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You might remember Lauren Conrad from the MTV…

5 Essentials for Healthy Snacking

By Danielle SolariStock up on these healthy f…

  • Peter Ardito/Fitness Magazine

    By Danielle Solari

    Stock up on these healthy foods to make countless healthy, portable snacks that are delicious and good for you. Plus, these foods are proven disease fighters, energy boosters, and heart helpers so you can snack your way to better health.

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    Disease Fighters: Fruits and Veggies
    Munch on blueberries, apples, peppers, and spinach, which are linked to a reduced risk of heart disease and certain cancers.

    Plus, the potassium, magnesium, and calcium in most fresh produce may help lower blood pressure.

    Quick Tip: Buy extra cartons of your favorite seasonal berries, gently wash, and pat dry. Freeze in a zip-top plastic bag. Let the fruit defrost on your counter overnight, and mangia!

    Heart Helpers: Dark Chocolate

    Both regular and sugar-free dark chocolate decrease blood pressure in overweight adults, according to new research.

    Consuming just a small amount of flavanol-rich cocoa powder daily can increase blood flow to y

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  • You might remember Lauren Conrad from the MTV hit series "The Hills," or perhaps you recognize her face from the covers of fashion mags like "Elle," "Glamour," and "Cosmopolitan." At just 27, the L.A. resident has launched four successful fashion lines, as well as written several New York Timesbestsellers. As the current editor-in-chief of the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle site, Lauren cites Martha Stewart as a source of inspiration. "Not only do I share Martha's passion for crafting, cooking, and entertaining, but I also have drawn a lot of inspiration from her career as I work to develop my own lifestyle brand and website."

    Seashell Lights

    Who better to ask for outdoor party ideas than a California native? We've asked Lauren to round up her favorite alfresco entertaining ideas.

    When she entertains outdoors, Lauren likes to make sure that her lighting matches the mood of the event. "Twinkle lights are an easy way to add a summery, romantic feel to an o

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  • It often seems that anything cooked on the grill is instantly more delicious. This universal cooking technique also provides a way to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible, and -- let's face it -- to create a bit of a show out of your meal. Any way you look at it, grilling and summer go hand in hand, and we want to make sure this is your most successful season yet. Here, then, are 7 dishes that should be in every cook's summer repertoire.

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    Brought to you by the spirited home cooks' community at Food52.
    Grilled (or Broiled) Oysters with a Sriracha Lime Butter
    Grilled (or Broiled) Oysters with a Sriracha Lime ButterThe New Englandah BurgahSpicy ShrimpBruschetta with Ricotta, Honey and Lemon ZestIan Knauer's Sticky Balsamic Ribs

  • The season for shorter hemlines, glowing skin, and bright lipsticks is upon us. Be brave this summer and opt for a bold new hue!

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  • By Alyssa Goldman,

    Mosquitoes and fleas and wasps … oh my! Insects are a major drawback of the summer months but there are simple and cheap ways to repel bugs naturally. We've compiled a life of tips and DIY projects that can minimize the ick factor this season.

    DIY bug repellent. To cut costs, repel bugs naturally by making your own bug spray and lotion. Aside from the gratification of doing it yourself, you're sure to benefit from the chemical-free composition.

    Don't let the bugs bite you.

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    Ingredients needed for a bug-repellent lotion bar include coconut oil; shea, coconut, or mango butter; beeswax; dried rosemary leaves; dried whole cloves; dried or fresh thyme; cinnamon powder; dried catnip; and mint leaf. The instructions at Wellness Mama are a bit time-consuming, but don't let that deter you.

    An easier (but possibly less effective) way to keep the bugs away is DIY bug spray, with directions courtesy of the same site. Simply

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