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    IP - Whoa!

    Even if you don't know the first thing about the stock market, chances are you got a bit more curious after Facebook's recent IPO. But do you really have any idea what an IPO is? Better brush up now - someday it just might be YOUR company that's "going public!"

    So, What Is An IPO?

    The term IPO stands for "Initial Public Offering." So, what exactly are they "offering?" They are offering (aka selling) equity (akastocks-trading4-290x193 stock) in their company to the public for the first time (that's where the "initial" comes in). Prior to a public offering, a company is "privately held." So, after an IPO a private company becomes a public company. There are a lot of cooks in the kitchen when it comes to taking a company public, some have strange names like...

    The Underwriters

    The term "underwriter" or "syndicate" always sounds a little sinister to me! And if you followed the recent Facebook IPO drama, their lead underwriter, Morgan Stanley, was Read More »from What to Know About an IPO
  • The Big Business of Divorce

    By Brian A. Shactman, CNBC.com

    Every year in the United States, there are one million divorces. In many respects, that's two million people beginning life anew.

    What's more, about 67 percent of second marriages end in divorce, and the percentage is even worse for third marriages.

    The need for everything - from lawyers to therapists to movers - is astounding. As morbid as it may sound, in the business world, that would be considered a big market.

    "If you think about the bridal industry, it's a $2 billion industry," said Francine Baras, co-founder of Start Over Smart, an expo business that brings together services for the newly divorced. "No one has a number for the amount of money that is probably in the divorce industry.

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    "And not only is the market underserved, it has not actually been looked at as a niche."
    Until now.

    Businesses want to serve this consumer need, but do it without amplifying the label of "divorce", which still

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  • Aries (March 21 - April 19)
    You may find yourself in a petulant mood today. Don't act on it! You can't push back from the table and sit with your arms crossed -- at least not if you want to accomplish anything. And you can't afford not to, now can you?

    Today's Aries Reading: Free Sample Intimacy Secrets Reading

    Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
    Your more conservative side wants to play it safe, as usual. But your more radical side is the one reaching for the wallet! You can't help but feel like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and it's not much fun being pulled in opposite directions.

    Today's Taurus Reading: Free Sample Priority Shuffle Tarot Reading

    Gemini (May 21 - June 21)
    Someone you think you know well seems like a stranger to you today. What they spend their money on baffles you -- something as simple as a pink laptop skin
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  • 25 Products Made in the USA

    By Nici Perrreault, GalTime.com

    Consumers can choose American-made goods

    Even though we live in a global marketplace, there are still many companies that manufacture products right here in the USA.

    As we celebrate our nation's birthday, take pride in our country, and consider buying American made goods. It's a great way to support American workers and companies. From fashion forward jeans to delectable chocolate... there are all sorts of items made right here in the USA. Here's a list of just a few.

    25 Products Made in the USA

    1. AG Jeans

    2. American Apparel Clothing

    3. Annie's Food Products

    4. Blue Bell Ice Cream

    5. Burt's Bees Products

    6. Cabot Creamery Products

    7. Colonial Candles

    8. Cutco Knives

    9. Ghiradelli Chocolates

    10. Hebert Candies

    11. Jack Rogers Sandals

    12. J Brand Apparel

    13. Kitchen Aid Mixers

    14. LL Bean Boat & Tote

    15. Nalgene Water Bottles

    16. Necco Wafers

    17. New Balance Shoes Style

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  • How to Be a Better Manager: Do NothingHow to Be a Better Manager: Do NothingYour business is your baby and as we all know babies take a whole lot of care. Without you your staff would be fussing and flailing, so your continual oversight is required just as it would be with a beloved-but-needy small family member.

    That may be the thinking of many managers (even if they try to delegate) but it's not the best way to lead according to a new book by Kellogg School professor Keith Murnighan entitled Do Nothing!: How to Stop Overmanaging and Become a Great Leader. What's the heart of the argument?

