Budget-Friendly Decorating Tips for New Homeowners

Stylish Home Decor for the Millennial Generation

The millennials are one of the largest groups of current homebuyers. Because many are hard-working, determined and highly innovative, stylish home furnishings are not out of reach. Twenty-something buyers often look for budget-friendly alternatives to expensive furniture and décor for their homes. They know that vintage market finds and inexpensive dollar store options can be upcycled and creatively flipped into impressive and stylish new items. You can do it too!

Begin Updating and Enhancing with Paint

Costly wall art and brand new furnishings are not required to beautifully enhance and furnish a house. First-time homebuyers should begin by updating their walls with paint. It can be used to completely transform outdated paneling and unimposing walls with a splash of color. It is the least expensive way to begin, and it can turn unimpressive rooms into phenomenal living spaces in a matter of hours.

Opt for Sturdy Bones and Stylish Enhancements

As a first-time homebuyer, I gave up my clunky college dorm futon for a budget-friendly metal daybed, and I picked up a sturdy hand-me-down 1970's chest of drawers with a matching dresser. I used paint samples to create an ombre effect. I removed the stained, outdated handles, and I painted the drawers in graduating shades of the same hue. After adding new hardware, my budget-friendly furnishings looked amazing. Opt for furnishings with sturdy bones instead of cheap assembly-required items.

Strategically Place Throw Rugs to Conceal Imperfect Floors

New decorators should update their dwellings little by little while saving for costlier items. In the meantime, use stylish throw rugs to strategically hide imperfect floors. Whether you have to temporarily live with a few cracked tiles or outdated carpet, throw rugs will visually enhance the flooring. They will provide warmth and comfort too.

Decorate with Unexpected and Eye-Catching Items

Some of the most impressive home décor was not meant for decorative purposes. It is possible to transform ordinary items into something spectacular. I donated my framed college dorm posters, and I decorated my living room with budget-friendly nautical-themed flea market décor. I created a focal point with an old fisherman's net. I topped it with a big photo of a huge ocean wave and an array of gorgeous seashells. I used old lobster crates topped with wooden trays to create side tables, and I repurposed an old chest to use as a coffee table.

With recycling, repurposing and reusing in mind, go shopping for décor and furnishings, but stay away from high-end furniture stores. Some of the very best home furnishings and decor are found in unexpected places.