Quick and Not-So-Dirty: 5 Ways to Cut Bathroom Clutter

Quick and not-so-dirty: 5 ways to cut bathroom clutterQuick and not-so-dirty: 5 ways to cut bathroom clutterI've started my spring cleaning early, and my first project is decluttering my bathrooms! Even better: I'm not going out of my way to buy new items to do it. Here are 5 simple and affordable ideas for tackling the clutter we all have lurking somewhere in our bathroom.

PVC Pipe PVC Pipe
1. PVC Pipe
Why take up precious storage space for your hair tools when you can use the door of your cabinets? Using PVC pipe can easily add storage for curling irons to a cabinet.
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Baskets Baskets
2. Baskets
Want your bathroom to look like a spa? Use a basket on a wall to hold towels!
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Trinket Jars Trinket Jars
3. Trinket Jars
Is your jewelry becoming unmanageable? Separate out smaller pieces into jars!
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Lazy SusanLazy Susan
4. Lazy Susan
If you don't shelves and tend to lose things to the back of your cabinets, here's a easy solution. Use a lazy Susan to make items easily viewable!

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Towel Bars Towel Bars
5. Towel Bars
Use the back of a door to make more storage space. Add more towel bars!

- By Ashley Hackshaw

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