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    Go ahead and fess up if your eating habits cash in vacation time right along with you when you head out of town, and upon returning home you find yourself feeling heavy, sick, and maybe even a little depressed. Think about it for a second. It sounds totally absurd to throw all your handwork out the window just because you're not at home. Vacations are supposed to be relaxing and rejuvenating. If you come home feeling guilty and stressed, then the vacation didn't do its job, which means you didn't either. But don't fret, we've got some tips that will help you avoid a nutrition vacation and have you return home feeling happy and healthy and ready to just continue making smart choices!

    Embrace Portion Control
    ! With portion size in mind, you can truly have whatever you want. Just not too much. By making fresh fruits and vegetables the priority on your plate, you'll fill up on nutrients and fiber but not on calories and fat. So it's OK to

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  • Mary Jane BagsMary Jane Bags
    1. Oil Cloth Passport Holder [$15.50, Mary Jane Bags]

    Passport cases are one of those accessories you don't really need, but with there are so many cute options available, they're pretty hard to resist! Plus, my passport is like a scrapbook of 10 years of travel, with stamps and visas commemorating countries I've visited, so I like to keep it looking good. Keep reading for 12 passport cases that would make a perfect gift for someone with a case of wanderlust-especially if you put a plane ticket inside.

    2. Dear Sukie Fresco Passport Case [$14, Etsy]


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    3. Gracie Designs Big Yellow Blooms Passport Cover [$10, Etsy]


    4. Pan Am Passport Cover [$18, Buy.com]

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    5. WCreative Anchors Away Passport Cover [$10, Etsy]


    Austin House Suede Passport Cover With Embossed Airplane [$5.95, BeltOutlet.com]


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  • It's beach travel season, when freezing cold east coast residents like ourselves take off in search of warmer climates, or at least dream about it. Here are 10 of the most beautiful beach destinations we can recommend, and the perfect swimsuits to match.

    1. When we get jealous of all the celebs we're seeing parade around L.A. without coats on, we daydream of kicking it poolside at the Ritz [above] in the cutest Old Hollywood-style domino-print bikini ever. [Stacked Odds Bikini, $136, Anthropologie.com]

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    Get nautical on the baby blue shores of Eleuthera in the Bahamas. [French Sailor Halter Tank, $82, JCrew.com] J.CrewJ.Crew

    3. The Yucatan in Mexico is all about understated elegance and filled with simple eco-friendly beach huts, like at one of our favorite spots, Tita Tulum. [Freya Swim Eclipse, $71, Figleaves.com]


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  • We're poised to do a fair bit of traveling over the next few months to keep up with a jet-setting significant other, so www.3floz.com has become one of our favorite Web destinations of late. (Don't worry, our laptop will be clearing security with us, so Beauty Counter will be going global.) To keep us properly addicted to its revolving cast of miniature, TSA-approved beauty essentials from brands like Jonathan Product, Pangea Organics, and Dr. Hauschka, site creators Kate Duff and Alexi Mintz have recently added customized kits to their offerings. The six collections include standouts like the Urban Traveler, a set of face towelettes, sanitizers, a mini body lotion, and a lip balm; the Gym Kit, which boasts a dry shampoo, a refreshing mint-scented body wash, and an herbal deodorant; and Duff's own picks like Philip B Avocado & Peppermint Shampoo and Lightweight Conditioner, Ole Henriksen's Walnut Scrub (exfoliating is a must to boost skin cell renewal while you're on the move), and

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  • When it comes to environmental action, the mantra "Think Globally, Act Locally" is a good one to live by. But what about when we travel? According to Jeff Yeager, the Green Cheapskate, the travel mantra is a simple reversal: "Think Locally, Travel Globally."


    You'll usually find the most eco-friendly and genuine travel experiences when you spend less - not more - and get local, no matter where in the world you're wandering. It's all about traveling independently (not in a tour group or packaged tour) and drilling down to the local level, getting a true sense of place by experiencing it as if you live there. Here's how:

    For even more of an experience, try a volunteer vacation.

    Guidebooks kill: Consult a good, locally researched guidebook like those in the Lonely Planet series for basic background and logistical info before you travel, but don't use it to plan your every move, like where you'll stay, eat and hang out. By the time a guidebook

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  • Summer vacation is just around the corner, and just because times have been tough doesn't mean you have to deprive yourself and your family of a fun vacation. With a little planning you can enjoy a great getaway without forfeiting the college savings fund.

