Great Reads for Kids

Summer vacation may be coming to a close, but reading season is never over. Check out these new books to keep your learner at the head of the class before returning back to school this fall.

Dragon Loves TacosDragons Love Tacos, by Adam Rubin

Forget Puff. There are some new dragons in town, and they eat tacos, lots of tacos. Rubin and illustrator Daniel Salmieri deliver zesty laughs - but watch out. When these creatures eat salsa, things get muy caliente.

Available at, $12.

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The Lonely BookThe Lonely Book, by Kate Bernheimer

A forgotten book becomes beloved again when a little girl discovers its magical appeal at the library. Reigning queen of fairy tales Kate Bernheimer brings her love of enchanting stories to a new generation of readers.

Available at, $11.

2012Chico the Brave, by David Horowitz

In the hilarious Peruvian tale, a little chick is terrified of, well, everything. His patient father invents a hero to inspire him. When he finally discovers his inner strength, he's not a chicken anymore.

Available at, $11.

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Virginia WolfVirginia Wolf, by Kyo Maclear

Young Virginia has plunged into a wolfish despair. So her sister, Vanessa, saves her by painting Bloomsberry, a sublime world where no doldrums can exist. Isabelle Arsenault's magical mixed-media illustrations are the antidote to a bad mood - no matter your age.

Available at, $12.

Zorro Gets an OutfitZorro Gets an Outfit, by Carter Goodrich

In the clever bromance caper, Zorro is terribly embarrassed when his friends mock his new clothes. But when Zorro sees Dart rocking his French zoot suit, some masquerade mischief and mayhem ensues.

Available at, $10.

Good News, Bad NewsGood News, Bad News by Jeff Mack
The sweet story - perfect for preschoolers - centers around Rabbit, ever the Pollyanna. Rabbit encourages his pal Mouse, who thinks life's no picnic, to find the silver lining. But when actual storm clouds roll in and lightning strikes, it's Mouse who supports his friend.

Available at, $12.

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