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    by Petra Guglielmetti

    When it comes to our beauty routines, we all do it-cut corners, skip steps, and multitask (but in a bad way). Say you stop shampooing for a few days, or finger-paint on lip gloss-is it any big deal?

    You're going to want to rethink a few of these habits, but as it turns out, sometimes doing "wrong" gives you a surprise beauty benefit.


    Health.com: 18 Fashion and Beauty Mistakes That Age You


    You Clean Your Makeup Brushes Once a Year (If That)

    The verdict: Uh-oh!

    "If you haven't cleaned your brushes in some time and are experiencing breakouts, this could be the culprit," says New York dermatologist Craig Austin, MD. "Makeup brushes are like sponges; they hold on to bacteria." They can even harbor mold.

    Wash sponges and "wet" brushes (for concealer or foundation) every three to four days, because they're more hospitable to bacteria. Dry powder brushes should be cleaned weekly.

    "If the bristles are dirty and sticky," notes New York-based celebrity makeup artist

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  • By Aly Walansky, Daily Makeover

    We know the rules: The ideal is to visit the salon for a trim every six weeks (or is it?). But whether it's an issue of budget or life getting in the way, sometimes six weeks becomes eight. Or longer. Here's how to go longer without visiting the salon (and hide the evidence when we really need to).

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    Create some texture. "Create casual texture on hair that's a bit longer and grown-out by using a styling and finishing spray, like American Crew Alternator ($15, birchbox.com). Spray liberally through slightly damp hair and use hands to push hair off the face for lasting versatility and a controlled messy finish for both men and women with any length of hair," says Paul Wilson, artistic director at American Crew and co-owner of Art + Science Salon in Chicago.

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    Updos are a great redo.
    Hair plagued by split ends and way too much over-grown shag? Consider a fun updo. "I like

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  • 10 Secrets for Youthful Skin

    Refinery29By Renee Rouleau, Refinery29

    When it comes to our faces, we don't rely on just anyone to tell us what our skin needs to get that ever-elusive glow. Instead, we turn to skin-care veteran (and celebrity fave!) Renée Rouleau, who knows it takes more than the right products to get radiant. Each week, she'll be serving up her expert tips to keep your complexion in tip-top shape.

    Fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots: There comes a time in everyone's life when we look in the mirror and realize the signs of aging are upon us. Whether we like it or not, there's no stopping the aging process and how it affects the skin. However, using products that utilize the best preventative aging ingredients can certainly help keep skin looking more youthful. A big part of my job as an esthetician and product developer is staying on top of ingredient trends and innovations. So, ahead, I've curated 10 ingredients that should be on your "must-use" list.

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  • Source: How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes With Household Ingredients

    We all know that it's bad for us to use dirty makeup brushes on our skin - come on, you wash your face twice a day, but how often do you actually give your tools the same kind of love? If you've been skipping because you're worried about hurting your brushes, we've got an easy DIY way to clean them all up safely. And don't forget to find the makeup brush that's right for you too!

    Olive oil
    Antibacterial soap

    Step 1:
    Mix two parts antibacterial dish soap to one part of the extra-virgin olive oil on a clean plate (don't use paper plate, as the oil will seep through).
    Step 2:
    Grab your first brush and wet it slightly with lukewarm water. Make sure the brush stays bristle-side down throughout the entire process. If water gets into the ferrule (the middle tube part that holds everything together) of the brush, it can loosen the glue, causing the bristles to fall out.
    Step 3:
    Dip the damp brush into

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  • by Phillip Picardi

    Jason Lloyd-EvansJason Lloyd-Evans
    True or false: We've tried just about anything and everything when it comes to acne. You name it: charcoal, sulfur, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, oil pulling, and the rest of them. We've even gone out on a more eco-friendly limb, testing things like tea tree oil, rosehip, fruit enzymes, white willow, and blue chamomile. But you know what's funny? It always comes back. No matter how gross our methods get.

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    But, it turns out there's one ingredient that we've overlooked in the quest for clear, perfect skin. And it's been right under our nose the whole time! Brace yourselves, Twilight fans...are you ready for this one?

