Blue bedroom decorating ideas for girls

Think blue is a color just for boys? Nothing could be further from the truth. Blue is a beautiful choice for just about any room of the house, including a girl's bedroom. The only difficult part of using this color will be deciding which shade to use! There are blue bedroom ideas for girls of all ages, and by painting the walls with this color, you're keeping your decorating options open for various stages in your child's life. To illustrate how versatile a blue bedroom can be for girls, we've listed several decorating ideas below.

Spa - Indulge your teenage daughter with a spa themed bedroom. Tranquil blue walls set the tone for this peaceful retreat. Oversized white bedding and large fluffy pillows help lend a hand to the spa theme, while fragrant flowers, simplistic accents, and sleek lines complete the look.

Polka dots- A blue bedroom with a simple polka dot theme is non-age specific and easy for your child to decorate. Blue walls are the perfect backdrop to a colorful polka-dotted bedspread with fun colors.

Hydrangeas - Showy blue hydrangeas are feminine, fragrant, and a great theme to use in a girl's blue bedroom. Bedding, accents, and artwork are available that will help pull the look together. Find your bedding first and then take a pillow sham to the store with you to find the perfect shade of blue for walls.

Flip flops- Decorating a bedroom with a flip flop theme is fun, casual, and colorful. Blue walls add to the beachy feel of this laid back theme. To make this bedroom decorating idea even better, there are many affordable bed-in-a-bag sets with a flip flop theme that look fabulous.

Sea shells - Beach lovers typically have a large collection of seashells and other treasures found on the shore, so why not use them as decoration for a blue bedroom? Bright ocean blue paint will bring out the stunning natural beauty of the seashells, conch shells, and sand dollars.

Multi-colored blue bedroom ideas for girls

If the idea of using a theme in the bedroom isn't appealing, try mixing the color blue with one or two coordinating ones. By using solid colored bedding, you'll be giving your child a bedroom that will remain stylish for many years to come. Color combinations that look great together include:

- Blue and black

- Blue, black and white

- Blue and pink

- Blue, pink and purple

- Blue and white

- Blue and silver

- Dark blue and light blue

- Blue and brown

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