• What to do about body odor and sweating? Get solutions from YOU: The Owner's Manual for Teens: A Guide to a Healthy Body and Happy Life, by Michael F. Roizen, M.D. and Mehmet C. Oz, M.D.

    If you smell funkier than a Black Eyed Peas track, there's probably a good explanation. But the actual composition of your sweat is based on your genes and the food you eat. For instance, garlic will pass quickly into your skin and share itself with others. Also, our major sweat glands, or eccrine glands, release a sterile solution that attracts smelly bacteria in some people. These secretions are stored in coiled circular glands that cover our entire skin surface. Washing frequently helps, but sometimes a quick course of topical antibiotics, from your doctor, followed by a probiotic is the best anti-odor solution.

    I sweat so much that I soak my shirt, and it's really embarrassing. What can I do?
    Hyperhidrosis, or excess sweating, is a common plight among teens and adults. It can happen in

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  • healthy campingConscious Camping

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    Summer is just around the corner, and what's more summer prep appropriate than camping? Whether you rough it, tent it, camper or RV it, you tend to not have all the comforts and accoutrement of home when you're sleeping under the stars. Because of that it is very easy to fall into a rut of convenience store food, cooler snacks and campfire munchies. This can lead to sleepless nights as well as fatigue. A bad combo if you will be hiking, boating or engaging in any physical activities that require you to be alert and on your toes. Below are some tips to green up, health up and make the most of your next venture into the wild!:

    • Eat your veggies: Fruit is fairly easy to come by, but getting your greens is near impossible. Try making a big batch of green juice before you leave and keeping it on ice during your trip. Juice spinach, kale, cucumber, celery, parsley, apple, lemon & ginger for a yummy yet healthy libation. If you will
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  • 20 tips for yard sale success

    by Sarah Welch and Alicia Rockmore

    A yard sale is a great way to get rid of things you don't need anymore, and make sure your old possessions fall into the hands of those who can reuse and better appreciate them. They take a lot of planning and work though, so here are 20 tips to help make the process a bit easier.

    Don't schedule your yard sale on holidays. It may seem like a good time for people to be out and about, passing by your sale, but they most likely have places to be and things to do already.

    Advertising is the key to any event being a success. If you put your yard sale's date, time, and location out there, you're going to bring in a much larger amount of people. Try listing the info online, in your local paper, and on posters throughout the area. A great website to create your own eye-catching sign: SassySigns.com

    Make sure you don't overlook the essentials. Start with a good amount of small change and bills. This is also a good time to get

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