• Dude, Tote, wake up! We're late for the BlogHer conference! See this here tote bag? It's been crashing on my couch with some of its friends all week, because.....we're all going to the BlogHer conference today in New York City!

    In case you haven't heard, it's like only the biggest female blogging pow-wow in the country (just ask the President and his daughters).

    Shine's Food Editor Sarah McColl (@sarahmccoll) and me, Piper, (@momstyleicons) will be on hand all day, looking starstruck and taking covert pictures of famous internet bloggers and pretending we're just texting someone. Is there any attendee you'd like to virtually meet or throw a question to at the conference? We'll do our best to track them down today send your love!

    Just tweet us @YahooShine with the hashtag #blogher12. We're hi-jacking Shine's twitter account today and will be live-tweeting about the people we meet, the snacks we eat, and the crazy smart things women say about about the business of being read.

    Are you going to the conference? Whoa, us too! Tweet us and we'll

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  • Stash more of your cashStash more of your cashWhen it comes to saving money, the tried and true methods of budgeting often prove to be most effective. Whether it be depositing loose change into a money jar or committing to the "envelope system" every month, I think it is safe to say we've all learned a thing or two about penny-pinching from the generations that came before us.

    Another old-fashioned trick that's regaining popularity? The "Five Dollar Savings Plan." The plan itself couldn't be simpler - every $5 bill that comes your way goes into a special shoebox or coffee can, preferably stored in a place that won't tempt you to dip in when you need a little cash. After an allotted amount of time, count your $5 collection and prepare to be shocked by how much the stash adds up to!

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    People young and old swear by this plan for several reasons. A big one? The unexpected pay out. While this plan follows the same basic structure as saving coins in jar, the $5 bills add up with satisfying speed.

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  • Aries (March 21 - April 19)
    You have no one but yourself to blame for your situation -- that's the down side of working alone. But the upside is that you have don't have to deal with people who don't share your vision. No one can hold you back but you today so set your goals as high as possible.

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    Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
    You're interested in plodding along, but others want you to do something out of the ordinary. Ignore anyone on the sidelines -- if they can't put their own money where their mouths are, then why should you jump through their hoops? Stick to your own plans.

    Today's Taurus Reading: Free Sample Priority Shuffle Tarot Reading

    Gemini (May 21 - June 21)
    Someone you thought the sun rose and set over may have disappointed you lately. They were as good as
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  • You have the perfect job. The one you always wanted-in an exciting industry, for a big name company, with a title that says you get to do what you love all day long. Except for that-well, you hate it.

    Realizing that your "dream job" has become a nightmare is as heart-wrenching as breaking up with someone you were once in love with. And speaking from experience, the grieving and recovery process is almost the same. From one broken-hearted working girl to another, here's an honest look at what happens when you realize that your love affair with your job is over-and more importantly, how to rebound.

    The Honeymoon Phase

    Remember when you started dating your first love-the googly eyes, gushy talk, pet names, and long days spent together? Not only could you two not keep your hands off of each other, but that person could do no wrong. His quirks were cute, his pet peeves funny, and when he slurped his tea, well, that was just adorable. (Never mind that you used to practically punch yourRead More »from When Your 'Dream Job' Isn't Your Dream Job Anymore
  • By Kristi Dosh

    woman upset at deskwoman upset at desk You come into work 15 minutes early every day. You do everything that's asked of you (with a smile, no less), and you're a team player. So why haven't you gotten that promotion? It might be because you're female. No, the male higher-ups aren't necessarily sexist. It turns out that women are more prone than male colleagues to engage in career-sabotaging workplace behaviors. Check out these 10 little habits that may be keeping you down on the corporate ladder.

    1. You take care of others first.

    Your colleague leans over your cubicle wall and says, "I can't format this table. Can you look?" It might take only a few minutes, but consider how much you help coworkers each week-you're probably losing valuable time for your own tasks. Men are more likely than women to prioritize their work over others', which can make them appear more productive. While there's value in being helpful, your individual accomplishments matter more at work. Cindy Burns, the director

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  • So you effed up at work. Don't sweat it. Follow these tips.So you effed up at work. Don't sweat it. Follow these tips.We cringed when U.S. Olympic gymnast Jordyn Wieber burst into tears after her teammate edged her out of the all-around competition. Sure, career setbacks happen, but they're never easy to deal with. Whether you were passed over for a promotion or didn't get a project you were hoping for, experts say this is best way to deal.