    Time it right
    Try surfing the Web for wallet-friendly airfares Mondays (after 3 p.m. ET) through Wednesday nights, says Rick Seaney, CEO of farecompare.com. That's the window airlines have been using lately to clear out their extra seats. They usually post fare increases on Thursdays, which competitors match on Fridays through Sundays, so even though the weekend is your most convenient time to hunt for bargains, it's when you'll find the fewest.

    Find the best destination for a family vacation

    Find secret sales
    Try the airline equivalent of a private sale by signing up with airfarewatchdog.com. It can help you find the best-kept secrets in air travel: "promo code fares," offered by individual airlines for select dates and routes.

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  • If you are like most people, you look like complete crap when you step off the plane after a 6-hour plane ride: unkempt hair, baggy eyes, dull skin and an irritated scowl from having to eat some overpriced bag of peanuts.

    And then there are the anomalies who look like they've just woken up from a rejuvenating beauty nap and are ready to hail a taxi to their next modeling shoot.

    Okay... so maybe they flew first-class and their flight package came with an in-flight spa session. And they're, uh, international models. But post-plane beauty doesn't have to be impossible for the rest of us normal-looking folk who fly economy.

    1. Drink lots of water. A no-brainer that many of us aren't doing enough of, in the air or on the ground. Drinking lots of water ensures that you are adequately hydrated for more energy and more radiant skin.

    2. Keep your fashion sleek and simple. Don't wear anything too tight or constrictive. Wear comfortable shoes. And don't wear too much clothes,

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  • Longing for a getaway but just can't rationalize the cost this year? You're not alone - when money is tight, vacations are often one of the first things we push off until next year. But just about anyone can look forward to an escape this year if you take our advice and try a volunteer vacation.

    Volunteer vacations provide you with once-in-a-lifetime experiences and the relaxation and rejuvenation you crave, at little or no cost. Ok, so you do have to work a little - but teaching your family about the value of giving back and spending quality time together is something you just can't put a price on.

    Check out these five great vacation options below and also find 11 amazing volunteer destinations - including deep sea diving and European trips - here.

    Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation
    Cost: FREE!
    Meals and lodging: Meals included; volunteers bring their own gear.
    Explore the wilderness of Montana while helping to preserve and maintain the trails of the Bob Marshall

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  • 5 Hidden Vacation Costs

    Travel is expensive enough these days, well before you add in those last-minute expenses. Just look at the airport: checked-baggage fees, pay-per-view in-flight movies, and pricey airline snacks are just a few of the extras that add up. Before you know it, your vacation just got a bit less relaxing. When planning your next getaway, watch for these common but tricky charges.

    Baggage Holding Not long ago, if you arrived at your hotel before check-in or wanted to extend your vacation past checkout most hotels held your bags as a courtesy. Those days are over. Hotels are cashing in on the luggage you leave behind for a few extra hours. Expect to shell out as much as $5 per bag to get the hotel to hold it for you.
    Check Out 10 Tips for Packing Light

    Beach Passes Choosing a cheaper hotel off the beach may not be as penny-wise as you'd think. Private beaches often charge for entry, and non-guests can also incur hefty fees just to use another hotel's pool. Find out if the beaches near your

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  • From FitPregnancy.com's Ask The Labor Nurse:

    I am pretty annoyed about this article on CNN about babies and children on airplanes. They cry, misbehave, kick seats, poop their pants and generally act like babies. Some people are upset enough by this, they' re suggesting babies and small children be banned from air travel. Why? Because they bother them.

    My response: Oh grow up, people. Who among us hasn't done something on a plane that hasn't bothered someone else? There are those with bad breath, the non-stop talkers, the armrest hoggers, stinkers, cussers, creeps, and more than a few drunks. There are those who do airplane therapy, dumping their entire life story on you when all you said was a polite, "howya doin?" There are those who are so afraid to cry they break into a sweat and hyperventilate. There was that one guy whose thighs overflowed onto my lap and that other guy who watched porn videos on his IPod throughout the whole flight. Once, a lady scolded me for my

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