Chad Ochocinco gets a tattoo of his ex: What we can learn from celebrity break-up styles

Whether you're viewed as the offender or as the injured party has a lot to do with how one processes a romantic break-up. Tabloid headlines are filled with stories related to the outcome of these famous divorces, such as former Miami Dolphin Chad Johnson's recent tattoo of his estranged wife Evelyn Lozada. Regardless of money or fame, the way people handle break-ups is often universal. Depending upon a few key circumstances, the transition may either be mired in chaos or completely seamless. Which celebrity break-up style can you identify with?

Chad Ochocinco Johnson - "King of Grand Gestures"

The football player's cheating ways were completely eclipsed by reports that he'd head-butted his wife of 41 days. Once the dust settled, Chad was rumored to be desperate to reset his relationship with Evelyn ----even getting his estranged wife's portrait tattooed on his leg. Grand gestures like this may work out in the movies. But completely overlooking the root cause of trouble doesn't usually cut it in real life.

Kristen Stewart - "The Tortured Soul"

After revealing her dalliance with married director Rupert Sanders, Kristen launched immediately into Remorse Mode. She's even been spotted moping around, wearing Rob Pattinson's hat and backpack. Most people are miserable after a particularly nasty break-up. But the "tortured soul" typically spends much more time languishing in self-pity.

Seal - "The Angry Man"

Seal and his anger issues are apparently still causing problems for his estranged wife, Heidi Klum. The "Crazy" singer recently accused his ex of "fornicating with the help." But others claim that his bruised ego (and perhaps a desire to reunite) is the cause for this knee-jerk "I Love You/I Hate You" reaction. Those who tend to vacillate between these two extreme emotions more than likely are dealing with some major emotional baggage.

But those scorned in relationships also have their own ways of dealing…

Demi Moore - "The Meltdown"

News of Demi Moore's split from hubby Ashton Kutcher wasn't just devastating for fans who were rooting for the pair. The "Ghost" actress reportedly had such a time with Ashton's cheating scandal that she ultimately checked into a rehab facility for a multitude of personal issues. Sometimes melting down after a betrayal just can't be avoided.

Jennie Garth - "Taking it in Stride"

Peter Facinelli shocked the world (and his wife) by filing for divorce in March 2012. Jennie admitted that she didn't want the marriage to end and was having a pretty tough time dealing with it. In the end, she accepted the split with grace and made the decision to move forward as positively as possible. Her mature stance looks great on paper; but it's much more difficult to deal with a break-up that you didn't initiate.

Katie Holmes - "Silent But Deadly"

Ok, so she wasn't exactly scorned per se. But according to reports, Holmes was suffocating in her marriage to Tom Cruise, prompting her to initiate the slickest divorce in Hollywood history. Some might deem her swift maneuver passive aggressive; others call it bold. Suffice it to say, if breaking up requires this much covert planning, the split was probably a long time in the making.

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