• Source: The Anatomy of Ellen's Epic, Record-Breaking Tweet

    Ellen DeGeneres hosted the Oscars, broke Twitter, and had pizza delivered all in one night. Job well done, Ellen.

    The host's epic celeb selfie featuring Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and others spread like wildfire during the ceremony. The pic became the most retweeted in history, and today, Twitter broke down exactly how many people bore witness to this record-/web-breaking tweet.

    While Oscars-related tweets were viewed over 3.3 billion times worldwide, Ellen's tweet alone was seen in total over 32.8 million times across the web! By 8 a.m. PST on Monday, March 3, 2.4 million people had retweeted Ellen's tweet, 13,711 sites (like ours) embedded it, and 8.1 million different users saw the tweet directly from their timelines on Twitter.com, the Twitter mobile, and desktop apps.

    The graphic shows how quickly a single tweet can go viral and also underlines the role the microblogging

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  • POPSUGAR TechSource: iPhone Is Officially Your Copilot With Apple CarPlay

    Monday at the Geneva International Motor Show, Apple announced its car iPhone integration known as CarPlay. Consider it an iPhone built into a vehicle's dashboard controllable from the center console (be it touchscreen or knobs) or through a Siri voice activation button on the steering wheel.

    CarPlay is designed to keep your eyes on the road, so expect a closer relationship with Siri as she'll be charged with making calls, reading text messages, and providing turn-by-turn navigation with Apple Maps instead of ever being tempted to pick up your phone while driving. Users will also have access to all their music, iTunes Radio, audiobooks, and podcasts through Apple's familiar app icons. Third-party apps are even supported with CarPlay, so users can fire up a Spotify account in addition to the proprietary applications.

    CarPlay only runs on iOS 7 and is exclusive to iPhones with Lightning ports: iPhone 5/5C/5S. During the

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  • POPSUGAR TechSource: 7 Apps to Perfect the Art of the Selfie

    Ellen's A-list selfie at the Oscars broke Twitter - so it's probably safe to say that this 21st-century photographic phenomenon has fully arrived. If you're still taking selfies the old-school way, with your arms outstretched, pull in those limbs, because we've got several apps that'll make self-portraits look like they weren't actually taken by you. Scroll down for Android and iPhone downloads that'll help you perfect the art of the selfie!

    • Urturn: Get your turn in the Oscars limelight by creating a free account at Urturn and adding your face to this epic celeb selfie!
    • Selfie 360: Selfie 360 (free) brings selfies and GIFs together, at last. This iOS app capture 90-degree portraits, 360-degree panoramas, and full-3D selfies. Advanced editors can adjust animation speed and photos per rotation, too!
    • Shots: The Internet is full of haters, which is why selfie-sharing network Shots (free) is committed to creating a
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  • Source: 41 of the Best Real-Life Cheats

    We're always looking for the best life hacks, but this Reddit thread did the work for us and rounded up 80 of the most popular life cheats suggested by commenters. Take these tips with a grain of salt; we did our best to filter out the NSFW, illegal, and seemingly ridiculous ones (it is Reddit after all).

    • Skip ads: When you're watching a DVD, hit stop, stop, then play to skip ads and head straight to the movie. If hitting stop twice doesn't work, hit it three times before you hit play.
    • Skip the operator: Dial 0 to go straight to the operator. If that doesn't work, "mashing buttons" can work, too. Or you can keep saying "representative" if the system is voice automated. You can also use the site GetHuman.com.
    • Biking benefits: You can save a lot of money on gas, parking, and gym memberships by adopting a bicycle as a mode of transportation.
    • For worn-out credit cards: If the magnetic stripe is worn out from use, you can cover it
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  • Source: 4 Affordable Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

    With St. Patrick's Day less than two weeks away, it's a good time to start planning how you'll celebrate. If you find yourself on a budget, it doesn't mean that you are out of luck just yet. From DIY crafts to homemade cocktails, there are plenty of affordable options to choose from. Whether you're hitting the town or just staying in, check out these affordable ideas as you map out your St. Patrick's Day festivities. Don't forget to wear your green, too, or you might just get pinched!

    1. Make your own St. Patrick's Day party gear.
    Who says you have spend big bucks on your St. Patrick's Day outfit? With keeping green in mind as the main theme, there are plenty of ways you can DIY everything you need. You can decorate t-shirts, make four-leaf clover jewelry, spray paint your shoes, and much more! Keep the green-inspired duds going by creating one-of-a-kind accessories with bows, headbands, or pins! You can even add some Read More »from 4 Affordable Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day
  • Source: A Healthier, Happier You: 21 Vices to Drop For Lent - or Anytime!

