Celebrate April Fools’ Day by Being Your True Self

April Fools' Day is a great excuse to have fun with your partner. Some couples have quirky traditions, like going out for a meal where the woman pays, while others enjoy playing harmless jokes on one other. This April Fools' Day, skip the tricks and make it a day of truth instead. Looking for some ideas? Here are five ways to turn this silly holiday into a bonding experience with your partner:

1. Share a secret. Even if you've been with your partner for five years, there's probably something that you still don't feel comfortable discussing with him. Try opening up and telling him something you've never shared before. If you're nervous, start with something simple like, "I'm terrified of the ocean" - and slowly progress until you feel comfortable enough to discuss something a little more vulnerable like the fear he'll never commit.

2. Talk about your relationship. Spend some time talking about your history and let him know why he's so important to you. It's the perfect opportunity to discuss any insecurities you may have and open up about your past. "When we totally trust, there are no fears of pain, no possibility of heartache or let down. Slowly, we allow the layers that we have built up to fold down, exposing a bit more truth," says QuickieChick Laurel House. "That's when you start to show your heart and finally feel your partner's love."

3. Reveal a guilty pleasure. Many of us have things we do that we are embarrassed to share with others. Maybe you secretly enjoy watching Storage Wars and want to be on the show. Maybe your man has always enjoyed trying healthy recipes and flipping through the latest issue of Cooking Light . Use this special day to tell each other about your guilty pleasures. You may find that you have more things in common than you know.

4. Be honest with each other. Set up an "honesty" dinner with your honey. Make it romantic by cooking your favorite meal, lighting candles and playing romantic music. Agree that this night is about safe, open, argument-free conversation. A study conducted by Northwestern University and Redeemer University College in Ontario revealed that individuals with a lot of trust in their partners felt better about past transgressions as time passed (source). So if you want your relationship to be even better in the future, it's time to start being honest now.

5. Make a list. Write down things that you love about each other. Start with physical things, like the way his hair falls across his forehead or how he always finds the right way to put his arms around you. Next, focus on more abstract things, like how he supports your career or how kind and thoughtful he is to your family.

Then, try to be honest about things you could work on, both individually and as a couple. Maybe you two are impatient with each other when you're getting ready to go out or you tend to nag him about how fast (or slow) he drives. Together, you can brainstorm some ways to work on these issues and take pleasure in the fact that you're growing as a couple.

Lori Bizzoco is the Executive Editor of CupidsPulse.com , a first-of-its-kind website that takes the latest celebrity news and repackages it to help singles and couples navigate their love lives. She is a sought after relationship and entertainment expert who has been featured in The Wall Street Journal , Newsday, Chicago-Tribune, Working Mother, Woman's Day, Redbook, Parenting, and on Fox News, The Suze Orman Show, WebMD, Match,com, JDate, YourTango, and more. She's appeared in two books, 'No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think about Power' by feminist icon Gloria Feldt and 'Cheat on Your Husband (With Your Husband)' by Andrea Syrtash. Today, CupidsPulse.com has more than one million unique visitors per month.