• As told to Leigh Newman

    Living on purpose, as I define it, is to become aware that we were all created to serve some specific function in life. Some of these purposes might be lofty, attracting the accolades of the world. Some of these purposes may be down-to-earth, such as raising a child, teaching or engaging in some other activity that may not be as acknowledged by society but is still significant.

    The pursuit of your life is to come into that purpose. And the waste of your life is to miss that purpose. The problem, though, for most of us is discovering what our purpose is. Here are a few mistakes we make while looking for it, ones that can distract or misdirect us.

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    1. The "But I Love It" Mistake
    For a few years, I was involved in music. I was a choir director, and I played the piano. I noticed that when our choir got ready to sing, people got more blessed out of me introducing the song and talking about the song

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  • By Susan Milligan

    First, there were "gateway drugs." Now, the danger, apparently, is gateway sex.

    On first read, a sensible person would assume that the phrase refers to an interesting place to have sex, for those who like a little variety. But no, the term refers to unspecified sexual activity that might lead to actual sexual intercourse. So squeamish are actual adults about even talking about this behavior, the Washington Post reports, that the measure has been dubbed the "holding hands" law.

    Now, there's some value in getting kids not to try things that lead to no good. And it can be remarkably effective: When I was in seventh grade, we were inundated with such a relentless antismoking message-not just in health class, but in many other classes-that virtually no one I knew in my grade smoked. Not only that, but we harassed our parents (most of whom had started smoking before we all understood how very bad for you it is) to stop as well. Where the school fell down was

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  • Save hundreds of dollars over the course of a year with these common household products that do the same job as your pricey favorites for much less.

    1. Swap: Shaving cream for hair conditioner
    Save: About $4
    Why? Shaving cream creates a layer between the razor and your skin while protecting from nicks and cuts. But conditioners work just as well, and they moisturize while you shave.

    2. Swap: Dry shampoo for baby powder
    Save: About $8
    Why? If you don't have enough time to wash your locks, rub baby powder into your roots. Massage it in well, then brush it out. This trick also gives flat, greasy hair more oomph.

    3. Swap: Body scrub for epsom salts
    Save: About $10
    Why? A bath with Epsom salts can help ease stress and tension, but did you know that these salts also can give you smooth, radiant skin? Simply mix a handful into your body wash (or a spoonful into your face wash). It sloughs off dead skin and revives your complexion instantly.

    4. Swap: Styling cream for

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  • Aries (March 21 - April 19)
    You don't have to share your strategies with everybody -- or with anybody, for that matter. You're doing things a bit out of the ordinary and others may not approve of your tactics. Block out those who call anything new to them 'foreign.'

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    Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
    You love nothing more than going out on a limb, with your wallet as your only security blanket. But don't be too righteous when these acts of daring pay off -- you're bound to fall, and sooner rather than later. Start weaving yourself a security net.

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    Gemini (May 21 - June 21)
    When you and your partner aren't looking at a situation from the same angle, it's almost impossible for there to be a positive resolution. You
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  • 8 Core Beliefs of Extraordinary Bosses8 Core Beliefs of Extraordinary BossesA few years back, I interviewed some of the most successful CEOs in the world in order to discover their management secrets. I learned that the "best of the best" tend to share the following eight core beliefs.

    1. Business is an ecosystem, not a battlefield.

    Average bosses see business as a conflict between companies, departments and groups. They build huge armies of "troops" to order about, demonize competitors as "enemies," and treat customers as "territory" to be conquered.

    Extraordinary bosses see business as a symbiosis where the most diverse firm is most likely to survive and thrive. They naturally create teams that adapt easily to new markets and can quickly form partnerships with other companies, customers ... and even competitors.

    2. A company is a community, not a machine.

    Average bosses consider their company to be a machine with employees as cogs. They create rigid structures with rigid rules and then try to maintain control by "pulling levers"

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  • by Stephanie Berenbaum - June 28th, 2012

    Screen Shot 2012-06-28 at 4.23.45 PM

    How Much Do You Know about the Highest Court?

