• The 10 Sexiest Resorts for Your Honeymoon

    BRIDES magazine scanned the planet and hand-picked the 10 steamiest, most seductive resorts.

    1. Las Ventanas al Paraiso-Los Cabos, Mexico
    It's hard to decide what's hotter: the sun or the star wattage from Jennifer Aniston and the other Tinseltowners who flock here. Soak it in on a poolside daybed while a butler delivers sorbets and top-shelf 'ritas. Doubles from $625 (low season) and $815 (high season).

    2. Hermitage Bay-Antigua
    Most of the 25 cottages have plunge pools, and all have wraparound balconies with ocean views. (Feel free to let it all hang out: The cottages are draped in vines and outfitted with shades.) When the sand beckons, attendants will set you up with teak lounge chairs. All-inclusive doubles from $1,000 (low season) and $2,000 (high season).

    3. Jade Mountain-St. Lucia
    At this playful, high-design hotel, futuristic bridges lead to palatial hilltop suites with infinity pools that run the length of the room. Showers feature six rain heads, the whirlpool has

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  • By Susan Krivelow, GALTime.com Staff

    Whether I'm traveling for one day or 10, I seem to pack my suitcase to the near zipper-ripping point! I have to fight with myself not to pack my entire closet. What if I need that sweater? What if I pack for spring and we get a freak snowstorm? What if I take a skirt and everyone else is wearing pants? Better to be safe than sorry.... well, not in this day and age when the airlines charge you a bundle for your bundles! They're even cracking down on carry-ons. On a recent trip, I had to put my carry-on in a measuring module to make sure it wasn't over the limit. Luckily, I made it fit by giving it a little (okay a pretty big) shove.


    So, what's the secret to making sure you have what you need and only what you need? I asked Stylist Leigh Heffron who admits she used to be a COP, as well. She's not talking fashion police, here. She's talking:


    But she broke the cycle and so can you. The secret: NEUTRALS that

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  • Traveling isn't always a walk in the park. Between planning, packing, going, flying, seeing, doing, packing, leaving... phewf, it isn't always easy! Making sure you feel good, have a good time and get enough sleep are all important factors in happy travels.

    So, you made it to the plane. Here's some tips to stay feeling beautiful and fresh through the flight:

    1. Drink lots of water. A no-brainer that many of us aren't doing enough of, in the air or on the ground. Drinking lots of water ensures that you are adequately hydrated for more energy and more radiant skin.

    2. Keep your fashion sleek and simple. Don't wear anything too tight or constrictive. Wear comfortable shoes. And don't wear too much clothes, either. Juggling your scarf, hat, oversized earrings, sunglasses, jacket, iPod--in addition to your purse and carry-on luggage--will not make you look hot, just confused.

    3. Go easy on the eye make-up. Or better yet, don't wear any at all before you board the plane. Save

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  • Show of hands: Who wants to feel like a calmer, saner, totally blissed-out human being? Cool. Us, too. That's why we're taking plenty of personal days in the park this spring. Just sitting in a patch of green has the power to transform a person. So come along as we show you new ways to soak up all that your local parks have to offer.

    1. SOLO
    Go on a Nature Walk You'd be surprised how much beauty you miss when you're cutting through the grass on autopilot. Check in with your parks department's Web site, or go to enature.com or guidedbirdwatching.com to read up on the flora and fauna native to your area. Jot down a few trees or birds to look out for, and pack binoculars and a camera.
    Go the Extra Mile Swap iPods with a friend and set to shuffle so you can admire the view with an unfamiliar soundtrack.

    Play Ball Get your pup into the competitive spirit by having him run bases in a group baseball game, suggests Mychelle Blake of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. After

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  • We countdown the best places from coast to coast to reingite the spark between you and your man. Want to make the trip even hotter? Here's how to increase the intimacy in your lust life.

    #7 The Golden Gate Bridge

    One of the best places in the U.S. to smooch, the Golden Gate Bridge provides a breathtaking view of the San Francisco Bay. It's the perfect spot to drive him crazy with these kissing tricks. In certain weather conditions, passionate pedestrians might get caught in a thick fog. After your walk, head over to the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate State Park to satisfy your floral fixation with 2,000 different plant species.

