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    Gearing up for your summer vacation, but aren't sure which direction to go? When it comes to vacationing in the U.S., you've got 50 states full of unique travel destinations.

    So which city is the best travel destination?

    We've rated 25 cities for vacationing by examining what each has to offer: culture, food, travel expenses and more!

    Our criteria:

    • Lowest average price of gas in each city and the Read More »from 25 Best U.S. vacation cities on the cheap -- from AdminSecret.com

  • There you are, out on your latest adventure, and your stomach is growling. Do you reach for the cooler full of veggies in the backseat of the car, pull off at the next exit to eat at a roadside diner, or check in to a five-star hotel and doll up for a fine meal at a posh restaurant? Take a peek at how your astrological sign influences your eating habits when you're out exploring the world.

    Always on the go and ready to rush off to the next big thing, the Ram will most likely grab some fast food en route. When dining in a restaurant, try a variety of appetizers, which will suit your investigative nature.

    The Epicurean Bull will most likely be found savoring succulent three-course meals at posh five-star restaurants. Surely dessert will be one of the three courses -- or will it be the fourth? -- as you have quite a sweet tooth.

    The intellectual and airy Twins like to keep dinner light. While fast food will do, you're also willing to broaden your horizons by

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  • 10 Toddler Vacation Tips

    Ever come back from a family vacation and feel like you need a vacation? You're not alone. Traveling with an infant or toddler can feel like an endurance test rather than a relaxing interlude. The good news: traveling with toddlers doesn't have to be grueling when you incorporate these ten vacation sanity-savers.

    Check out kid services at other hotels. Just because you're staying in one hotel doesn't mean that you can't visit another - especially if the other hotel has kids' offerings. Do some Googling or talk to your travel agent to check out competing hotels' programs; for example, in Grand Cayman, we stayed at one resort, but headed to the Ritz-Carlton for their spectacular marine adventure program "Ambassadors of the Environment," designed by Jean-Michel Cousteau. Offerings were divided into little kids' and big kids' categories, and included night snorkeling, expeditions to a breeding ground for endangered blue iguanas, and underwater photography with digital photo editing Read More »from 10 Toddler Vacation Tips
  • We're facing the return of the sun, the end of school, the start of family vacations and, economy be damned, the perfect time for a little adventure. Here are 25 tips for making it less stressful, more efficient and therefore more relaxing for everyone! -Annie Bacon

    1. Check in the online yellow pages if there are any laundromats near your hotel, or call and ask the front desk before your trip. They're incredibly cheap when compared to what most hotels will charge you.

    2. Unless you're vacationing in the middle of the African jungle, there should be drugstores and grocery stores at your destination, so only pack enough diapers and baby food for 24 hours, and plan a bit of shopping on your first day. Things like sun block, baby shampoo and even sand toys can also be bought on arrival... and left behind on departure!

    3. Don't bring the baby monitor in hope of sneaking to the hotel's restaurant once the children are sleeping. You should never leave your child unattended, even

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  • Find out how to keep your family healthy while traveling with tips from an eco-dad and the author of Healthy Child Healthy World: Creating a Cleaner, Greener, Safer Home.

    By Christopher Gavigan

    Family trips can be a blast, but nothing ruins a vacation faster than a sick child. Whether you're visiting Mayan ruins or checking out Times Square, you've got to plan ahead-with some creativity!

    1. Keep Your Hands Clean
    Skip the antibacterial wipes! Instead, opt for good old-fashioned hand washing, a process that should last as long as it takes to sing the alphabet song. The overuse of antibacterial products may be weakening our immune systems and giving rise to supergerms and bacteria that are resistant to control. Conventional antibacterial wipes, gels, and soaps contain industrial chemicals and harmful pesticides, and they kill both good and bad bacteria. For added sanitation when traveling, try tea-tree oil, an excellent natural antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal

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  • Don't let the economic downturn take a toll on your travel plans. These simple globetrotter tips will save you some serious overseas money.

    iStockiStock1. Although everyone knows about discount search engines like Kayak, Cheapoair, and Hotels.com, few contact the airline or hotel for a competitive quote. Try calling them, announcing the Web-provider rate, and challenging them to match it. You could not only end up with a better bargain, but you'll cut out those pesky middleman charges.

    2. When searching for flights check all area airports. Smaller airports often have discounted fares - an easy trade for a cab ride or asking a friend for a ride across town. Also research shuttle-bus services and free parking to save money on your trip to the airport.

    3. Look in the last-minute-package section of travel search engines, whether you need a package or not, as they could cost less than the original airfare alone. These bargain trips could end up being the most cost-effective even if you don't plan on

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