    By Korin Miller

    Take a Moment to Process It
    If you're stuck at work for a while, head to the bathroom and take a moment to be upset (although if you feel like you're going to cry, hit up a bathroom on another floor so your coworkers don't catch you). Remind yourself that it's just a setback, and in a month, it'll be easier to deal with.

    Dole Out Congrats
    Yeah, it's hard to be amped for someone else when you feel like you got sucker-punched, but people will be looking to see how you react to the news. So if a coworker got a promotion that you felt like you deserved, swing by her desk to say congrats. Feel like you can't be sincere face-to-face? Write her an

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  • Aries (March 21 - April 19)
    You're waiting for money to fall into your lap, but it's just not happening. Don't count on getting any assistance from others; you're not in line for a bailout, at least not anytime soon. The good news is that you can take care of yourself, thank you very much. All you have to do is do it.

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    Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
    You need to be cautious with your spending, but someone else -- or something inside you -- is urging you to be the opposite. Can you really pull off something outrageous now? Playing it safe isn't exciting or romantic, but it pays the bills.

    Today's Taurus Reading: Free Sample Romantic Compatibility Reading for two

    Gemini (May 21 - June 21)
    You're being influenced either subtly or radically, but someone or something is
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  • Why Women Make Boardrooms Better

    By Liza Jansen, CNBC.com

    New research suggests that companies feeling the pain of the economic downturn might need a woman's touch.

    Large companies with at least one women on the board do better than those with all male boards, a report by Credit Suisse found.

    Credit Suisse analyzed more than 2,500 companies and found that companies with more than one woman on the board have outperformed those with no women on the board by 26 percent since 2005.

    "Introducing women to a group of men changes their behavior and makes them focus more. Companies with more women on the board tend to be closer to the consumer and have a better sense as to what is going on in their product markets," Michael O'Sullivan, UK research and global portfolio analysis managing director at Credit Suisse Private Bank, told CNBC.

    O'Sullivan said: "We're used to governments telling companies they need to have a certain quota of women on the board. That debate is now moving on to performance and how decisions are made

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  • By Nellie Akalp for GalTime.com

    YOU might be the one holding back your business... YOU might be the one holding back your business...

    Do you feel like you've reached a career plateau? Have you ever wanted to launch a business, land a promotion, or change career paths... but you feel like your goal is out of reach? You may be surprised to find out that often there's nothing standing in your way besides your own self.

    When it comes to your career, are you your own worst enemy? Here are four common examples of self-sabotage.

    1. Being in constant pursuit of perfection
    Too often, those with tremendous potential are held back because they feel everything should be perfect before beginning. Whether we're preparing for a new business, product launch, or new website, it's easy to become consumed with making things as perfect as possible. The result is inactivity as our feet get firmly buried in the sand.

    Unless you're involved in a new form of heart surgery or airplane safety, you don't have to wait for perfect ("perfect" doesn't actually exist anyway). Most of the

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  • Tips to Save EnergyToo often people think being energy efficient means added expense and inconvenience, but small steps can often make a big difference. Ask yourself these 10 questions to assess how you're doing when it comes to saving money, and the planet:

    1. Are you always in a hurry?

    Waking up just 10 minutes earlier can alleviate the tendency to drive aggressively. Driving 65 mph uses 15 percent more fuel than going 55 mpg (similar to adding 40 + cents per gallon to the price of gas).

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    2. Do you wash clothes in hot water?

    It takes a lot of energy to heat water, especially the amount it takes to fill your washing machine. Run colder cycles when possible: Tide Cold Water, a Green Good Housekeeping Seal holder works well at cold temperatures. When drying, use the sensor-dry cycle to avoid running your dryer unneccesarily.

    3. Do you drive short distances?

    Try walking, biking, or taking public transportation when possible.

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