• Source: 3 Ways to Prevent Jet Lag Before You Get on a Plane

    Nothing says Summer like a warm-weather vacation, but chances are if you've got epic travel plans in the near future, your trip with include a bit of dreaded jet lag. Flying through time zone after time zone can wreak havoc on your body, from feeling swollen and bloated to being irritated, foggy-headed, and sleep-deprived. But what you do before can help make sure you're ready as soon as you hit the tarmac.

    Drink water
    . Dehydration is a serious cause of jet lag. Make sure you spend the day drinking lots of water before you board the plane, and don't stop once you're there; stock up on those little bottles when the flight attendant passes through so you can regularly hydrate during your trip.

    Exercise. A good workout the day of your flight can get you prepared in many ways. You'll be releasing relaxing hormones to prepare you for any travel stress, as well as stretching out your muscles before you spend hours curled up in

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  • The summer travel season await, and that means time on the road for many Americans. Before you head out with your family in tow, you may want to consider these six tech products that can keep you safe and get you back on the road quickly if you have problems out on the highways.

    Eton Road Torq

    Getting a flat tire on a dark road with no flashlight is no one's idea of fun. The Eton Road Torq is a self-powered LED spotlight that provides plenty of light, without the need for batteries. The Road Torq is powered by a dynamo hand crank - two-minutes of cranking give you 15 minutes of power. The Road Torq also features a flashing emergency beacon to warn passing motorists.
    Price: $39.95

    Energizer All-in-One ChargerEnergizer All-in-One ChargerEnergizer All-in-One Charger
    The Energizer All-in-One Charger gives you a jumpstarter, air compressor and power inverter all in one compact package. And if you're not an auto repair expert, don't worry. Audio alarms warn you if you put the cables on backwards.
    Price: $137.99

    Slime Safety Spair tire repair and inflator kitSlime Safety Spair tire repair and inflator kitSlime Safety Spair
    Changing a

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  • By Jamie Wheeler, Intent.com

    Five Fun Flings for Kids:

    1. Backyard Campout

    Equipped with their imaginations and only a few inexpensive supplies, your kids (and perhaps a friend or two) can go on an adventure. Small tents are inexpensive (many under $50). A couple of flashlights, some comic books, board games, and snacks will make your little ones giggle and feel ever so adventurous!

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    2. Surprise Jar of Fun!

    With your children, come up with a variety of low-cost activities that they want to do this summer. Everyone, ideally, should agree that the choices are plausible and fun! Let each child, and adults, if you wish, take turns choosing a random slip. Here are a few ideas to add to your own:

    · Science Museum (most cities have wonderful, interactive, hands-on museums).

    · Spa Day! Backrubs, home manicures and pedicures, massages, comfy robes, scented candles.

    · Make-your-own pizzas and board games night

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  • By Jamie Wheeler, Intent.com

    Everyone looks forward to summer vacation. But we've all had vacation-related let-downs, whether it be mismanaging time or forgetting a crucial item at home, or feeling unprepared for a day's adventure. Reduce the chances of disappointment by following these tips:

    Book Flight and Hotel Together

    · Consider using one of the websites pictured above to book your flight and hotel together. Airlines and hotels have many deals together and you get great savings on both.

    Consider "All-Inclusive" Vacations

    · All-inclusive vacations are wonderful, especially if you are traveling with children. It's a good idea because as travel writer Anna LoBuono says, ""Kids like to try different things, but if you've shelled out $60 to rent snorkeling gear and they suddenly get cold feet, it's wasted money." Typically, all-inclusive packages include meals, snacks, activities and tips.

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    Pack Light,

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  • Summer is upon us, and vacations and family excursions abound with endless possibilities for adventure and relaxation. Being pregnant during some of these experiences can make them all the more memorable, but can also take a little bit of extra planning.

    Knowing what's safe and how to make the most of travel when you're carrying more than your luggage is important for the health of you and your baby as well as to ensure your maximum enjoyment. After all, there are few times in life when you deserve a little R&R any more than when you're pregnant.

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    Whether you're traveling by land, air, or sea, the Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy offers some tips for safe travel for expectant mothers. Here they share some for your summer fun purposes.

