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Losing his foot and ankle to a land mine couldn't stop 50-year-old Todd Reed. He's a Mesa, Arizona police officer and plays o…

  • Is Your Snoring a Warning Sign?

    Is Your Snoring a Warning Sign?

    Snoring can be more than a nuisance or source of conflict in a relationship. It can be a warning sign of a serious problem or medical condition that, if ignored, could cost the offending sleeper his or her life. Following are five possible conditions that should encourage you to investigate the source of any loud sleeping in your household.

    Obstructive Sleep Apnea
    Also known as OSA, this clinical term describes what happens when the back of the throat relaxes and closes during sleep, causing obstructed breathing. The air that does get through causes a vibration within the throat that sounds like snoring. The notion of not getting enough oxygen while sleeping is bad enough. But as clarified below, the condition is also linked to higher risks of heart attacks and strokes for people with cardiovascular disease.

    Rest Easy: Tips for Getting a Good Night's Sleep

    High Blood Pressure
    The yin to the above condition's yang, there is a higher prevalence of high blood pressure in people who hav

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  • Turning back the hands of time-it's a quest for many women who simply refuse to age gracefully. And with all that's available aesthetically (Botox, wrinkle creams , etc.), the visible signs of aging can be erased altogether. But what about on the inside? Are there ways we can beat the clock for life when it comes to overall physical and mental health and well-being? Dr. Jennifer Landa, MD, Chief Medical Officer of BodyLogicMD and author of The Sex Drive Solution for Women says yes.
    "Staying young and beautiful forever used to be science fiction, but fiction is rapidly becoming fact, thanks to new medical advances," Landa says. "Yesterday's advances focused on disease management; today's new frontier is staving off sickness and aging altogether."

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    Feed your brain with nutrient-rich fruits and veggies.

    Feed your brain with nutrient-rich fruits and veggies.

    1. Feed your brain: What you put in your mouth can affect your mind. And it's important to start eating right as early as your teens and twenties to stave off mental stress. According to

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  • As she goes for her sixth Olympics, the gorgeous gold medalist shares how she got these abs, how she gives herself a break, and what's inspiring her this time around.

    By Jancee Dunn

    If you ever need motivation to slide off the couch and hit the gym, just think of Dara Torres.

    At 45, the superstar swimmer has been training feverishly to make her sixth Olympic swim team at London's Summer Games. Her event: the 50-meter freestyle, which is one frenzied lap. The swimmer (and model, TV sports commentator, author, and mother of 6-year-old Tessa, with ex-boyfriend David Hoffman) loves a challenge, but she's had some tough ones thrown her way in the past few years.

    In 2009, she underwent major knee surgery for arthritis and had to take off a year to recover. Last year, her coach, Michael Lohberg, whom she adored, died at 61 from a rare blood disorder. And she has found that her body-as insanely fit as it is-doesn't bounce back from training as fast as it did a few years ago.


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  • Paula Deen, remember this? Maybe not.

    Paula Deen, remember this? Maybe not.

    by Kristen Mucci-Mosier

    Do you often feel like you can't remember anything? A new study links a decline in memory with a diet high in saturated fat.

    The study, conducted by the Annals of Neurology, the journal of the American Neurological Association, looked at the effects of various types of fat on cognitive functioning and memory among 6,000-plus older participants in the Women's Health Study. The study, which began five years after the dietary assessment, found higher saturated fat intake was associated with worsened cognitive and memory function, while higher monounsaturated intake was related to better functioning.

    The Secrets of Aging Well

    Not to mention, saturated fat boosts your blood cholesterol level more than anything else in your diet. The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute estimates that Americans eat an average of 11 percent of their total calories from saturated fat, far above its recommendation of under 7 percent a day.

    3 Steps to Heart Healthy Cooking

    So, what

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  • Losing his foot and ankle to a land mine couldn't stop 50-year-old Todd Reed. He's a Mesa, Arizona police officer and plays outfield for the Wounded Warriors Amputee softball team.

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