Need some cash? 6 reasons to sell your wedding dress

To some, the thought of selling their wedding dress is absolutely horrific. If you're like many women, you'll hold onto your wedding dress forever and plan to one day pass it down to your daughter. Despite this long-standing sentiment, selling it may actually work out more in your favor.

You can put the money toward something important

Most wedding dresses cost thousands of dollars and if you resell yours, you'll likely get a good portion of that money back. That's thousands of dollars that you could use toward your honeymoon, the purchase of a new home or even a first year wedding anniversary vacation. There's so much that could be done with that money rather than leaving it in the form of a wedding dress sitting in your closet.

Storage is a hassle

Most wedding dresses require storage in a rather large box which is just going to take up space. Although it may not seem like a big deal for those who live in a big house, it can be a different story for those who live in an apartment or small home. For example, if you live in Manhattan, the average size of a studio apartment is only 550 square feet which doesn't leave much room for anything much less a wedding dress. Holding onto your wedding dress could add to the clutter and take up much needed space.

Your daughter probably won't want it

It's a harsh reality, but the chances aren't very good that your daughter will want your wedding dress. Styles change so much from one decade to the next that by the time your child is an adult, she'll have to change the design and style of the dress so much to make it current that it'll be nearly unrecognizable. It's going to be incredibly expensive for her to alter not to mention she'll probably need to have it cleaned again. You also don't want her to feel guilty for turning down your wedding dress or wearing the gown simply because she doesn't want to hurt your feelings by saying no.

It could help someone else out

Every bride-to-be wants to have the perfect dress, but that doesn't mean she can afford it. Should you resell it, you won't get back what you initially paid for it. This provides an opportunity for the dress to be sold at discount and a severely cash-strapped bride can have the chance to afford the wedding dress of her dreams. If you donate it to a program where brides get the dress for free or where an organization will get the proceeds, that's an even bigger contribution. Donating it can also be a good tax deduction, so make sure to save the receipt.

You're not going to wear it again

Unless you're planning on sitting in your wedding gown on every wedding anniversary, you're not going to wear the dress again. It's a shame to let a beautiful dress sit in a closet unused especially when someone else can get so much enjoyment out of it. Sure you could make something out of it, but that defeats the idea of keeping the dress intact in the first place.

It's environmentally friendly

Many are making a conscious effort to be more environmentally friendly in every way possible which makes donating or selling your wedding dress even more fabulous. It's a great way for the next bride-to-be to be eco-friendly when choosing her wedding dress and your beautiful gown won't go to waste.

I know many brides hold onto their wedding gowns for sentimental reasons, but when it comes down to it, the dress honestly isn't what's important. It's all about the guy who met you at the end of the aisle and chose to spend the rest of his life with you. When you get sentimental, look back on your wedding video and pictures or reminisce with guests about the wedding. Chances are that will bring about many more fantastic memories than looking at your actual dress ever will.

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