Christmas school break boredom busters

With Christmas break from school, your little darlings may start to find that they are a whole lot closer to being naughty than they are to being nice. After the holiday they have all their toys and games to enjoy, but even those only take so much time. Try these boredom busters over the school break.

Break the boredom but not the boredom jar. The next time your child says "I'm bored" send them to the boredom jar. What is the boredom jar? It's a jar filled with ideas of things for your children to do. It can range from paint a picture to read a story. You can even include a few chores that the children have been avoiding. To create your jar, use a empty glass or plastic jar from the pantry. Decorate with ribbons, cloth, and construction paper or even contact paper. Write "Boredom Busters" on the front of it and place in a spot where everyone can reach it.

Sweets for the sweet. Do you have holiday baking to do? Why not involve the kids? They will enjoy the measuring, stirring, mixing and cookie cutting. My daughters especially enjoy the breadmaker because it's easy for them to do and in just a couple of hours they see these amazing results. Mommy likes them because it means I don't have some cookies that I am afraid to giveaway because the gingerbread man looks like an alien. Make sure to include them in the wrapping and sharing too so they can see the "fruits" of their labor.

Get into games. Have a selection of board and card games that they children can play for when they get bored. Playing games take up a nice block of time and gives them something fun today. Maybe you could even get into games with them.

Take up a collection. During this time of the year food banks and other forms of assistance are spread thin because of all the needs. Encourage your children to take up their own collection of items that are in like new condition, but that need a new home. Look for clothing, shoes, coats, hats, gloves, scarves, books, toys and even the pantry (just be sure they aren't sneaking out our the ingredients for Christmas dinner). Not only will the children not be bored, but they may also find a new use for an old toy and to help others.

Get ready to read. The holiday break isn't as long as the summer one, but it's important to keep up with reading every day. Make sure to set aside 15 minutes, but during the break don't set the timer. You may be surprised to see how much longer your children will read and avoid the boredom blues.

Get out and about. Take in a movie or go bowling. Museums and libraries will offer special activities. What does your family want to do? Drive or walk around your neighborhood and enjoy the lights and displays.

It doesn't take much to create a boredom buster for your kids. I also find that sometimes these ideas to break the boredom for the kids create an opportunity for mom and/or dad to take a minute and do something fun too. Not only will it keep the kids happy and entertained but could actually accomplish something good for someone else and find a good reason to spend some time together.

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