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    "Most leaders do too much," Murnighan told kellogg Insight,explaining that this leads to "under-utilized and under-challenged" team members who often switch jobs in frustration, as well as stressed-out managers with little time for big picture thinking. Instead of giving in to their urge to micromanage, leaders ought

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  • By The Discount Dame Teri Storelli for GalTime.com

    freebies for the 4th!freebies for the 4th!
    The 4th of July and freedom go hand in hand. There's freedom of speech, the freedom to run around with sparklers and the freedom to celebrate our country's birthday. But did you know "freedom" also means tons of free goodies? A number of nationwide chains are offering up great freebies or half price deals to celebrate Independence Day this year.

    If you plan on picking up a new sofa or maybe just a couple of throw pillows, take the family to your local Ikea store where kids eat free. Unlike most kids eat free deals there is no purchase necessary, meaning mom and dad don't have to buy anything. Just bring your child (under 12 years old) in to get their free meal. Clearly, whoever said, "There is no such thing as a free lunch" never took their kids to Ikea on the 4th of July, or if they did they took them to the Houston Ikea where this offer is not valid.

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    Now that the kids

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  • YouTube's Next Up stars are an elite group of lip-dubbing, indie-band interviewing, and action-comedy producing grassroots talent pulling in okay bucks from not only YouTube's partners program, but also a cash prize that came from making the Next Up list.

    No one is suggesting that being a YouTube phenomenon is a good job. Or, that it's easy. Or that it's anything other than an aspiration with worse odds than earning a spot in the NBA.

    Plus, your parents weren't hoping for this. I promise. Not with that geology degree from MIT. Or even State. Or wherever you went and whatever you got the day you graduated.

    Yet, consider the field of competition for a paltry return on effort. Hard to imagine but true: your average three minute upload competes with 72 hours of other video uploads added to YouTube every minute. Every minute. 72 hours of video. My calculator makes that 103,680 hours of new content uploaded each day.

    Good luck on your cuddly cats sleeping with their arms

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  • Are you miserable at your job (or what you are doing) but go anyway to earn a living? Do you feel you are unable to use your talents and are doing things that are stressful? Do you find yourself in a career rut? Wouldn't you rather be in your ideal income position and go "play" every day?

    Most people spend approximately 35 to more than 67 percent of their waking hours working.

    Being unhappy for so much of the day makes it difficult to enjoy the rest of the waking hours. Think how your life will turn around when you are actually enjoying your "work." In your ideal career you will be doing what you love and be so good at it that you will produce considerable value to earn more than you need.

    Read- Changing Employers: Making A Great First Impression

    Sound impossible?

    Well it isn't. Here are nine secrets to get to the career field you will really enjoy.

    Secret No. 1 - Focus on you first, before looking at a career

    Most people have followed the same trial and error path to

    Read More »from 9 Secrets to Career Success

  • Aries (March 21 - April 19)
    Don't assume you're destined to reach your goals. Nothing will get you there but your own efforts. Take advantage of all opportunities that present themselves today -- you can't pass up the chance to work hard if you want to end up where you ultimately want to be.

    Today's Aries Reading: Free Sample Celtic Love Tarot Reading

    Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
    Travel plans, even if only across town on the bus, seem to be falling through. Don't let them! Just keep placing one foot in front of the other and the rest will fall into place. You may find a free ticket on the sidewalk or a hundred dollar bill in a coat pocket -- but only if you don't give up hope!

    Today's Taurus Reading: Free Sample Astro Identity Reading

    Gemini (May 21 - June 21)
    You need some expertise. Someone you consider yourself on
    Read More »from Astrology.Com Daily FinanceScopes -- Thursday July 5, 2012
  • There's a reason why it's called a depressed economy. No one enjoys job insecurity or financial crises. Whether you're frantic about getting fired, bumming out at your 9-5, or working in a doom-and-gloom atmosphere, make sure you follow this advice to do your best and keep spirits up on the job.

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    How to Stay Positive at WorkHow to Stay Positive at WorkBecome indispensable. When downsizing poses a threat to your department, passivity can be killer while action is critical. Take this as your opportunity to shine, suggests Adele Sheele, career coach and author of Skills for Success. "In bad times, instead of wallowing, start contributing and see what's needed," says Sheele. Organizing task forces, taking on responsibility, and volunteering to head projects shows enthusiasm to your boss (not to mention inspires coworkers to match your gung-ho attitude). A tip from Cathie Black, president of Hearst Magazines: Become more valuable by expanding your skill set to Read More »from How to Stay Positive at Work


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