Make Over Your Junk Drawer

Jordan ProvostJordan ProvostClean out your drawer now and save time searching for that spare key or frequent shopper card later.

From Overwhelming to Organized
Everyone has one-a kitchen catchall that, like the Little Mermaid's cavern, holds treasures untold and is normally in a state of complete disarray. But tackling that mess is surprisingly easy and will save you time in the long run. Organize it in just three simple steps.

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Empty It Out
Line your countertop with newspaper and spread the contents of your junk drawer on it. (Amazing how much fits in that little drawer, isn't it?) Now that you can see everything clearly, go through and throw away anything that's garbage-dried-up lip balms, expired coupons, mystery keys, etc.

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Sort Smartly
Next, pluck out all the items that actually belong in other areas: screws and picture hangers (in the tool kit), tweezers and emery boards (medicine cabinet), and so on. Make piles for each area so you can quickly put everything away at the end. Then sort the remaining items (the ones that actually belong in that drawer) into groups by category-rubber bands in one, extra buttons in another, and so on.

See More: Make Over Your Junk Drawer

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