right shoes?

    Do you have the right shoes?

    Run Forest Run! As the movie character Forest Gump learned, the shoes can make a difference and propel you to run across the country and back. Whether you run marathons, triathlons, jog outside, or on the treadmill at the gym for 10 minutes, wearing the right shoes is crucial. It will protect your feet and prevent injuries.


    Depending on your foot type and running style some shoes may work better for you than someone else. Many specialty running stores will record you running and help you find the best shoes. But if you don't have access to that, podiatrist Kate Schimka, DPM, AACFAS, LUHS suggests the following tips when selecting a running shoe:

    • Shop later in the day. "Feet swell throughout the day, so they are larger in the evening."

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    • Bring or wear your old gym shoes. "The sales associate will look for excessive wear in different areas

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  • by Justin Gelband for Brides

    If you've ever caught a glimpse of the winged "angels" at the Victoria's Secret fashion show or peeked at the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated, you've seen the work of personal trainer Justin Gelband. Candice Swanepoel, Kate Upton, and Irina Shayk are just a few of the models he slims and trims with his signature mashup of mixed martial arts, boxing, yoga, and Pilates.

    "I've trained with Justin for so many years that he can get my body in shape in three to four days," says Swanepoel, a Victoria's Secret regular who also walked in the Michael Kors and Jason Wu fall 2012 shows. "He's really motivating."

    Brides are some of Gelband's favorite-and most motivated-clients. "I had one who lost like eight dress sizes for her wedding," he says. "I actually love doing that. It's fun." Fun? Well, yes-mixed with plenty of hard work. If you adopt Gelband's rules, which he has woven into the ModelFit classes he teaches in New York and L.A., you'll be in fighting form for your big day.

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