    By now you've all heard about today's Supreme Court ruling upholding the Affordable Care Act - aka "Obamacare." And no, Fab & Fru is not about to jump into all the intricacies of the ruling - at least not right now. But we thought we'd start with one important takeaway: whatever your opinion of Obamacare, it's this kind of decision that shows how the Supreme Court can directly impact YOUR finances!

    Getting To Know You

    Let's face it, many Americans cannot even name the 9 Supreme Court Justices, much less really make a connection between their lofty positions and our day to day lives. The Supreme Court decisions that get the most publicity tend to be the ones surrounding ethical issues (Roe V Wade, for example) but today's ruling is a great reminder of the role the highest court in the land plays in your financial future. Not only does today's ruling affect the cost and

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  • Stock ImageStock ImageLong vacations and bright sunshine make summertime so much fun, but I can only make so many trips to the beach before the dog days of summer have me worn out. Luckily, there are lots of things you can do inside (or at least out of the sun!) to make your summer vacation a way better experience. Here are a whole bunch of fun (and free!) activities to keep you busy this summer!

    Scores of museums offer special free or "pay what you wish" times. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, for example, has Target Free Friday Nights, 4 to 8 p.m. every Friday. The Philadelphia Museum of Art allows visitors to "pay what you wish" all day on the first Sunday of each month.

    Free Summer Concerts
    Check local newspapers for free, outdoor summer concerts in your area! From New York City to Los Angeles and everywhere in between, there's music of all genres to be found.

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    Cheap Movie Tix
    On the hottest day of the summer, there's nothing better than eating

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  • Did Ann Curry really just apologize for "dropping the ball?" After 15 years on "The Today Show," reporting from war-torn countries, interviewing world leaders, and even dressing up on Halloween, the veteran journalist's farewell seemed more like a mea culpa than a respectable send-off.

    Why wasn't she "mad as hell"? After weeks of finger-pointing for dropped ratings and a much-anticipated demotion, Curry got only a few minutes and a sympathetic pep talk from her coworkers as a goodbye. In the process she insinuated her own failure as an anchor, despite protestations from fans.

    "For all of you who saw me as a groundbreaker, I am sorry I could not carry the ball across the finish line," Curry uttered through tears.

    Matt Lauer's lower lip practically jutted out in "sad baby face" as the 54-year-old professional expressed a rare moment of vulnerability. He called her heart big and praised her caring nature. At least, Al Roker and Natalie Morales brought up her excellent tsunami and war Read More »from Ann Curry's Today Show Farewell: Why so Sorry?

  • Aries (March 21 - April 19)
    Attitude is everything -- well, almost everything. Even Pollyanna couldn't turn today's bottom line around, but your outlook for the near future should stay positive if you want to change things for the better tomorrow. You won't give up without a fight.

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    Taurus (April 20 - May 20)
    Someone proves to be every bit as stubborn as you are today. You're either forcing someone else to go over the details, or you're insisting you do it. Whoever is digging in their heels, it's for the best. The pesky details really do need to be covered now.

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    Gemini (May 21 - June 21)
    Your thoughts might be misread -- but your bills won't be. You can have the best intentions in the world when
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  • Professional Integrity and Your Sun Sign
    A work colleague of yours has been treated unfairly by management, and your knowledge of the situation exceeds what others know. Will you help your bruised co-worker and reveal the truth, or look out for number one and remain quiet?

    Aries is competitive and likes moving up the ladder; at the same time, they prefer a victory that comes after a fair fight. In professional matters, they can always be counted on to speak the truth as they see it.

    Taurus will keep their own counsel and wait to see which way the wind blows. They may offer behind-the-scenes support, but they're also less likely to be proactive with public condemnation.

    Gemini will be tricky to pin down if asked for support. They won't act the role of hero until they're certain they won't do themselves any damage.

    Cancer is regularly swayed by their emotions and will feel inclined to back up their co-worker. On the other hand, they're ambitious, so they may end up disappearing into their shell until they see which way the tide

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