• You get up early, double check, triple check that you have everything you need for your trip. You're feeling a little anxious because you're about to be on a plane in just a few hours. You check your belongings again and then you head out the door, hoping you didn't forget anything.

    On your way to the airport you hope for no traffic, good weather, and that your suitcase doesn't exceed the limit (we all know how fun it is to have to remove items from a carefully packed suitcase)!

    You get to the airport with a sigh of relief - get inside and you find that your flight was canceled. You now have to wait for 5 hours until your actual flight.

    Being the optimistic person that I am and so excited to be going to the beautiful city of Asheville, NC, I didn't let it bother me, figuring I really can't do much about it now.

    I started getting bored really fast. I decided it was time to make a plan. I asked myself, "When it's crazy at home, what do you wish you had time to do?" So

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  • By Patty Onderko, REDBOOK

    We can't help with baggage fees, zero leg room or the fact that you don't get served so much as a free peanut on flights these days, but follow this expert advice and at least you'll feel healthy when you land!

    1. Stay Limber: Sitting in one place-especially if it's wedged between two large men in coach-for hours can leave you stiff and sore. "When you get up to go to the bathroom, stand on your toes and go up and down, pumping your calves; then grab each foot behind your butt, bending your knee to stretch your thigh," Biali says. You'll head off muscle pain and help prevent blood clots by boosting circulation.

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    2. Unbloat Your Belly: The rise in air pressure during a flight can slow digestion, leaving you feeling...inflated. Counteract "airplane gas" with magnesium, says Ashley Koff, R.D., a Los Angeles dietician. "It's nature's muscle relaxant-it loosens muscles in the gut that control digestion and can ease

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  • Wyoming Dinosaur CenterWyoming Dinosaur CenterWhether your child is a budding paleontologist or you're just looking for an alternative to the beach, digging for dinosaur bones is an adventure the whole family is sure to, well, dig. Grab a shovel and some sunscreen and set your GPS for one of these sites.

    Wyoming Dinosaur Center

    Kids of all ages (and their parents) will find digs designed specifically for them at this Thermopolis, Wyoming, dino Mecca. Programs include day-long digs kids and parents can do together, kids-only digs for 8-12 year olds, drop-in "shovel ready" digs and a week-long Dinosaur Academy for teens.

    Paleo Park

    Located 150 miles from Rapid City, South Dakota, in the Black Hills of Wyoming, Paleo Park and its onsite lodge are a family-run operation lovingly managed by descendants of the adventurous homesteader who claimed the land in the 1800s. The first dinosaur found on the property was excavated in 1908, and the discoveries have continued ever since. Choose from 2-hour long, overnight, and

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  • Photo: Caroline KeyzorPhoto: Caroline Keyzor

    Things you love about traveling: delicious new foods, beautiful new landscapes, fascinating new cities and enchanting new people. The only problem: planning a trip overseas can be an overwhelming job, and it usually requires a good chunk of time off and an even larger chunk of cash. Solution: think about bringing a vacation to you, right here in New York City!

    Couchsurfers from all over the world make their way traveling by relying on the generosity of people just like you to host and show them around the secret nooks and crannies where you live. The bonus for you: playing host to visitors from foreign lands and meeting perspectives from another culture (or three!) might be just what you needed to make up for not having that new stamp in your passport.

    Some experiences waiting for you:

    Italian Feasts. Play host to a native Italian, and in thanks he might present you with a Sicilian feast! Try a real Italian meatball, and then do some comparison dining together on

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  • We're not going to sugarcoat it -- airports suck, and getting stuck at one sucks even more. But if your flight's delayed, here are a few fun ways to make the time fly.

    By Kristin Koch for TheNest.com

    1. Drink Away the Delay
    Okay, it's an obvious way to kill time, but it's also a great way to deal with all the stress caused by a delay. Hey, a couple of margaritas and some potato skins at the airport T.G.I. Friday's and, suddenly, missing your cousin's nuptials to sit in a Dallas airport might not seem so bad.

