I caught him cheating: Now what?

In a moment, your love life can hit the skids - especially if he's caught cheating. Once you're immersed in this unhappy situation making good decisions can be difficult. Typically he'll do three things: blame you, beg for forgiveness or completely deny it. Whichever way he goes, you'll need to be prepared. Even if you secretly hope for reconciliation, you shouldn't make any rash decisions as statistics show that cheaters often cheat more than once.

When you can stop screaming and crying, take these steps immediately.

Separate to think privately. Don't allow yourself to be pulled into a physical altercation. Remove yourself from the situation as soon as possible. If you live together, pack a bag and leave. It's important to have physical distance while you sort out your plans mentally.

Separate your finances. Some guys know the "jig is up" and act crazy with money. Protect yourself and remove any money that's yours from any joint checking accounts. If you have money in the house, take it with you. Don't take his money though. That could cost you legally.

Separate geographically. If you live together, you'll need to review your lease agreement. If you're both on the lease, you'll still be financially responsible for the lease payment. Call the leasing agent, if you decide to move, you'll have to remove your name from the paperwork. In the meantime, you should bunk with a friend or family. However, do not expose your loved ones to break up drama. Do not ask your cheating boyfriend/husband to visit your new digs.

Surround yourself with strong friends. Don't just hang out with people who tell you what you want to hear. Stronger friends will be sympathetic but won't let you feel sorry for yourself too long. Hang with the tough girls and stay tough yourself.

Face the music. At some point, you'll need closure. Meet him for a face to face good bye but prepare yourself. He'll likely beg to come back. Listen to his side but don't allow him to go on the offense. You didn't cause him to cheat, no matter what he says.

Ending a relationship after he cheats is never cut and dried. It's tough but you can do it. Cheating takes an emotional toll on your heart but it shouldn't affect your wallet. If he cheats, think fast and stay safe!

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