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    Yup, it's garlic. Apparently one of the culinary world's most fragrant cooking ingredients is also a bona-fide pore cleanser! In fact, garlic's antispetic and anti-fungal properties have been used for centuries by Indian Ayurveda

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  • Learn the six health hazards that could turn your relaxing day at the nail salon into a trip to the podiatrist.It's been an unusually cold, unnaturally long winter-but on the flip side, we've been saving a fortune on pedicures. As swell as that's been, it's finally time to renew our relationship with the pumice stone. Strappy sandals, sporty slides and barefoot beach days all mean one thing: our toes will be on full display, and we don't want to be turning heads in the wrong direction, do we?


    When it comes to salon pedicures, there's so much that could go wrong, it can make for an experience that's more stressful than soothing. Questionable sanitary practices, improper nail shaping, and other risk factors have us ill-at-ease when it comes to professional pedis.

    If saving money and escaping bacterial and fungal infections are high on your to-do list, look no further than this this easy DIY pedi you can do in the relative safety of your own home. Soak your toes as you catch up on your favorite shows or whiz through a chapter of your current read without being subjected to whatever daytime TV or

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  • By Aly Walansky, Beauty High
    A girl with messy hairWe have all experienced breakage at one point or another, but there are definitely ways to avoid it and to minimize it as much as possible. "Breakage usually occurs from overly processed hair and from excessive coloring, and heat. I believe as long as you do everything in moderation, you and your hair will be just fine," says Drybar Founder, Alli Webb.

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    "The ultimate tip to avoiding breakage is to simply learn to accept your hair in its natural state. Changing your hair by constantly dyeing, curling, or straightening leads to damage," says Carlos Flores, creator of NYC Curls by Carlos Flores.

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    If you do have some breakage and are trying to repair your hair, here are some things you can and should be able to do to get your hair back in shape:

    1. Invest in a nourishing, reparative mask for your hair and apply 1-2 times per week.

    2. Only wash your hair two

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  • Only five steps to a sun-kissed glow.Now that you're thawed out from the cold winter, the warm spring sun is calling your name. Besides prettying up your toes for the new season, you might want to chill out under the sun's toasty rays so your bones can forget the chill from December and January. Also? You're craving that natural glow on your face that you get from basking in the sun.

    Alas, trying to obtain a genuine sun-kissed face by tanning has some big drawbacks. It could cause sun damage that makes your skin age faster and even worse, could cause skin cancer. Don't stress; just fake that glow. With a few simple products and strokes of a makeup brush, you can still give your face that healthy glow without intense sun exposure or spending money on spray tans, tanning beds or pricey tanning lotions.

    To fake a sun-kissed face, follow these steps:

    Start your look by applying a tinted moisturizer to your face. Tip: Find a tinted moisturizer that incorporates broad spectrum SPF. You'll be able to use one product to protect

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  • Mackenzie Wagoner

    Yesterday, Man Repeller's Leandra Medine penned a formal response to the comments she has received from readers and Instagram followers regarding her makeup routine-or, rather, her complete lack thereof. Medine is just one of a number of powerful women who go about their daily lives without foundation, concealer, or blush. Around the Vogue offices, too, legions of chic women, from Contributing Editor Camilla Nickerson to Fashion Director Tonne Goodman and Creative Digital Director Sally Singer regularly embrace supernaturally great skin-and little else-above the neck.

    SEE MORE: Dita Von Teese Reveals the Strategies Behind Her Morning Routine

    In Medine's case, the look is less of an act of mainstream defiance than one of self-confessed laziness, but no matter the motive, the fresh face is having a moment. If the recent fall 2014 collections are any indication, skin care may be the new makeup. See Pat McGrath's gleaming, dewy cheekbones at Victoria

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  • "I love how we, as women, are constantly trying new things in our beauty and fashion," says Kelly Rowland, the Fabulista behind Caress' Fresh Body Wash collection. While Kelly is one of the latest celebs rockin' the updated bob (an explosive beauty trend circulating Hollywood salons, for sure) her love and passion for fine bath fragrance in general is anything but newfound. We caught up with the celeb and talked satisfying scents, the key to relaxation, and even got the scoop on her current interest in acting. Check it out!

    Kelly Rowland

    OK! Magazine: You said that Juicy Escape was your favorite Caress Body Wash scent. Why do you love it so much?
    Kelly Rowland: I love Juicy. Although I love the notes even more in Emerald Rush. It [Juicy Escape] just gets me going, it wakes me up. I love that about it.

    OK!: Besides fragrance, what's another food smell you would want to wake up to?
    KR: Pancakes. When I can smell bacon cooking and pancakes, I am up. I swear. Right when the bacon hits the pan, I'm

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