    #6 The Grand Canyon

    Those who like rugged romance head to the Old West to hike or horseback ride in America's largest canyon. The truly adventurous can camp under the stars or stay in a tepee lit only by a lantern (outdoor nooky, anyone?). Cap off your visit with a hot-air balloon ride, allowing you to really take in the colors and

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  • Traveling with liquids can be messy. It's an extra hassle when you're going through airport security, and it's a recipe for disaster when a bottle of shampoo opens in your gym bag. Lucky for us, humangear is on the case.

    Chris Miksovsky, humangearChris Miksovsky, humangearProduct designer Chris Miksovsky founded humangear with a goal of creating responsible products that make life better.GoToob 2 and 3 ounce containers for travel GoToob 2 and 3 ounce containers for travel When he gave conventional travel-sized bottles a makeover, he focused on usability and smarts. The result is GoToob. It's made from silicone, which makes it easy to squeeze out every last drop of your toiletries. One really clever feature is a window in the tube's collar that you can rotate to identify what's inside - such as shampoo, conditioner, soap or lotion. And there's a suction cup on the 2 oz size GoToob so you can temporarily attach it to a shower stall, for instance, if you need hands-free dispensing.

    GoToobs are approved for airplane carry-ons, safe for food, and BPA-free. Besides being functional, GoToobs look chic with

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  • Escaping your daily routine, chasing down exciting adventures, exploring foreign cultures -- that's what travel is all about. Every astrological sign has a unique way of getting away. An Aries, for example, jet-sets with the best of them, and Virgo can pack a bag with more grace and efficiency than any other sign. Discover your own sign's approach to travel.

    Aries is the pioneer of the zodiac, and this is certainly true where travel is concerned. Always on the go and seeking action, the Ram is a moving target. Those born under the first sign of the zodiac want to learn a little about a lot -- knowing who built those pyramids in Giza and when it happened is useful information, but the reasons for their existence can be saved for someone else. Aries is happy to travel alone, in which case they'll seek out some company along the way, even if only for a meal or a night. The stimulation of new people and new places is what the Ram craves when traveling -- and the more active the

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  • Sure, you hit it off with his parents and bonded with his buddies. But a less conspicuous milestone awaits you: your first vacation together. You're thinking about moonlit beach walks; he's thinking about whether he can handle the round-the-clock togetherness. Although we'd never let on, men are always searching for signs of whether we'll click with a girl long-term or clash and burn, and traveling provides the perfect opportunity to collect that crucial info. Here are four ways to guarantee smooth sailing ... and a return trip. Plus: Find out the most romantic places in the country to kiss

    1) Pack Lightly

    Men don't want to date women with baggage ... especially when we have to lug it. As much as we love to flex our muscles (real or imagined), we don't want to risk a back injury because you insist on bringing 10-pound dumbbells for your daily toning session. Besides, when you pack six bags for a four-day trip, we wonder if every outing will be a major undertaking. Learn how

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  • By Brandi Koskie and Mathue Johnson - DietsInReview.com

    If you find yourself traveling this spring or summer, whether for business or pleasure, take in the sights by foot. Just because you're traveling doesn't mean you have to leave your fitness regimen at home. Swap a pair of heels for a pair of sneakers in your bag and you're set!

    Going for a walk, jog or run while you're visiting a new place is a great way to see parts of the city you would have otherwise missed. This is especially true for those in-and-out business travelers; wake a little earlier and get in a run before the big meeting and you'll be able to report back that you saw this park or that building, instead of just the inside of the airport and your hotel room. Not only that, you'll awaken your metabolism and be more alert.

    For vacationers, taking this daily jaunt is a great way to burn a few extra calories that inevitably get consumed while traveling. New restaurants, indulgent desserts and plenty of lounging at the

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  • Photo by: Jonas Fredwall KarlssonPhoto by: Jonas Fredwall KarlssonIn the upcoming issue of Condé Nast Traveler, Michelle Obama opens up about what it's like to live and raise a family in D.C., her family's new-ish hometown. "Washington is a place to be immensely proud of," she tells the mag, "I want to use my role as First Lady to highlight this city." Ever the enthusiast, Obama shares her daughters' most-loved DC spots (including The Newseum and the Freshfarm Market), her favorite burger joint (Good Stuff Eatery-they've even named a healthy turkey burger after her, "The Michelle Melt") and the places where she most enjoys a romantic date night away from the kids (Restaurant Nora, Blue Duck Tavern).

    She also talks about the importance of teaching her girls about American history:
    "I felt that my kids learned so much more about the history in Europe than they did here. And I thought, 'Well the only way we're going to do that is to show them, right?" And you can't read about it, you have to go see it. So this summer, I really felt like, instead of

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