• With Valentine's Day fast approaching, I just realized my lingerie drawer is long, long overdue for a makeover. The usual nude bras and everyday undies abound, but there's almost nothing in the way of sexy pieces that actually flatter. So I looked around for some intimates that are very Valentine's Day-in a good way.

    Start off with something intended specifically for V-Day (and don't spend too much on it) with these Bow-Back Cheeky Panties ($16) from Victoria's Secret.

    An all-out heart-covered bra ($30) that you can wear under sweaters year-round is a good compromise between Valentine's Day frivolity and practical lingerie spending.

    For a sexy lingerie set you can wear every day, too, keep it simple, sexy, and still practical with designer lingerie by Elle Macpherson ($94 for the set). You'll wear the bra and panty separates under everything.

    Too self-conscious to show it all off? This VS Silk Ruffle-Trim Babydoll ($42) is cute and flirty, but relatively covered-up.

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  • The annual February 14 celebration of love comes with hopes for new romance, expectations for relationship advancements, and the possibility of totally humiliating yourself, your significant other, or both because of a gift exchange gone wrong. This year, steer clear of blushing blunders by minding these simple gift-giving guidelines.


    1. Beware of "we" gifts.

    (Premade Date Night Scrapbook Page Layout, $14.95, Etsy)
    (Heart-Shaped Fondue for Two, $13.95, Wrapables)

    Sometimes gifts that require the giver's contribution or participation is really more of a treat to the person who gave it than the one who received it. If he's not into cooking, he's probably not going to go gaga over an apron and recipe book. Similarly, just because she happily attends Nascar events with you doesn't mean she wouldn't prefer a day of pampering as a gift. If you know he or she will adore gifts to be enjoyed by two, by all means, go for it. But if not, keep the lines drawn clearly in the

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  • Rather than shell out for little token presents (who really needs more bath products, anyway?), give each other the best gift of all: a slightly cheesy but totally sweet message from the heart. We asked three love-letter experts to share their secrets on what works best.

    Sit down and write a list of what you love most about your mate. Make sure the descriptions are really specific to him (the way his eyes crinkle when he laughs), not a list of criteria you might read off a résumé. Also, jot down a couple of memories from the past year. Next year do the same. These are now historic documents!
    -Diana Kirschner, relationship expert

    Write from the heart. Using your notes, make an outline. Once you have your thoughts organized, go for it. Write like you speak, instead of trying to impress your partner with flowery, thesaurus-style language. That way, your love letter will read as if it's really coming from you.
    -Angela Ensminger, Hallmark Cards editorial director

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  • I like getting Valentine's Day gifts as much as the next girl, but I can't help but nitpick when I get a rose bouquet from the gas station. This year, instead of being passive (or worse, passive-aggressive), I'm forwarding this convenient list on to my significant other -- I won't be disappointed, and he'll be happy that the pressure's off.

    Flowers are beautiful, but they die within a week. This Juicy Couture Pave Flower Adjustable Ring ($86) is something you can enjoy again and again for a year or more.

    Lingerie is generally great, but we want something sexy that we can also wear after V-Day, like this Kimono Wrap Robe & Babydoll Chemise Set ($25) -- cute, but still comfortable enough to wear around the house.

    Fattening treats generally make us feel guilty. A calorie-free alternative: Philosophy's Fudge Cake 3-in-1 Shower Gel ($16), smells absolutely divine, and makes us look forward to showering. Pair it with one or two pieces of really nice chocolate

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  • The table is set, the lights are low, and your date is ready for a perfectly romantic Valentine's Day dinner. Here are some tips to keep the romance from coming to a screeching halt.

    1. Clear the Air. That pesto bruschetta appetizer on the menu might look tempting, but don't forget the number one date rule: bad breath is a mood killer. Skip any dishes loaded with garlic, leeks, or onions and you've already saved yourself the trouble of conspicuously downing breath mints all evening.

