10 Healthy, Super Fast Breakfasts

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No time to a healthy breakfast? Au contraire!

By Chef Meg Galvin, Healthy Cooking Expert at SparkPeople.com

For those days when cooking breakfast just isn't an option, SparkPeople members share ten meals that are healthy and ready in no time, for 400 calories or less:

  • 1. A cup of high-fiber cereal with a banana and a carton of plain or vanilla low-fat yogurt.

  • 2. A hard-boiled egg, a handful of spinach, and some salsa in a whole-wheat tortilla. (Also good with low-sodium deli turkey, roasted chicken, low-fat Cheddar, or scrambled egg whites.)

  • 3. A smoothie made with a banana, 1/2 cup of yogurt, and a handful of berries, plus a slice of whole-wheat toast on the side.

  • 4. A peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole-wheat bread. (Try adding berries or sliced grapes, too!)

  • 5. Handfuls of a few items for the car: grapes, almonds, and high-fiber cereal, plus a cup of low-fat milk in a to-go mug.

  • 6. A toaster waffle sandwich with cashew butter and all-fruit spread.

  • 7. One piece of string cheese, an apple, and a handful of whole-wheat crackers.

  • 8. A serving of plain, low-fat yogurt topped with a spoonful of real maple syrup, a chopped pear, and a serving of cereal or granola.

  • 9. A fruit cup and a mini whole-wheat bagel with almond butter.

  • 10. Low-sodium turkey, a slice of low-fat Cheddar, and leftover stir-fry vegetables in a whole-wheat pita pocket.
Reprinted from The SparkPeople Cookbook: Love Your Food, Lose The Weight (c) 2011 by SparkPeople, Inc. Permission granted by Hay House, Inc., New York, NY 10033. Available wherever books are sold.
Chef Meg Galvin

About the author: SparkPeople Healthy Cooking Expert Meg Galvin is a World Master Chef, culinary instructor, and the author of "The SparkPeople Cookbook: Love Your Food, Lose the Weight." A farmer's daughter and marathon runner, she lives in northern Kentucky with her husband and three teenage sons.