    General Travel Tips

    • Generally speaking, the best time to travel is during the second trimester, when you're likely to have less morning sickness and your body
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  • By Stephanie Betzler, GalTime Associate Producer

    Satisfy The Beach Lover & The Vacation Budget

    Nothing screams summer more than a relaxing day lying in the sand and swimming in the saltwater. Whether you're from California or Connecticut, chances are warm weather signals the start of yearly beach adventures. And it seems that this type of summer fun should be a total bargain, right?

    Quite the contrary, with sky-high fuel prices, just getting to those oceanside towns can set you back quite a lot. Add on top of that the cost of lodging, parking, and those always-expensive seaside eateries and you're talking about quite the pricey trip. However, with just a little research, it's definitely possible to plan a beach getaway (or two!) that won't completely bust your budget.

    So what are the best money-saving techniques? We've done a little bit of our own homework and also consulted Anne Banas of SmarterTravelMedia.com for some travel tips and advice on the beach destinations that

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  • Courtesy Ritz CarltonCourtesy Ritz CarltonYolanda Crous, BRIDES

    The myths and realities of all-inclusive honeymoon packages.

    Myth: You'll stay at the resort the whole time.
    Reality: One of the beauties of this kind of honeymoon is that you have access to everything you need without setting foot off-property. That said, most resorts have concierge desks to help you plan excursions, such as horseback rides and rain-forest hikes. Many provide free shuttles to shopping areas. For an extra fee, your hotel can hire a private guide to take you around the isle.

    Myth: It's all about the buffets.
    Yes, if you're checking in to one of the big chains, you'll find at least one buffet-style restaurant. But you don't have to get in line at every meal: Most all-inclusives offer a bounty of culinary offerings that range from room service to beachside grills to Japanese teppanyaki bars to more formal restaurants that serve Continental cuisine. Exactly how many dining options will you find? So many that at most places you could pick a

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  • You want the best for your family, and that includes great schools, affordable homes, low crime rates, plenty of jobs, and lots of parkland. So we crunched more than 8,000 bits of data in 84 categories to determine this year's top places to raise kids. Plus, see the complete list of Best Cities!

    © Capital Reigon USA© Capital Reigon USA1. Washington, DC

    The history, the government, the breathtaking architecture and inspiring monuments-you don't have to be a child to get an amazing education in this city. Our nation's capital is also known for its plenitude of museums-in fact, there are 44, second only to the Big Apple! If your kid enjoys visiting the National Air and Space Museum, imagine fostering his love of airplanes with trips to nearby Gravelly Point Park for front-seat views of the takeoffs and landings at Reagan National Airport. The Capital Crescent Trail, a hard-surface trail from Georgetown to Bethesda, MD, developed on an abandoned rail bed, is a great bike trip that is off the beaten track.


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  • Eating On the Go for Less

    Both Brandi and I have been traveling up a storm lately - and, honestly, my biggest complaint about flying has nothing to do with baggage fees or surly airline employees. Each time I travel I spend a mint on crappy "food", and I leave the airport wondering where all my cash went as I search for cab fare with my bloated fingers.

    Snacking Advice from a Professional

    Like so many things in life, a little prep work can go a long way. So, before Brandi and I both get on our next flight later this week, we consulted with personal trainer & health coach Christine Boutross. Christine gave us some Fab & Fru tips for snacking on the go - whether you're prepping for a crazy day of errands or traveling across the country...

    Mind Your QTQs!

    Christine has developed an easy way to remind ourselves of how to eat well on the go - she calls it the "QTQs" - which stands for stands for Quality, Timing and Quantity.

    Quality: Aim to have the least

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  • by Olivia Putnal

    As soon as the kids start their summer break, many families pack up and go on vacation. But while road trips can be a lot less taxing (and more affordable) than flying, you'll need plenty of distractions to avoid hearing "Are we there yet?" every five minutes. Nowadays, with smartphones and iPod Touches, it's easy to let technology take over in the back seat. So before you hit the road, check out WD's favorite kid-friendly apps, the perfect distractions for long hours spent in the car.

    123 Color: Talking Coloring Book

    If your toddler's car stash has deteriorated to melted crayons and filled-up coloring books, try this educational "coloring book" instead. The 123 Color: Talking Coloring Book app teaches number, letter and color recognition using art, music, animation, sound effects and voices. There's even a finger painting program called "Perfect Paint" that won't allow kids to color outside the lines. 99¢; available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. For

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