    2. No Bones. Tread carefully with bone-in meats or fish. On a long-ago Valentine's Day best forgotten, I spent most of my evening trying to casually pick around pesky pin bones from my trout en papillote and yes, nearly choking on a toothpick-sized bone is both scary and unromantic. As for meat, it's a toss up. Some people might be turned on watching their date suck meat off of a bone. Some might not--know your audience.

    3. Don't Go Green. We're all for a healthy daily serving of green salad, but all it

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  • Suggest one of these dates and we promise he won't say, "Nah, I'd rather just take a long walk on the beach and talk about my feelings."

    1) The Date: Score Tickets to See a Basketball Game

    Why He'll Love It: Whether it's a pro team or his high school alma mater, watching a fast-paced game of hoops will get his adrenaline pumping. Find out about more sporty dates so you can flirt and burn calories at the same time!

    What to Wear: Leave the jerseys for the players to wear and sport a sexier outfit in the team's colors.

    2) The Date: Head to a Shooting Range

    Why He'll Love It: Even though he's just shooting a paper target, your guy will be totally turned on by the feeling that he could, in theory, kill and cook his own dinner. Here's why this hand-on date will make him fall for you.

    What to Wear: Pair a chic flannel shirt with your boots and jeans, but leave a few of the top buttons undone to keep him from spending too much time staring at the bull's-eye.


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  • This year, your a capella version of "Bowm Chika Bowm Bowm" may not cut it. In that case, try these eight songs to help convey your affection for your valentine.

    1. Sarah Vaughan/ IT'S CRAZY

    Like love, Grammy Hall of Famer Sarah Vaughan's voice fluctuates in range but remains sublime. In this 1954 swinging number about amorousness unhinged, her engaging vocals are matched only by Clifford Brown's nimble trumpeting.


    Depart with your lover on this psychedelic, soulful-funk flight of passion and wallow together in its airy melodies.

    3. Chris Knox/ NOT GIVEN LIGHTLY

    In this New Zealander's ode to devotion, pleasant strumming overlays subtle distortion-a fitting backdrop for lyrics about unfaltering allegiance undeterred by occasional gritty moments.

    4. The Mojo Men/ SIT DOWN, I THINK I LOVE YOU

    It's not always easy to notify someone that you are utterly enamored with her or him. This pretty, folky,

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  • Feeling the pinch this Valentine's Day does not mean you have to literally tighten your belt. You and your sweetheart can still enjoy a few luxuries-like caviar, truffles, pâté, and bubbly-without breaking the bank. In our guide, sustainable American caviar substitutes for the pricey imported variety, versatile truffle oil takes the place of scarce shavings, and DIY chicken liver pâté fills in for foie gras. And whether you decide to splurge or save, each item comes with some tips to make sure you get your money's worth.


    Splurge: Imported Caviar (around $150 per ounce)
    Steal: American Caviar (around $20 per ounce)

    Caviars from the Caspian and Black seas are considered the finest in the world, but environmental concerns have severely limited their availability in the United States. As a result, imported caviar is either illegal or astronomically expensive. Even if you can splurge on the fancy stuff, there are still sustainability concerns: Some sturgeon populations that produce

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  • In case you need a reminder, here are several reasons why being unattached totally rocks.

    1. When it comes to movies such as Scarface, Star Wars, and Band of Brothers, ignorance really is bliss.

    2. Power anthems like Beyoncé's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)" are more fun when you really mean the lyrics.

    3. It's totally fine to give the cute bartender/waiter/barista a napkin with your phone number and the message "call me!" Consider these flirty moves a part of your daily to-do list.

    4. Although you don't have a BF, you do have a collection of crushes, a.k.a. The Bagel Guy, Running Man, Sexy Irish Bartender, and Mr. Good Hair.

    5. You can devote hours to primping before a big night out - complete with a blow-out and manicure - without some dude constantly asking when you'll be ready. Since you've got some time, try these lux beauty moves that'll bring your crush to his knees.

    6. You don't need to ask permission to go on a last-minute trip to Vegas with your

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  • Are you supposed to get a guy something sweet for valentines or what??


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