    If you couldn't decided which vice to give up for Lent, it's not too late to start. Although many of the bad habits people drop are generally health-related, there are plenty of bad money, career, and life behaviors you can choose to give up. Here are a couple suggestions.

    Things to consider giving up for your budget

    • Eating out or not setting a food budget.
    • Store-bought coffee.
    • Using your credit and debit card. Studies have shown that people tend to spend more when using plastic.
    • Shopping for unnecessary things.
    • Paying full price.
    • Delaing working on your taxes.

    Things you should stop doing for your career

    • Relying on your memory. Instead, start scheduling tasks.
    • Working late at the office.
    • Pressing the snooze button.
    • Procrastinating tasks. But first, you need to learn more about procrastination.
    • Being late to work.
    • Saying "yes" to everyone and overcommitting. Focus on
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  • Illustration by Gustave Doré for John Milton's Paradise Lost,1866.Illustration by Gustave Doré for John Milton's Paradise Lost,1866.By Andrew Pyper

    Do ghosts, demons, spirits-the things that do the bumping in the mythical night-really exist? This is the second most frequently asked question put to me by readers ("Do you ever scare yourself?" is the first, and my reply is "Yes").

    In a fundamental way, my answer doesn't matter much. They're novels, after all. Narratives seeking to render a coherent world unto themselves, a new corner of mythology that might be claimed for itself. What I believe is as relevant as what I had for lunch.

    But one's relationship to the paranormal is perhaps a special case. To write about the supernatural requires, I think, at least an admission to its possibility on the part of the author, if not outright belief. Otherwise it would be like a sociopath writing about love.

    Illustration by John Martin for Paradise Lost, 1833.Illustration by John Martin for Paradise Lost, 1833.

    So let me say that while I've read a great deal about others' experiences of the supernatural, I've had virtually no experience of it myself (the "virtually" being key here). Yet so many intelligent,

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  • Aries (March 21 - April 19)
    Be especially careful today, because you are laboring under the Law of Unintended Consequences. Think that potion of yours will turn your adversary into a toad? Expect to do a bit of croaking before the sun sets. In other words, be crystal clear about how everything works, or don't do anything at all!

    Today's Aries Reading: Free Sample Destiny Reading

    Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
    Someone is being overly talkative today and you'd be smart to listen closely rather than block them out. They'll drop a few seeds that could bloom into quite profitable ventures, so keep your ears and mind open!

    Today's Taurus Reading: Free Sample Priority Shuffle Tarot Reading

    Gemini (May 21 - June 21)
    Some days you can let yourself get all anxious about nothing, but today is not one of them. That feeling that you're being wound tighter and tighter and tighter? It's for real this time. Something is overdue, or an important bill has
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  • Make sure you double-check what Netflix account you are signing into.Make sure you double-check what Netflix account you are signing into.

    Warning: For those with a Netflix account, there is a phishing website made to resemble Netflix that is attempting to steal personal data off of your computer. The website, www.netflix.afta3.com, was made to resemble the login page of Netflix.

    Related: Keep Your Info Safe and Avoid Scams

    When you "sign in" with your Netflix credentials, it not only steals them, but also produces a message saying your account has been suspended, referencing an 800 number you can call for support. This is NOT the official hotline of Netflix, and if you call them they will try to convince you to download "Netflix support software." With this software, they can then remotely access your PC and, while trying to convince you that hackers have infiltrated your computer, upload all files on your computer that look promising or important. This phishing attempt was first discovered by Jérôme Segura of Malwarebytes Unpacked, February 28th.

    - By Arne Bostrom, Good Housekeeping Research Institute


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  • How Observing Lent Can Help Fatten Your WalletHow Observing Lent Can Help Fatten Your WalletLent is the 40-day-period before Easter that Catholics (and other Christian denominations) observe to get their spirits ready for Easter. It's meant to be a time for prayer and sacrifice.

    Many people give up something during Lent as a way to ground themselves in their faith. Even though I'm not a Catholic, I am definitely interested in month-long challenges, and since Lent is just over six weeks, it's a great time to give up something for a short time. Also, Lent can be good for your wallet, too! Let's talk about why and how.

    We Give Up Vices During Lent

    Chocolate, soda, caffeine, and alcohol are common responses to the "What are you giving up for Lent?" question. Catholics choose not to consume those during this period, which means they're not spending money in one particular category for six weeks. Vices are expensive. Even a casual drinker could save $100 going six weeks without a beer or a glass of wine.

    How much are your vices costing you? And how much could you save if

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