Characteristics of young love to incorporate into your relationship

If you think back to your teens and early 20s, chances are dating and relationships were a lot more simple than they are now. I've had a lot of discussions with people about this and two answers stood out as to why. First, there was less stress and responsibilities and second, people weren't so guarded -- baggage certainly can be a b... -- well, you know.

Some may think they're already too set in their dating ways to incorporate characteristics of young love into the mix, or that it might just be pointless, but it's surprisingly beneficial and easy to do and can take your relationship to a whole new level.

Have make out sessions

Spend more time making out like teenagers whether or not it leads to sex, even if you have to sneak in random sessions here and there. Another sexy habit to pick up is to give your partner a deeper kiss than just a peck throughout the day. It can all help add more spark into your relationship.

Keep on flirting

Think about the last time you flirted with your partner, such as gave a sultry look from across the room, sent a sexy text in the middle of the day or stood so close to each other while you're conversing that an accidental brush of your hand on their arm made you get goosebumps. If it's been awhile, find new ways to flirt with your partner. Flirting isn't just for singles; it keeps things playful and exciting whether you've been together five months or 50 years.

Don't lose the innocence

When you were younger and before you already dated a few people, you were likely a lot less guarded -- it's one of the blessings of having a lack of experience. Falling in "like" or even in love was much easier; if the feelings were there, that's all we needed to know. Although I don't recommend wearing blinders while throwing yourself full throttle into a relationship, it's time to remove the chains and walls that many have around their hearts because they aren't going to keep you warm at night. Keep remembering that real and healthy love does exist and it can come into your life when you least expect it. Despite what you've been put you through in the past by crappy ex's, it doesn't mean the next person is going to do the same. Have an open heart with every new person you meet and even those already in your life.

If the relationship doesn't end up working out ...

Keep moving on

In high school and several years after, it was rare that anyone sat at home depressed for an extended period of time over the ending of a relationship. After a breakup, you may have been heartbroken for awhile but chances are you moved on fairly quickly. There was venting, crying, ice cream and working out, but it wasn't long before there was someone new in the picture. If your heart breaks, take a day or two to cry, punch some pillows, eat French fries or do whatever you need to do, but return back to your life, work on letting go of the pain instead of holding onto it, and keep in mind there's always another chance to fall in love again.

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