• Work OutfitsWork OutfitsBy Jordana Bruner, Life2PointOh.com

    A common dilemma among girls who love fashion is how to bring a little flavor into the professional attire without inadvertently making a career-limiting-move. The bottom line is that every interaction creates an impression--even the unspoken. Along with using your smarts and charm, personal branding and appearance go hand in hand in the workplace. On top of that, who wants to pay to maintain two separate wardrobes? Here are five tricks for adding personality to your work wear with pieces that work for play, too!

    Smart Accessories:
    Nothing transforms a blazer and slacks from bland to grand like a chunky chain necklace and/or a banging pair of pumps.

    Bold hues:
    Spring into the new season by embracing primary colors...there's just something about canary yellow that will have those around you feeling your good vibes, too.

    Make use of your going-out tops:
    You probably have a ton of sleeveless tanks in your closet reserved for nights on the town. Try

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    9 Quick-Fixes with Rotisserie Chicken

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  • Getting dressed for work during the summer can be tricky. While it's scorching outdoors, offices tend to be kept at a cool 67 degrees thanks to chilly air conditioning. Don't let the new warmer weather spark a 9-to-5 wardrobe crisis. This year, try out the following three work-appropriate outfits that are sure to suit your outdoor and indoor needs, keeping you comfortable and stylish, thanks to one key on-trend piece in each.

    Outfit #1
    Key Piece: Pleated Skirt

    Shop this outfit!

    We're obsessed with pleats this season! Just one benefit of an on-trend pleated skirt is that it allows plenty of air flow to keep you cool when you're outside. And when you're working indoors, its knee-length hem is perfectly appropriate and super chic! Keep a bright-colored cardigan at your desk to throw on when you get chilly and you're good to go! If your office dress code allows for open-toed shoes, slip into a pair of neutral pumps to pull your look together!

    Wedge Sandals That Elongate Your Legs


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  • 5 Ways To Think Yourself Thin

    Use your mental muscle to win the battle of the bulge. When that bag of cookies or kettle corn is calling your name, it may seem harder to resist than Justin Bieber -- if you're 15, that is. If not, next time you're tempted to snack on some sublime high-calorie mix of salt, sugar, and fat, try these mind-over-matter tricks. They'll give you the power to say, "No way."

    1. Remember what you had for lunch. Exactly what you had. Don't just say, "Oh, I got a sandwich." Reconstruct every detail, down to the "extra mayo."When people are asked to describe the most recent meal they had, they eat less of a munchy snack.

      Can't remember? Write it down. Here's what a food journal could do for you.
    2. Eat a raisin. That's right, a single raisin. It's a savor-the-moment practice. Take a deep, relaxing breath, pick up the raisin, smell it. Put it in your mouth and roll it around on your tongue. Feel its wrinkles. Now slowly eat it. Note the chewy, gritty texture, the sweet taste.
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  • Boost your career and make a good impression at work with these tips from nice girls and straight-talkers.

    The new get-ahead career book, Nice Girls Just Don't Get It, totally contradicts the advice in the work bible The Power of Nice. So which approach is best: good girl or straight-talker? Our verdict: They both rock. Just pick the one that's the most natural for you.

    • Nice Girls: "To establish a friendly connection, lead in with a compliment, such as, 'I love your earrings,' or a personal comment like, 'Is that a picture of your daughter?'" says Robin Koval, coauthor of The Power of Nice.
    • Straight-Talkers: "People are attracted to those who are most like them. If the person you've just met gets right down to business, skip the small talk and do the same," say Nice Girls Just Don't Get It authors Lois Frankel, Ph.D., and Carol Frohlinger, Esq.
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    • Nice
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  • What's the difference between good and great?

    Why are some people able to create super successful lives, while most of their peers hover near the mediocre middle?

    As someone who's spent a lifetime studying human behavior, I can tell you, success isn't just about your level of education or your skills. It's about the mindset that you bring to everything, particularly your interactions with others.

