Top 13 Sensational Books for Summertime

Melissa Williams, HL&S Editor | Co-Owner, Yoga Junction The famout 3 Rs. You remember these, right? Well, it's no wonder all three --- R eading , w R iting , & a R ithmetic --- are essential for brain development.
And while we're not going to make you write an essay or retake your algebra class, we are going to push the reading this summer. Summer is such an easy time to pick up a book. T.V. shows are down, repeats galore, and the days are longer, giving you more hours to curl up with a book.

According to research, reading has positive side effects that go far beyond just giving you a bit of R & R, 'me' time...

In addition to helping exercise the brain, picking up a book also relieves stress . And if you are lookin' to unload some of that stress, fiction is going to be a better choice since you don't have to work as hard to follow.

Reading also reduces your risk for Alzheimer's , helps with sleep , and increases concentration and focus during other activities.

So, what are you waiting for fellow readers?

Oh yeah, your dream book list, you need some stellar suggestions! Well, we've got that sacred list for you too, of course. Here are the top 13 picks for sensational summer reads , courtesy of one of our favorite news providers: NPR , for your bookshelf this summer.

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