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    If you've flipped through our August issue, you can't miss the 25 Ways to Wear Color story on page 106. It's just so...bright. Personally, I'm obsessed with this story (and not just because I wrote it). The makeup looks are daring yet beautiful, which is hard to do when working with nearly neon hues.

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    One thing you'll notice is that there is a lot of green going on-green shadow, green nail polish, and even turquoise-green mascara. Green, in all its verdant varieties, has been a huge trend both in fashion and beauty this season, and judging by the fall runways, most notably at Jason Wu, the quirky color isn't going anywhere soon. I'm not going to lie, the idea of green makeup freaked me out at first; unless you were talking about forest green eye liner, anything lighter or brighter just seemed scary. So that's actually why we decided to break down exactly how to make green work in our newest how-to video: Bea

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    Summer may be the most low-key time of the year, but that doesn't mean stress doesn't come to visit every now and again. For that reason, we're still on the lookout for ways to get a restful night's sleep. We recently spoke with Dr. Macrene Alexiades-Armenakas, a specialist in dermatology and laser surgery in New York City, who reinforced the importance of our professions: 'Beauty sleep' is a real thing and the products you wear to bed affect how well your skin repairs itself.

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    Take the time this summer to revamp your sleep schedule. A study published in the British Medical Journal demonstrated that people who had a full night of sleep (8 hours or more) versus sleep-deprived individuals (31 hours of wakefulness after a night of reduced sleep) were rated in blinded evaluations as healthier, more attractive and less tired. Simply put, sleep improves your overall appearance.

    "Growth hormones are released both at the beginning and the in late stag

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    When it comes to sunscreen, how much you use is just as important as when and what you apply. A swipe here and a dot there just won't cut it. "Most people only apply a percentage of the amount necessary, making an SPF 30 closer to an SPF 15," says New York dermatologist Dr. David Bank.

    One ounce of sunscreen-the equivalent of a full shot glass-slathered from head to toe is what you should aim for.

    So we tested the full one-ounce dose and calculated just how much needs to be applied (to each body part) to protect skin and beat the burn. Full disclosure: It was quite greasy. Allot considerable rubbing-in time.

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    A penny-sized dollop of broad-spectrum sunscreen is what is needed to shield your face from damage. Don't forget the hairline, hair part, the tops of your ears and even your eyelids-some of the most delicate and oft-forgotten areas, according to Bank.

    Neck and Décolletage

    A dose about the size of two almonds fully protect

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  • Lately, the letters E P Q T C V are looking a lot more like O H C R A P. Your peepers need some love - in the form of glasses. We consulted the experts at Fabulous Fanny's, an amazing vintage eye wear store in Manhattan, where - rumor has it - Lady Gaga sources her specs.

    Samuel from Fabulous Fanny's says there are four rules you want to follow when picking out the perfect frames for your face.

    Rule 1

    1) Match the edge of the frame to your hairline.

    Rule 2

    2) You want your eyebrows to sit above the top of the frames. You don't want to be able to see your eyebrow in the lens.

    Summer Accessories That Outshine the Sun

    Rule 3

    3) You want your eyes to be as close to the center of the lens as possible.

    Rule 4

    4) Make sure the frame doesn't rest on your cheeks.

    Beyond that, whatever you find that fits and feels good is fair game!

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  • Expired Makeup

    Expired Makeup

    Do a quick check of any woman's bathroom, and chances are you'll find jars of rarely used face cream, the dregs of a favorite powder blush, and at least one tube of lip gloss squeezed within an inch of its life. Whether unused, or consumed to the last drop, squeeze, or swipe, these cosmetics are taking up shelf (and makeup-bag) space because we want to get every penny out of the precious dollars we spent on them. But this hoarding habit has a catch: Beauty products do go bad. At best, they stop performing as well as they used to; at worst, they can cause irritations or infections.

    "Unopened, well-formulated cosmetics can remain stable for a couple of years at room temperature," says Ni'Kita Wilson, a cosmetic chemist at Cosmetech Laboratories in Fairfield, NJ. "But the clock starts once you bring a product home and open it. When air hits the formula, certain ingredients start to oxidize and degrade." What's more, every time you touch your makeup or skin-care lotions and potions, you

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