    The superstars of life don't just behave differently; they think differently. To be clear, when I say superstar, I'm not just talking about monetary or career success. I'm talking about success as a human being.

    Because whether you're trying to become a superstar parent or a superstar salesperson, the difference between success and failure always starts with mindset. Your own internal thought track sets the tone for all of your interactions.

    Here are the five mindsets of life's superstars:

    1. Superstars hold two agendas in their mind at the same time.


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  • I've been the sports nutritionist for three professional teams and numerous athletes in my private practice, and whether you head to a 9-5 job each day and work out when you can, or you earn a living exercising, the right nutrition plan is the real key to results. Here are five mistakes that may interfere with getting the most out of your training time:

    Drinking a Protein Shake Before a Workout
    Protein is digested much slower than carbs, so too much pre-workout can give you stomach cramps and prevent the carbs you need for fuel from getting absorbed and becoming available to your working muscles.
    The Fix: Reach for a smaller quantity of protein, along with slow burning carbs pre-workout, and choose higher protein shakes, snacks or meals afterwards.

    Exercising on an Empty Stomach
    It's physiologically impossible to burn pure body fat - during aerobic exercise you burn a combo of carbs and fat. When carbs aren't readily available, your body is forced to break down its own muscle mass

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  • Chances are that when you think of coffee, you don't think "healthy." But it turns out that drinking coffee can do more than just perk you up in the morning. Coffee is one of the richest sources of healthful antioxidants in the average person's diet. It can help ward off a variety of diseases and conditions. Here are some of the ways in which coffee can help keep you healthy.

    For one thing, coffee can lower your risk of Type 2 diabetes. A series of studies has shown that habitually drinking coffee leads to a substantially lower risk of the disease. It is not known exactly how, but one reason could be the high number of antioxidants that coffee contains, which aid in controlling the cell damage that can lead to the development of Type 2 diabetes.

    Health Benefits of Green Tea

    A recent study also found that drinking coffee is linked to a reduced risk of prostate cancer by up to 60 percent, depending on the amount of coffee consumed. Conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health,

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  • 8 Ways to Get Ahead at Work

    By Tori Rodriguez

    Even if you love your job, you'll likely find yourself stuck in a rut at some point in your career. You may have gotten so good at what you do that it has become automatic (and perhaps a bit boring), or maybe you'd like to ask for a raise but don't know how to broach the subject. Whatever your goal, we spoke to career experts to learn what techniques will help you gain momentum at work.

    1. Take on diverse assignments. 8 Ways to Get Ahead at Work8 Ways to Get Ahead at Work

    If it seems like the only thing that ever changes about your job is the day of the week, it's time to ask your boss for "stretch assignments" to enhance your growth, says Jodi Glickman, president of a communication training firm and author of Great on the Job. Offer to help with new projects, even ones that fall outside your department. Or, if you have a particular skill that isn't part of your job description, be on the lookout for opportunities to indulge your other areas of expertise. For instance, say you're a teacher who also has a

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  • In a perfect word, we'd sleep like babies eight hours a night, wake up with perfectly tamed tresses, and saunter out the front door 15 minutes earlier than planned.

    Sadly, this is not how our typical morning goes. Between babies crying, deadlines keeping you at work late, and cocktails with the girls going way past happy hour, we wake up with puffy eyes and dark circles. If this is how your typical morning goes, read below for a fake wide-awake look that can be done in four easy steps.

    Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller

    This stuff is loaded with caffeine, which is great for deflating bags. Plus, the genius roller ball applicator feels super-refreshing on tired eyes. It says to roll over your under-eye area once or twice, but we tend to get a little 'roll happy.' Store it in your fridge to boost the effectiveness.

    $13.49; drugstore.com

    Too Faced Absolutely Flawless Therapeutic Herbal Concealer

    Apply this creamy concealer under your eyes as well as on your lids to cover up any

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