Business social media promotion: Tips for getting and keeping followers

There's no doubt that social media is an important tool regardless of the industry you're in. It can help you promote yourself and your business and encourage you to interact with others in various industries from across the globe, but it can also be detrimental or completely useless if you're not careful. It's not as simple as creating a user name and putting out a bunch of information. If you have a social networking business page, there are several ways you can use it to help promote yourself and your business effectively without scaring off customers.

Don't create a fake personality

Some make the mistake of trying to pull off a completely different personality online than they have in person. This won't bode very well for you should you meet some of your followers face-to-face or even converse with them via phone. Just be yourself and be authentic and that will be much more appealing.

Avoid bombarding with too much information

It's one thing to provide your followers with information; it's another when you're bombarding them with it. The only thing that will accomplish is them blocking or deleting you. Three posts a day or less (with different information) is more than enough to get and keep the attention of your followers without driving them away.

Help promote others

It may seem counterproductive to promote others on your social networking page, but it shows you have a "team spirit" mentality. It also encourages others to promote you and your business, which in turn can help get you more followers.

Keep your page up-to-date

It's incredibly annoying to go onto a business social networking page and find the last post was from six months ago. The page is a way for the business to connect with their customers, so if they're disregarding it, it just shows they have no interest in building up a rapport. Most of the time if I see this, I'll just move onto another business who has up-to-date information.

Keep personal and professional private

There's nothing wrong with putting a professional post on your personal social networking page, but avoid putting personal posts on your professional page. Your customers don't want to hear about how you got a ton of clothes on clearance or cut your hair. An occasional personal post is fine, such as if you want to announce how you had a baby or got married, but otherwise, keep those type of posts at a bare minimum.

Engage your followers

The best way to engage your followers is to ask them questions. For example, if you have a restaurant, ask them what their favorite meal is to order. Whatever industry you're in, you may even be so bold as to ask your customers what they feel you can improve on as a business. When you ask them questions, it shows you care about your customers and their feedback - that they're not just dollar signs.

When it comes to having a business social networking page, the key is to keep your customers in mind rather than putting down any information you wish. Ask yourself if it's something they'll want to know about and what you can do to make them happier. Post coupon codes, hours they can come in for discounts, hours the business is closed or anything else that can encourage them to come in or help make their experience easier. Before long, you could significantly build up your clientele more than you ever thought possible.

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