    Cheap trips for couples

    2. Have Some Fun
    Channel your inner teenage self and challenge your partner to a game of hangman or I Spy. Or blow off some steam by taking a luggage cart for a joyride. Take turns pushing each other and dodging other travelers. Heading off on a romantic getaway? Get in the mood with a little sexy game of "I Never," which works particularly well if you already have a drink in hand (see #1). Stuck solo? Whip out your phone or

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  • European Woes Equal Serious Travel Deals

    With crazy expensive airfares and an exchange rate that makes every American's bank account cringe, the past several years have meant that taking a European vacation has become a distant dream for most of us cost conscious travelers. And while traveling to Western Europe is never your cheapest vacation option, we have some Fab & Fru tips on how to find some truly unbelievable deals. It turns out you CAN turn your once unattainable dream into an affordable trip of a life time!

    Countries in Crisis Want You to Visit

    As Greece works hard to meet the necessary requirements to receive additional bail out money from the European Union this summer, the struggling economies of Spain, Portugal, Greece and Ireland are further adding to the European Debt Crisis as a whole. And while, this is not great news for the world economy, it does mean that you can find SIGNIFICANT savings when traveling to these countries in economic crisis. They

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    You may be a whiz at comparing travel rates online, but it turns out that good old conversation could save you a lot more. In a Consumer Reports poll of 1,000 people, 83 percent said they'd nabbed a better hotel rate simply by-shocker-asking. It's even more of a possibility now, given lower occupancy rates in hotels, reduced demand for rental cars, and the scramble to fill every last room for the holidays. So start talking and get what you want for less.

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    1. Keep Asking for Breaks: Before you leave for your trip, search online for current hotel and car rates. If they're lower than what you got, says Peter Frank, creator of the travel blog Let's Be Frank, "call and ask for that rate." At the hotel or car place, tell the clerk if you're on a trip for a special occasion, like a birthday or anniversary. Then ask, "Any chance of an upgrade?" For hotels, it helps to arrive later in the day. "Last year, our family got to a Vermont ski resort

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  • What a tourist thinks about a city and what the city's own residents think about it can often be quite different. A city's draw for outsiders can be a yawn - or even sore spot - for some locals (New Orleans' French Quarter, perhaps?) Then again, the part tourists inevitably hate - say, freeway traffic in Southern California - is something those who live with it just, sort of, live with.

    So keep that in mind when you read what Travel + Leisure readers have decided are this year's dirtiest cities, a place you and your kids may even call home. Also keep in mind that sometimes what readers think isn't dirty, might actually be very dirty. (Looking at you, Phoenix!)

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    Oh, PS: New York City and Los Angeles are on the list. But they're not at the top, so there.

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  • By Brandi Koskie - DietsInReview.com

    With the summer travel season fully underway, you might think that there's not much room in your suitcase for your healthy lifestyle alongside all the sunblock, portable DVD players, and camera gear. But guess again!

    You can easily fit a pair of running or gym shoes into all of the luggage your family is loading up for summer vacation, and even stuff an outfit for the gym in there too. Heck, it might even be some shorts and a tee you were already planning to take with you, killing two birds with one stone.

    The other daunting part of managing your fitness routine, or even penchant for healthy eating while away from home, is not knowing where to go or what to do. That's the confusion we want to clarify now. There are a lot of resources available to you on the road that are often free or incredibly affordable.

    Don't let your healthy habits take a vacation, instead, make sure one or some of the following find a spot on your itinerary.

    MapMyRun -

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  • Bedbugs are equal-opportunity pests: You're as likely to encounter them at a high-end hotel as at a budget dive. To avoid forming a lasting relationship with these unwanted critters, follow these precautions from Missy Henriksen, vice president of public affairs at the National Pest Management Association.

    1) Pestproof with plastic. When packing, pop clothes into giant sealable bags. There are also medium and large clear plastic suitcase covers for wary travelers who want to keep the bugs at bay.

    2) Do a spot check. Upon arrival, deposit your luggage in the shower, and do a visual sweep for the apple-seed-size bugs (and specks of blood) on the mattress and upholstered furniture.

    3) Safeguard your belongings. Even if your room is clean, keep your suitcase off the floor, preferably atop a hard luggage rack. Avoid draping your clothes over the furniture or placing them inside the dresser drawers.

    4) Wash everything on arrival As soon as you get home, launder all of your clothes--even

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