Cheap front yard landscaping ideas

Every neighborhood has one: A house with a front yard that looks like a nursery for weeds. What does it say about the people living in it? At the very least that they don't take pride in their home. Sadly, there's no reason to leave a front yard abandoned. In fact, by creating a simple, low-maintenance garden, you can keep your front yard looking beautiful. Here's a collection of affordable landscaping ideas.

The secret of contours

A square lawn looks boring, even when you keep it mowed and dandelion free. To add charm to your front yard landscaping, cut the lawn's edge into a curving line. This will also free up some yard space for additional landscaping.

The magic of edging

Give the lawn a manicured edge with a lawn edger. You don't have to edge the lawn every time you mow. But during seasons of high-growth, it's best to edge the lawn once a month.

The elegance of stone borders

A snake-like line of curved border stones will look stunning around your curved lawn border. The stones are cheap, but the cost will add up if your front yard is large. So think of these steps as optional, depending on your budget.

The hard work of weeding

Weeds will spread like wild fire if you don't remove them. It's best to work after rain, when the earth is moist. Wear gardener's gloves to prevent mud from getting under fingernails. Gloves will also protect you from insects. Pull the weeds out by the base of the plant.

The persistence of weeds

Many weeds will disperse seeds as you pull them out. Therefore, buy a bottle of weed killer that connects to your water hose. Spray the flowerbed liberally.

The advantage of ground cover

To limit weed growth in future, cover the ground with yard canvas. It's cheapest to buy the canvas in bulk from stores like wholesale clubs like Costco.

The charm of low green plants

Fill the flowerbed running along the perimeter of your front yard with small evergreen plants. Buy a selection of leaf colors, from variegated to deep green, and make sure the plants are evergreens. Cut holes in the yard canvas and plant your greens at equal distances.

The power of mulch

Buy mulch in bulk and have it delivered to your home. This will save you money over buying mulch bags at a garden center. Spread mulch over the yard canvas covering the ground between the plants. The mulch will give your front yard landscaping an elegant look. (See the writer's mulch garden makeover.)

The beauty of pots

Display potted pots near the entrance to your home. Plant ferns or ivy in hanging planters suspended from hooked garden poles. And display flowers in matching planters on your front steps.

The simplicity of bulbs

Between the lawn's border and your landscaped yard, plant tulip bulbs. Plant them in a curving line to match the curve of the lawn. Leave the bulbs in the ground, but every year after they bloom, don't cut the leaves off. Leave them to wilt on their own as this gives the bulb time to absorb nutrients again.

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